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When it comes to cars that are hard to find, tires for the Buick Regal are probably right at the top of most people's lists.

Getting a set of tires that will do everything you need with your Buick Regal can be a challenge many faces.

The Lexani LX-Twenty tires, the Ironman iMOVE set, and the Yokohama ADVANs tires are the top three tires to choose for your Buick Regal, regardless of age. We recommend getting tires with a section width of 245 that are 19-inches in size as these are the average tires across all Buick Regals.

You will have to learn many things about the tires for your Buick Regal, not least of which is how the performance it can deliver changes your tires. Many people have made the mistake of getting the most affordable tires for their Buick Regal, only to have it chew through them within weeks.

They are getting a set that allows your Buick Regal to reach its full potential and does so consistently and safely is an important part of the tire buying experience. We always recommend that people spend a bit more on the initial tires they buy to ensure the car can do everything it is known for.

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Lexani LX-Twenty 245/40ZR19 Tires

With three deep treads in the middle of the tire, the Lexani LX-Twenty tires are great tires to use as your everyday drivers for your Buick Regal. These tires are wide tires with the ability to handle the mass and strength of the Buick Regal without being damaged every time you decide to accelerate a bit faster than normal.

We recommend these tires to anyone looking for something to fit on their Buick Regal that will want to enjoy every facet of what the cars have to offer. Whether these are the more performance-focused models or, the newer ones focused on luxury and comfortable quiet driving cross-country.

At $126.97 per tire and $607.88 for a full set, they are the average price for these large tires, making them popular for those looking for long-lasting tires. We recommend getting these when you know what to do with your Buick Regal, whether a new one or a classic.

Basic Facts About The Lexani LX-Twenty

With the recommended section width of 245, the Lexani LX-Twenty tires are a good set of tires at 19-inches in size. They provide grip in most conditions that are not extreme, with many people preferring to use them when they know the road won't be too wet, snowy, or covered in sand.

With a recommended warranty of 30 000 miles, the tires will last for a few years, though this will mean that you may need a new set every three years. This can be a problem for many car owners that drive longer distances with their Buick Regals, specifically because they put down more miles than they initially thought.

  • Section Width: 215 to 315
  • Max PSI: 49 PSI
  • Tire Sizes: 17 to 30-inches

Nitto Motivo 245/40ZR19 Tires  

The Nitto Motivo tires are on the upper end of tires that we recommend for your Buick Regal. These tires have deep initial treads but very little shape to the overall treads of the tire, making them better for constant use on normal tarred roads at highway speed or just around towns or cities.

With a price of $211 per tire and $844 for a full set of four tires, you will need to save up a little bit actually to buy these tires in any regularity. Many people have mistakenly bought these tires only to go driving with them across surfaces and in conditions they are not meant for, damaging them beyond usability.

Because of the higher price of these tires, they are used more by Buick Regal owners that will be used on tracks or for long-distance trips. Making the tires is rarely seen on Buick Regals that are being driven around cities or towns as they are too expensive for most owners.

Basic Facts About The Nitto Motivo

With the recommended section width of 245 at the 19-inch size, these tires are good for tarred road surfaces. Many Buick Regal owners use these as their daily drivers even on some of the classic shapes from the 1980s, as the tires provide a good grip profile while fitting on many of the stock rims.

Rated to last just up to 60 000 miles according to the warranty, the tires are much more durable than many other tires. Allowing even daily drivers to use them for several years, with the only downside being that the tires do not perform as well when driving off-road or in muddy conditions as the overall shape of the treads is flat.

  • Section Width: 205 to 315
  • Max PSI: 60 PSI
  • Tire Sizes: 70 to 20-inches

Accelera Phi 245/40R19 Tires  

When it comes to tires that will stick you to the road whether you are taking a corner at normal speeds or have built up your Buick Regal, the Accelera Phi tires are capable of both. These are all-season tires specifically meant to enable your car to go onto a track after driving to the track.

Many Buick Regal owners prefer these tires because all-season tires provide the necessary grip to do more than drive to school and back. However, it should be noted that these are not tires to be regularly used on a track either, as they offer slightly less grip than pure racing tires.

This means that these tires are at the mid-point of pricing, which puts them at $125.96 per tire and $503.84 for a full set. As with all cars, the larger the tires are, the more they will cost, which is one of the hidden costs of having a car that requires larger tires to be fitted.

