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Tires are a critical component of the BMW X6 that can't be compromised. Keep reading to find out about your current tires and how you can upgrade.

Determining the proper tires for this vehicle is no simple task. We rank Michelin, Continental, and Bridgestone as the most reliable three brands to pair with your BMW X6. They produce an array of different tires that fit the X6 and increase performance and durability on the road.

The BMW X6 drives off the factory floor equipped with the Pirelli Scorpion Zero All Season Run Flat. Compared to other tires, these options have some drawbacks. They are not the best for winter driving. In addition, these tires have a tread life of just 30,000 miles or so, which is far short of what most people need to get out of their car's lifespan.

To provide a comprehensive investigation of our tire options, we completed a thorough examination of the major tire brands available. We also test each tire individually to determine how it will handle when presented with an actual driving situation on the road, including critical factors like braking and traction. This high level of research will help you find the perfect tires for your BMW X6.

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11 Best Tires For BMW X6

BMW is a luxury automobile company known for its excellent driving machines. BMW is a leader in the safety and performance segment as well. With BMW, you're getting some of the best driving dynamics available anywhere--thanks to powerplant designs from both diesel engines and turbocharged gasoline mills.

This precision engineering translates to an unmatched level of comfort on the road as well; BMW's vehicles have long-held spots at or near the top rung in J.D. Power surveys for quality-of-ride measurements like handling, ride comfort, and more.

The BMW X6 is a luxury crossover vehicle with a sporty look that features an innovative turbocharged engine. BMW engineers designed the X6 to deliver a high-performance driving experience that can't be found in any other vehicle.

The BMW X6 is one of the latest crossover additions to BMW's lineup of vehicles. The X6 is unique because it combines a sporty exterior with comfort and practicality. This makes it perfect for a person who appreciates sporty cars and wants a vehicle to take their family on trips.

This guide considers several factors when determining the perfect tires for the X6, such as the type of driving you do, the climate in your area, and several other variables. But we have taken all these factors into account to find out which tires are the best for this vehicle.

Michelin Primacy MXM4 - Best All Season


The best all-season tire for the BMW X6 is the Michelin Primacy MXM. Tires of this category are designed to manage all different types of driving, from performance to fuel efficiency. Tires of this type are durable and easy to maintain. They are typically made of a durable rubber compound that protects against chunks and cracks.

The Michelin Primacy MXM is an all-season tire that will help maintain a steady grip. Tires of this type are ideal for driving in wet or dry weather conditions, and they come with a 60,000 miles warranty to keep you protected from any blowouts.

Michelin Primacy MXM is the best Michelin tire for BMW X series vehicles because it has a lower treadwear rating than other brands within its category. Drivers who have reviewed the MXM have said that it is quieter than other tires on the market. They have also noted that the MXM handles well in both dry and wet conditions, even during heavy rain.


  • The tires are very durable.
  • Excellent traction on wet and dry roads.
  • Braking is precise.
  • Plenty of highway responsiveness.


  • Treadwear ranks below some similar competitors.
  • Road noise can be noticeable when driving at faster speeds or on highways.

Bridgestone DriveGuard T/A - Best Touring


The touring tire market is highly competitive, but we are most confident in the Bridgestone DriveGuard T/A as the best available touring tire on the market for the BMW X6.

A touring tire is a type of vehicle tire that combines light winter capabilities and runs at highway speeds with maximum comfort. Touring tires are ideal for drivers who travel or make frequent trips because they provide longevity and durability. Touring tires with good mileage make it easy for drivers to reduce their fuel costs.

Touring tires for BMW X-series vehicles typically come with all-season treads. Tires that come with all-season treads are designed to manage all different types of driving, from performance to fuel efficiency. Tires of this type are also durable and easy to maintain because they typically combine a durable rubber compound that protects against chunks and cracks with excellent engineering.

The Bridgestone DriveGuard T/A is an all-season tire that offers a lower treadwear rating than other tires in their category. Drivers who use this tire have said that it is quieter than Tires on the market. They have also noted that DriveGuard T/A handles well in both dry and wet conditions, even during heavy rain.


  • Excellent versatility with reliable traction in a variety of weather conditions.
  • Corners with precision on slippery roads.
  • Long-lasting treadwear.
  • Exceptional fuel efficiency and reduced rolling resistance.


  • Expensive tire compared to competitors.

Michelin Pilot Sport A/S - Best Summer


Summer tires are known to add more performance driving to your vehicle, and the Michelin Pilot Sport A/S tire is the perfect summer selection for the BMW X6.

Summer tires are designed for warmer climates and are typically made of a harder rubber compound. This type of compound provides more grip on hot surfaces like those found in the summertime.

Tires with a harder rubber compound also produce more heat than softer compounds, which means they wear out quicker. The hard rubber compound is most often seen in race cars because they need to be able to maintain grip when driving at high speeds on rougher roads.

