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Finding the best tires for Chevrolet Bolt and installing them in your vehicle will improve the overall comfort of the ride.

With more traction and durability, better tires will offer a more rewarding experience when you take your Chevrolet Bolt out on the road. Passengers will also feel at ease and relaxed on long trips.

The most popular Chevrolet Bolt tires include the Firestone WeatherGrip, Nokian WR G4, Toyo Extensa HP II, Kumho Ecsta PS31, Firestone Transforce CV, Pirelli Cinturato P7, Dunlop Direzza DZ102, Kumho WinterCraft WP72, Bridgestone Blizzak WS90, and the Goodyear WinterCommand Ultra.

While purchasing tires for your Chevrolet Bolt, the wide variety of options available in the market can make your choice difficult. Features such as reliability, strength, guarantee, and much more are bound to leave you confused. Moreover, since there are so many options, you won't be able to determine if a certain tire will be the right option for your Chevrolet Bolt.

If your Chevrolet Bolt requires new tires, then select from our list of best tires for Chevrolet Bold. We've compiled this list after testing various tires. These models stand out in terms of tread life, driving experience, and reduced noise level.

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Firestone WeatherGrip


Firestone WeatherGrip tires are intended to be a one-tire remedy for car owners in climates that encounter all four seasons but don't obtain enough snowfall or icy weather to necessitate a devoted winter tire. They are labeled with the three-peak mountain snowflake emblem.

Firestone provides their grand-touring all-season tires in various popular widths, spanning from 15 to 19 inches in diameter. Compact vehicles, mid-size automobiles, coupes, station wagons, range rovers, and now even crossovers are all covered by these specifications.

The WeatherGrip, as per Firestone, is designed to help you stay in control no matter what the weather is like. The tire is intended to supply excellent wet handling, according to the maker. Firestone used an innovative all-season tread composition to accomplish these goals. On damp and snowy roads, the rubber is molded into a traction-focused framework that increases road grip.

The WeatherGrip also features Firestone's Hydro-Grip Technology Kit. It has a curved footprint that penetrates standing water, reducing hydroplaning, and boosting wet grip. Full-depth channels and wide shoulder slots are also included in the kit, which helps in hydroplaning prevention.

Furthermore, the shoulder blocks have been chamfered to improve road grip and braking. Another feature of the WeatherGrip is its Snow Traction Claw design. It was used on the center and shoulder ribs, and it was combined with snow vices on the intermediary ribs by Firestone.

The tire also boasts excellent zigzag sipes throughout, which provide extra biting surfaces for snow retention. Finally, Firestone added the Traction Tech Package to the tire, which includes interlocking channels. This technology allows the tire to operate well on rainy and snowy conditions further in its lifetime. The WeatherGrip's interior design is typical in the grand-touring category. It has a single-ply polyester covering with dual steel belts and nylon reinforcing for greater durability and turning performance.

Finally, a word on the 3PMSF grade. When opposed to ordinary all-season tires, the Three-Peak Mountain Snowflake insignia is awarded to tires that would provide additional prospective snow grip. This does not imply that the tire may be used in place of a winter tire, but it should give customers more comfort during the colder months.

If you think that the Firestone WeatherGrip tire might be a suitable match for your vehicle, you can get your hands on it by checking out Tire Rack. The model is available at a price of $144.99 per tire.

Nokian WR G4


In Finland, Nokian Tires prides itself on being the world's northernmost tire manufacturer. Nokian's primary focus is on creating performance winter tires because Finns understand the first thing about ice and snow. The business is also well-versed in the field of all-season tires, having pioneered the market nearly 20 years ago.

The WR G4, a different form of the firm's European performance winter tire, the WR A4, was recently unveiled as its newest all-weather tire. The flexible Nokian WR G4 is a real all-weather tire, combining all-season steering with dependable winter traction. Nokian's 4th generation all-weather tire improves on its ancestors' uncompromising efficiency with new features that ensure endurance in snowfalls and severe rain.