Basic Facts About The Accelera Phi

With the standard Buick Regal section width of 245 for the tires at 19-inches in size, these tires are a relatively flat set. With only three central treads and very little tread for water management, it is best to use in light and dry conditions instead of torrential rains and icy conditions as in some parts of the country.

With only a recommended distance of 30 000 miles on them, these tires are also not long-term solutions for those looking to drive more with their cars. We recommend using these tires as your interim tire or only when you know you'll be driving a bit faster than you would normally drive around town.

  • Section Width: 195 to 255
  • Max PSI: 44 PSI
  • Tire Sizes: 17 to 22-inches

Ironman iMOVE GEN2 AS Tires


The first set of tires we recommend for the Buick Regal can be used in all seasons, whether it is raining, snowing, or just over sand. The tread on these tires is made to push any fluids to the side, making them safer to use in climates where the rain and snow may surprise you each morning.

At $120.35 for a single tire and $481.4 for a full set of four, these tires are a good fit for the Buick Regal owner looking to have multiple sets for each season. Many owners using their classic Buick Regals on tracks have these on the car when not racing, specifically using them to save on fuel costs.

Further, the tires are safe to use on tracks when conditions turn for the worst while also being perfect for more modern Buick Regals. Allowing owners to drive their car for most of the year without stressing about where the tires are meant to be used or how the road will change the total driving experience.

Basic Facts About The Ironman iMOVE

With the standard section width recommended for the Buick Regal of 245 and at the size of 19-inches, these tires will work on almost all Buick Regal models. The tires are liked specifically because they have the initial deep treads down the middle and a more complicated shape that pushes any dirt or water away.

With a mileage rating near 50 000 miles, these tires will last longer than most other tires when driven in favorable conditions. Unfortunately, this usually means that the tires must be driven off track and at slower speeds, preferably not on rocky roads or sandy roads where there may be bad things.

  • Section Width: 185 to 245
  • Max PSI: 44 PSI
  • Tire Sizes: 14 to 22-inches

Continental ExtremeContact DWS06 PLUS Tires


Meant for driving all season but preferably on ice and rainy conditions, the Continental Extreme Contact tires are perfect for when you live in wetter areas. These tires are often used by owners as tires exclusively used when the seasons change and they know the rain will require them to slice through the water.

On your Buick Regal, these tires will deliver a lot more control than many other tires with more flat areas than actual treads. It should be noted that with the tread shape, water will be pushed to the car's sides, specifically because the overall shape goes towards the outside of the wheel instead of just being horizontal.

Further, the tires are the average price for their size and type, coming in at $179.99 per tire and $719.96 for a full set of tires. We recommend having a set of these on hand for a rainy and stormy day or just for when the weather changes to snow and ice all over the roads, as a set of tires with good treads, will work better with chains than just flat tires.

Basic Facts About The Continental ExtremeContact

With a section width of 235 and a tire size of 18-inches, these tires will usually work on more modern Buick Regals with smaller stock rims. Further, the thinner size helps get the tire to slice through water and snow instead of sitting on top of it, which can cause driving problems.

They are also rated to last just under 50 000 miles, so if you are only using these sparingly in wetter months, they may last several years. We have seen several people with a set of these on rims that are only fitted to the car when the weather turns, either with chains for snow and ice or just as for heavy rains.

  • Section Width: 195 to 295
  • Max PSI: 51 PSI
  • Tire Sizes: 16 to 22-inches

Nexen N5000 Platinum Tires

This is the set of tires we recommend using as your daily driver, whether you have a Buick Regal from 40 years ago or are fitting the first set of new tires to your 2020 model. A deep initial tread and some complicated tread shapes on the sides can help you through most of the common problems you will find.

Further, the tires are not as expensive as many other tires of their size and shape, just under the most expensive ones. With a price of $1955.36 for a single tire and $781.44 for a full set of four tires, you can be assured that these are worth the price and will work on your Buick Regal for several years without a problem.

We recommend getting these when you know the car will be driven to work, school, shops, or even across the country on vacation. The tread on these tires is deep and complicated, but they allow you to drive in relative silence and comfort even at higher speeds.