The Nokian WR G4 is meant to provide a smooth ride and extended tread life but, most importantly, safety in all seasons. Rain, sleet, and slush are easily routed from the contact area thanks to the interior shoulder fan-like rib design with useful tread stones and Blade Grooves. The large longitudinal channels provide horizontal grip, and the sipes spaced at various angles offer effective longitudinal and accelerating grip on snowfall.

The block pattern created on the inside shoulder side of the middle rib improves the wintry grip even more. The small, highly siped tread blocks are notched such that every sipe is connected on the left, and every other sipe is connected on the right, and it is partly supplied with springs and sipes.

The inside shoulder's curving, ramp-like tread stones direct and speed the stream of fluid from the longitudinal channels into the transverse channels. Even as the tire deteriorates, the strong slush planning avoidance abilities remain.

The Nokian WR G4 has a prolonged tread life due to a new All-Weather Dual Performance Compound and Centipede Siping - sharp 3D sipes on the center rib that mimic the limbs of a centipede - that hold the surface to optimize biting sides while retaining stable control.

If you are looking for a performance winter tire for your Chevrolet Bolt, check out Discount Tire, where the model is easily accessible at a price ranging from $102.00-$291.00.

Toyo Extensa HP II


The Toyo Extensa HP II is an intriguing option in the high-performance sector. It combines a smooth ride with extended wear.

Toyo says that the Extensa HP II can halt your automobile up to 31 feet faster in rainy road conditions than the previous-generation Extensa. In addition, the attractive tread design features single and double-cut tapers to improve the tire's block rigidity. This translates to improved stopping capability in all-weather situations, as well as substantially improved handling and turning.

The tire is designed with full-thickness multi-wave sipes to reduce uneven wear. This design also enhances comfort and reduces road noise. Moreover, the sipes serve as extra biting edges, enhancing traction on wet, slippery, or icy conditions. Toyo used a silica-enriched material that was carefully blended to increase handling and traction on slick wet roads. The riding comfort of this new tire over bumps and poor roads is one of our main concerns. They may be a little softer. Winter grip is adequate in a few inches of snow, but larger quantities of snow or ice, as with most all-season tires, may be difficult.

The steering system is quick enough to give us a decent sensation, in addition to enhancing traction. Despite the fact that this tire makes some noise, we are satisfied because it is not as loud as many similar value-priced tires.

The Extensa HP II comes with a 45,000-mile tread guarantee from Toyo. For the very first 1/32 inch of depreciation, tire homogeneity is ensured. The materials and craftsmanship are covered by a 5-year warranty, including free restoration for the first 25% of depreciation. For the remainder of the time frame or through to the final 2/32 inch of tread depth, a fractional sum is supplied.

The HP 2 is currently available in over 50 sizes ranging from 15 to 20 inches in diameter, having two-speed ratings of V and W. In summary, the Toyo Extensa HP II isn't as grippy on dry roads as we'd like. However, daily driving and infrequent highway trips will outperform a standard set of all-season cycling tires.

Discount Tire is a great place to shop the Toyo Extensa HP II tires from. The model is available at a price ranging from $73.00-$263.07.

Kumho Ecsta PS31


The Kumho Ecsta PS31 summer tire is engineered to deliver outstanding handling and a dependable dry and wet grip. The Kumho PS31 is designed for all kinds of sports convertibles and sedans, and it also comes at a lesser price, making it suitable for budget-conscious customers.

Kumho has introduced a hot weather tread composition with a fast-dissolving micro-silica that offers the tire a greater contact area on the road and a strong grip resin that provides the tire extra traction and adhesion to improve cornering balance, traction, and efficiency.

The Ecsta PS31 sports a directed tread design with a constant center rib and elegant lateral channels that increase block rigidity and improve wet braking performance. These attributes also increase stability in greater driving.

A distinctive 3D dimple pattern was designed to reduce the development of warmth in the tread blocks. Many high-speed tires have problems in this area. Because of the heat decrease, this design also has a prolonged tread life. Kumho now provides a 14–18-inch range of sizes, with all sizes having a V or W-speed classification. A short tread guarantee is included in the bundle as well.

The tire's optimized wide lateral channel orientations and four broad circular grooves surrounding the tread improve wet grip. The grooves help prevent hydroplaning, while vertical sipe micro-grooves enhance wet traction and overall control, especially during severe cornering. Two metal belts are within the tire, with a two-ply polyester covering underneath them. Impact resistance, high-speed maneuverability, and durability are all improved with two full-layer nylon cap plies.

A little additional traffic noise as the tire wears down could be a possible issue. However, nothing is so severe that it will prohibit us from installing this tire. This is a summer UHP tire; therefore, don't expect it to perform well in the winter or on icy roads. Ultimately, the Ecsta PS31 is a fantastic high-performance tire from Kumho for your Chevrolet Bolt. It provides good value thanks to its reasonable pricing.

Discount Tire is the place to go if you want to acquire the Kumho Ecsta PS31 tire. It is available at a price of $80.00.

Firestone Transforce CV


The Firestone Transforce CV is an all-season tire available for industrial vehicles. It was designed to be installed on delivery trucks, trailers, and other multi-purpose vehicles that can withstand heavy loads.

The tire provides excellent traction in all weather conditions. The symmetrical ribbed design, coupled with high siping thickness and all-season composition, improves traction in dry, rainy, and cold conditions. The synchronous tread's siping design increases the amount of biting edges holding the road surface, which is especially important when traveling on icy or snow-covered highways, while the ribbed tread components keep the tire in contact with the road for a healthier year-round operation.

The composition maintains its rubber elasticity in various weather situations, allowing the tire to maintain a continuous grip on the roadways. The circumferential channels prevent hydroplaning. They remove water and ice from beneath the tire's footprint, dramatically improving wet and winter adhesion and performance. The tread design enhances the tire's all-season grip.

The symmetrical ribbed tread design matches the road markings and ensures that the tire maintains constant touch. The tread improves directional responsiveness and vehicle stability in this way. The improved road contact improves the tire's response speed and accuracy to the driver's driving commands and stabilizes the construction against the effects of driving pressure.

This helps the tire to maintain stable control of the vehicle all year, allowing the operator to handle the car securely. The Transforce CV has exceptional durability. A solid steel belt architecture and a polyester cord covering make up the tire's inner structure, which helps to improve load endurance.

They optimize the tire's form and avoid distortion in the model due to operation and load pressure. This helps the tire retain continual road contact, improving controllability and increasing load-bearing capacity. The tire's superior load endurance makes it ideal for industrial use.

To get your hands on the Firestone Transforce CV tire, go to Discount Tire. The model is available at a price ranging from $134.16-$214.30.

Pirelli Cinturato P7


Pirelli, established in 1872 and headquartered in Milan, Italy, is the 5th largest tire manufacturer globally. This company advocates for a green performance approach and is committed to improving the quality of the product in terms of safety, efficiency, and ecological effects.

Cinturato P7 is Pirelli's inaugural green performance tire, as it emits fewer pollutants and consumes less than 6% of the company's raw resources. This Pirelli tire has a five-rib structure and a dissymmetrical tread arrangement to make the most of the rubber contact area.

The Pirelli Cinturato P7 comes from the Italian term 'cintura,' which means 'metal belt.' Ever since the company's founding in the 1950s, a steel belt has been interwoven inside Pirelli tires. Its expanded shoulder bars and tiny middle parts enable faster cornering, more precise steering, and overall stability.

The company creates a one-of-a-kind blend of specific polymers and silica. It allows drivers to adjust the rolling resistance of the Cinturato P7 without impacting its grip and stability. Pirelli also equips the Cinturato P7 with a variety of siping on all tread edges, contributing to a more secure grip in wet conditions. This shape also aids in the reduction of noise when traveling for this touring tire.

When pierced, the flat rubber has a seal within puncture innovation, which allows you to travel without losing air pressure. Furthermore, the PNCS noise-canceling technology helps absorb sound and makes driving more comfortable, especially at high speeds.