Basic Facts About The Nexen N5000

With a section width of 235 and a tire size of 18-inches, you can be assured that the tires will fit almost all modern Buick Regals without having to get new rims for your car. Further, the tires will allow you to get a good daily drive without worrying about whether or not the tires are getting a good grip.

The tires have a max-rated warranty of around 55 000-miles, which means that even if you are daily driving the car, you can continually use these tires for at least three years. The tires are a good answer for those who like their Buick Regal, whether used for high-speed racing or just for getting around your local city.

  • Section Width: 195 to 275
  • Max PSI: n/a
  • Tire Sizes: 16 to 20-inches

Cooper Zeon RS3-G1 Tires Performance Car All-Season Tires


On the more expensive side of the tire, options are the Cooper Zeon RS3-G1 tires that will work when driving around your town or city. These tires are not meant to be driven on any track and will crumble and damage when used for drag or just normal racing.

At $209 per tire and a total of $836 for a full set of four tires, you will be able to get a set of these tires and use them for a while. A rating to be quiet on the road means that these will work best on Buick Regals that are meant to be driven by their owner purely in a city or around town.

It should be noted that these tires will work well in water and snow conditions, as they specifically have a tread shape and deepness to allow for driving here. We recommend you spend the extra to get these tires to ensure that you can safely drive whenever necessary.

Basic Facts About The Cooper Zeon RS3-G1

At the largest section width we recommend for the Buick Regal, with 255, these tires are extremely large. Further, 20-inch tires are meant for Buick Regals that have been made with these tire sizes in mind; otherwise, you may have to change the fender size to fit them.

Fortunately, with the higher price, the tires allow you to drive up to 45 000-miles without having to buy a new set of tires. Many car owners specifically use these tires when they have modified the power train and engine of their Buick Regal.

  • Section Width: 205 to 305
  • Max PSI: 50 PSI
  • Tire Sizes: 17 to 20-inches

Yokohama ADVAN Sport A/S+ Tires Performance Car All-Season Tires


With a tread that is the deepest and most complicated we are recommending, the Yokohama ADVAN is meant to be driven in rain or snow. While they can handle higher speeds, the treads will disintricate once driven on any raceway at higher temperatures and without rain.

With a high price of $214 per tire or $856 for a full set, you may want to buy this same tire at a smaller price than we recommend. However, with the size and weight of modern Buick Regals, we recommend getting them slightly larger to allow you to load things into your car without a problem.

Many people make the mistake of downsizing their tires when it comes time to replace the stock tires of a Buick Regal, only to regret it later. We recommend that you always stay with the stock size even when it may cost you double the amount you are planning for.

Basic Facts About The Yokohama ADVAN Sport

We recommend the set of tires with a section width of 255 and a tire size of 20-inches, but you can buy a smaller set if you have an older Buick Regal or a low-performance model. These tires are best and should preferably be used in snow or rainy conditions to ensure the tread is not damaged.

Further, the tires have a warranty of 55 000-miles, which means that if you are using these seasonally, you may be able to use these tires for more than four years. However, it should be noted that as everyday drivers, these tires will wear down faster and may need replacement within three years after purchase.

  • Section Width: 205 to 275
  • Max PSI: 50 PSI
  • Tire Sizes: 16 to 21-inches

Michelin Pilot Sport 4S Tires Performance Car Summer Tires  


Simply put, the Michelin Sport tires are the most expensive ones we recommend using on your Buick Regal. They are not meant to be driven on any public road and will not deliver you any value for money if you try to use them as your daily driver, disintricating and causing control issues on normal roads.

At $353 per tire and $1 412 for a set of four, these tires are almost exclusively meant to be used by Buick Regal's racing or drag racing. The treads, or lack of tread, on these tires are meant to reflect that they are meant to be driven at higher speeds around a track as much as possible.

Because of the racing purpose of these tires, they do not offer much control for any car currently driving around towns or cities. Requiring that they are hot when driving can usually only be done by driving at speed around tracks for a longer time instead of just driving at normal speeds around town.

Basic Facts About The Michelin Pilot Sport 4S Tires

The price we have for these tires is at the recommended section width of 255 and a tire size of 20-inches. However, this price will change as you move through the different tire sizes, increasing as you get a larger section width or lower when you get a smaller section width.