This tire is available in W and Y speed variants, with only a few sizes available in H and V. The Pirelli Cinturato P7 is a summer tire that is not intended for use in snow or icy situations, although it performs admirably in the rain.

The P7 is one of the best touring all-season tires in its category. The company has used the most up-to-date tire techniques and equipment to create a high-performing tire that rides smoothly and quietly.

This model has excellent dry grip braking and turning grip. It also keeps the vehicle study at higher speeds. The handling is responsive and accurate, giving you more confidence while behind the wheel. Lastly, the ride comfort is outstanding.

The only thing that can be improved is the traction on slippery roads. Light to medium snow on the road is not a serious concern for this vehicle in most circumstances. Finally, several drivers cited tread longevity in evaluations as another benefit of the P7. A 70,000-mile warranty from Pirelli backs the tire.

You can get your hands on the Pirelli Cinturato P7 tire on Tire Rack, where it is currently available at a price of $119.50.

Dunlop Direzza DZ102


Drivers of all kinds of sports automobiles, sporty convertibles, and speed sedans may consider the Dunlop Direzza DZ102 summer tire. This tire is designed to give outstanding handling, reaction, and turning both in dry and wet conditions. It can be a good option for a hatchback like Chevrolet Bolt.

Dunlop used a variety of technology to guarantee the model's excellent strength. The tread design has three grooved ribs in the tire's central area and wide shoulder bricks that work together to make the tire come in contact with the ground and improve its performance.

The deeper tread design constantly improves the tire's road engagement by increasing the road-to-tire proportion. The tire provides better high-speed tunability in this way. The continuous road contact improves the Direzza DZ102's steering precision and driving steadiness.

Consequently, the steering becomes more responsive and accurate, and the structure is stabilized against the effects of driving stress on the tires. As a result, even at its highest high-speed capabilities, you can securely operate your car since the tire remains sensitive to your commands.

Internally, the model has strengthened steel belts that have been improved with Jointless Band technology. This keeps the tire's structure from contorting at high-speed driving stress, allowing it to function to its full potential. The tire's ideal design ensures a safe and secure best power.

Most summer tires have excellent handling characteristics. This is because they are made of materials that can endure the hot weather driving and the high-speed operating pressure, reducing the risk of temperature build-up. The Direzza DZ102 is not different. The Silicarbon Matrix tread composition, which contains silica and carbon black to offer excellent wet and dry climate performance, is found on the Direzza DZ102. The composition retains a tight grip on the hot and rainy weather roadways and does not distort the warmth of summer performances. The tire can safely operate at high speeds in this way.

Hydroplaning is another hazardous road hazard in the summertime. Large summer rain storms may leave stagnant water on the road, preventing the tire from contacting the road. The model's tread features large circular and slanted lateral channels that distribute water beneath the tire's footprint, offering a safe driving experience and consistent performance.  

Check out Tire Rack if you wish to buy the Dunlop Direzza DZ102 tire. It is available at a price of $139.49.

Kumho WinterCraft WP72

When producing the WinterCraft WP72, Kumho blended an asymmetrical tread design with a stiffer winter substance to improve its cold weather gripping performance. The uneven tread pattern includes a high-density siping pattern to improve grip on wet and snow-covered roadways. The crisscross and block-shaped sipes provide the tire's superb winter grip even without using studs.

In lower conditions, the composition, on the other side, maintains the rubber pliable, allowing the tire to maintain its excellent grip. As a result, the tire's winter grip and performance have been improved, earning it the three-mountain peak snowflake symbol.

The WP72's tread shape further helps increase hydroplaning resilience. Two large circumferential channels and several inclined lateral grooves transport water and slush out from the footprint, always keeping the tire in contact with the ground. When rain and slush on the roadway break off the tire's contact surface, hydroplaning occurs, causing the tire to slip and the operator to lose control of the car. This tire ensures proper vehicle control in any winter weather by minimizing hydroplaning.

Moving on, the broader inner shoulder design, uninterrupted center tread block placement, and perfect outer shoulder block design of the asymmetrical tread all work hard to keep the tire in constant touch with the roadways. As a result, the tire's turning responsiveness and driving solidity increase.

Finally, the tire has tread identifying components in an hourglass shape. This hourglass design fades when the tread fades away, revealing the tire's exact wear rate. As a result, when the tire's low wear is detected early enough, it can be avoided from traveling in its worn-out condition. If you are interested in buying the Kumho WinterCraft WP72 tire, you can check it out at Simple Tire. The price is currently displayed as $92.96.

Bridgestone Blizzak WS90


In today's world, the "Blizzak" brand is just about as famous as Bridgestone, particularly in locations where winters are harsh. That should inform you something about the quality of these tires. All the Japanese firm's products appear to be excellent, but this is particularly true with winter tires. The Blizzak WS90 is Bridgestone's most recent winter tire.

According to Bridgestone, the Blizzak WS90 is by far the most popular tire size for small vehicles, compact hatchbacks, mid-size automobiles, minivans, small crossovers, and some large SUVs. The size varies from 14 to 19 inches in diameter, which really is certainly amazing.

But why would you need the WS90? To begin with, all-season tires are only intended for mild snow. All-season tires struggle in heavier snow, and frost is a no-no. A good set of winter tires, like this Blizzak, will give you considerably smoother handling, better speed, and more powerful braking.

The revolutionary WS90 replaces the current WS80 and the earlier WS60 and 70 models that are still accessible. It features an upgraded silica-enhanced rubber composition along with computer modeling enhancements for improved overall efficiency.

When combined with the WS90's firmer tread slabs and interconnecting, three-dimensional sipe structure, Bridgestone claims that the new composition gives the tire better dry performance and much reduced wear, allowing it to endure an extra season.

The improved compound's hydrophilic qualities aid in drawing out tiny amounts of water above the ice and directing them to the wheel's two circumferential waterways. A greater number of biting teeth on the tread's shoulders improve the WS90's directed grip when spinning on snow.

Furthermore, the Edge Performance Technology Bundle has a 15% increase in block edges and a larger contact surface. On snow and ice, this kit improves traction. Lastly, the silica improvements keep the tire soft and malleable even in subzero temperatures. This feature aids grip on snow and ice.

If you liked the Bridgestone Blizzak WS90 tire and are looking for a place to purchase it from, try Discount Tire! The model is available at a price ranging from $104.00-$227.00.

Goodyear WinterCommand Ultra


The WinterCommand Ultra is the highest performing winter tire from the Akron, Ohio-based business. The new tire, according to Goodyear, performs exceptionally well on snow and ice. This newly designed studless tire, according to the firm, comes in 53 widths and provides an excellent grip for customers wishing to increase traction and start and finish power in cold driving situations.

This tire has several features that make it ideal for a variety of vehicles, including minivans and SUVs. First and foremost, a Cryo-Adaptive Compound designed to promote pliability can provide exceptional winter efficiency. This will allow you to take control of the road even when it is cold.

Furthermore, to maximize water, slush, and frost removal without sacrificing ride quality, these tires feature V-Tread technology, which features hydro-dynamic shapes for performance in the most demanding environments.

It includes Active Grip Technology, which provides great handling and adhesion in wet and muddy circumstances, allowing driving lovers to direct the path forward with complete control and acceleration. Get the edge you want with the adaptable mix of Active Block Cuts and Adaptive Sipe Grip Technology, which provides exceptional gripping ability in wet, snowy, or icy situations.

One significant advantage of the WinterCommand Ultra is the reduced tread roar even in dry conditions. The increased noise of most tires can be unpleasant in the small cabin of every car. Fortunately, the tire is not significantly louder than comparable all-season tires.

This makes the WinterCommand a perfect tire for customers who would like to operate a rear-wheel-drive car securely in the winters and have specialized summer speed tires in the warmer months. It's not only about surviving a once-in-a-winter blizzard; it's also about getting around town on moderate days without sacrificing ride quality or sound, which is done perfectly.

You can have a look at Discount Tire if you want to purchase the Goodyear WinterCommand Ultra model.

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