Further, the tires are only rated to last up to 30 000 miles, specifically because this may take longer to reach when racing around a track. We recommend getting these when you know you will be using the Buick Regal almost exclusively as your main racing vehicle, whether at grander tracks or just your local track.

  • Section Width: 215 to 335
  • Max PSI: 50 PSI
  • Tire Sizes: 17 to 22-inches

Falken Azenis FK510 Tires Performance Car Summer Tires


If you don't know what kind of tire you need, we recommend getting the Falken Azenis FK510 tires. They are not the most affordable set of tires we have recommended, but they can be driven in almost any condition you want to drive your Buick Regal.

Whether a modern Buick Regal or a classic one, you can use these tires to drive through the snow to the nearest track and then safely go shopping afterward. We always recommend getting these tires if you are unsure what you want to do with your Buick Regal.

These tires have a proper tread to help control water and snow while providing enough initial traction to keep you on the road. At $226 for a single tire and $904 for a full set of four tires that will last you long enough to drive wherever you need to go without crying about the cost of your new set of tires.

Basic Facts About The Falken Azenis

At the recommended 255 for the modern Buick Regal, we recommend that you get these tires when you want to continue using the 20-inch rims of your car. It should be noted that these tires are available in almost every size and section width specifically because of how widely they are used on other cars.

Meant to last just over 31 000-miles, you will need to consider that these tires will be used in a way many may not expect. Having them on your Buick Regal will mean that you can safely do what you enjoy while learning where you want to use your Buick Regal eventually.

  • Section Width: 215 to 295
  • Max PSI: 50 PSI
  • Tire Sizes: 17 to 22-inches

How Do You Choose Tires For The Buick Regal?

When choosing your tires, you will need to consider several things, the first being where you will be driving the Buick Regal most of the time. You will often find that the locations you are driving and the overall weather conditions will decide what tires you are getting for your Buick Regal.

Most classic Buick Regals will have been tuned up and given high-performance parts, which means that normal road tires would no longer work well with them. Even if the car has only been kept in good working condition, the rims would be much larger and require that you use much larger tires than modern cars.

If you have Buick Regal that was made after the 2000s, you will most likely be able to use a lot of smaller tires. Not only are these more modern Buick Regals made with smaller rims, but they have smaller body shapes, limiting just how large the tires are that you can fit without making body changes.

Why Are There So Many Tires For Buick Regal?

Like many other cars we have looked at, the Buick Regal has been around and available on the market for several decades. This has meant that the stock rim options have changed significantly over the years and that the tires will have had to change along with the rims.

Many classic Buick Regals are made with much larger vendors and rims; they still use large tires. In contrast, new Buick Regal vehicles have smaller rims and have been made with fuel efficiency in mind without stressing about the car going overly fast.

When buying tires for your Buick Regal, you will need to know what year the vehicle was made, whether it has received new rims, and even if it still has the original engine. We recommend that you take your Buick Regal to the tire dealership to have them help you choose tires that will work.

When Should You Replace Tires On An Buick Regal?

As with all vehicles, we recommend replacing the tires on your Buick Regal once you learn that the tread has become too thin and that tire wires are starting to show. Replacing the tires within their warranty period is the best possible way to ensure that you are never caught with a set of tires that are illegal to have on the roads.

Further, we have seen many people take their tires for several trips around a track without checking to see if the tires are still fine. This usually ends in disaster when a piece of the tire has been damaged or a bubble has formed, and the owner drives with their Buick Regal at full speed down the highway.

Replacing your tires regularly can be expensive but will also mean that you don't lose the entire car when the steering suddenly becomes obsolete. Instead, you can rest assured that the tires will work fine no matter where you are driving and the surface you are driving on.

Why Are Tires On Buick Regal Diverse?

The simple answer is that Buick Regal cars have been changing and evolving with the general market for so long that they have needed almost every tire type. This has created a situation where the typically fitted tires can range from simple road tires to racing tires.

When choosing your tires without having your Buick Regal at the tire dealership, you must consider this. Many people make the mistake of buying tires that work for other Buick Regals only to find that their specific vehicle either has custom rims or that it was a trim that has larger tires.

We always recommend that you consider this as you may spend well over $1 000 and get a set of tires that do not fit your car. Many people put their Buick Regal on blocks to get the rims fitted with new tires without risking getting the wrong set.

Best Tires For Buick Regal

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