On the other hand, winter tires are designed for cooler climates and come with an ice-breaker pattern in the treads to quickly break through snow and ice.

The Michelin Pilot Sport A/S tire is fast and agile, handling corners with absolute precision. It rides comfortably at high speeds, especially on the highway, to provide an all-around enjoyable riding experience.


  • Excellent handling ability on dry roads.
  • Short distance braking on wet, rainy roads is consistent.
  • Quick response when accelerating.
  • Reduced rolling resistance features.
  • Longer lasting performance tire good for multiple summer seasons.  


  • Poor tread life warranty coverage.
  • It cannot handle winter temperatures.

Michelin Latitude X-ICE Xi - Best Winter


Winter driving requires extra strength to handle cold temperatures and slippery roads. The best winter tire for the BMW X6 is the Michelin Latitude X-ICE Xi.

The silica compound allows the tire to become more flexible and is made from softer rubber than a summer tire. The softer rubber means that as the temperature drops, the performance only improves because of the ability to remain flexible enough for the roads.

A set of sipes release biting edges when faced with snowy or icy situations to improve handling, braking, and acceleration. They are Cross-Z sipes that interlocked with the tread blocks to ensure more tread life too.

More added lateral grooves can assist with rainwater and create a tire with more hydroplaning resistance than any other winter tire on the market. Drivers should feel added comfort on the road because of the confident handling this tire can provide.

Michelin claims this tire can give drivers more than 75% longer tread life compared to any other competing snow tire on the market. They also provide a 40,000-mile warranty to back up that claim which is a rare sight in the winter tire category.  


  • Traction on snow and ice is unbeatable.
  • Short-distance braking is accurate.
  • Excellent hydroplaning resistance features.
  • Long-lasting tread life.
  • Warranty included.


  • Dry road handling, especially on tight corners, could be better.

Continental ContiSportContact - Best Performance Street


The best performance street tire for the BMW X6 is the Continental ContiSportContact. It provides plenty of performance driving support to add another element to your X6.

This tire uses a high-performance tread with the Continental Black Chilli Technology to add a racing component of carbon black into the tire composition. This design mixes with other resins inside the rubber to create a tire that focuses on traction, cornering, and remaining cooler at high driving speeds. You can expect the complete best driving possible from your X6 with this tire.

It also offers interlocking capabilities that work together with the circumferential grooves for added hydroplaning resistance and more wet road handling. The tread blocks can lock up better when braking quickly to eliminate sliding on the road.

Users of the Continental ContiSportContact brand of tires have claimed to receive solid tread life and are very pleased with their grip levels, even at high speeds. Treads tend to last a little bit longer than other competing performance tires but may cost more in the long run as well if they need replacing more often due to wear and tear. This depends on your driving style.


  • Dry traction is best-in-class.
  • Wet road handling is precise.
  • Acceleration and braking are sharp and react quickly.
  • Steering responsiveness is reliable and accurate.
  • Treads are made softer to provide more road comfort.


  • Tread life is below average.
  • Noise on the road can be an issue.
  • They are not intended for winter driving.

Michelin Pilot Sport Cup - Best Performance Track


If you prefer a tire that gives you a racing track feel, this is where you should be shopping. The best performance track tires for the BMW X6 are the Michelin Pilot Sport Cup tires.

Tires of this type are designed for drivers who often participate in track day events. Tread patterns come equipped with a wide, aggressive tread that provides excellent traction on both wet and dry surfaces while also providing impressive grip levels when taking hard corners at high speeds.

Treads have an average lifespan of about one year longer than other brands, which is ideal for those who use their vehicle to drive primarily around the city because these tires will last much longer before needing to be replaced.

Users who have reviewed the Michelin Pilot Sport Cup tires have said they have a longer lifespan but are still affordable. The treads provide excellent traction on dry surfaces, which helps them maintain control at higher speeds. Tires also produce less noise when compared to other brands, making them ideal for those who live in city areas where traffic is constant due to their insulated design.

This tire does not have a tread life warranty, but it can be found in sizes between 18” and 20” in rim diameter. Michelin has even begun launching run-flat models for those looking to add extra protection to their driving.


  • Dry is outstanding and ranks at the top of the list.
  • Ride comfort is surprisingly excellent.
  • Consistent contact with the road for optimal tread life.
  • Cornering, acceleration, and handling are all exceptional.


  • Wet traction is not ideal with this tire.
  • This tire cannot drive during the winter.

Michelin Primacy MXV4 - Best Highway


For the best highway tire, you need to find a product that can ensure you are receiving excellent tread life and road comfort. This is why we believe the Michelin Primacy MXV4 is the best available highway tire to fit your BMW X6.

The tread design uses medium to deep grooves and aggressive tread patterns that provide excellent grip levels on wet or dry surfaces to enable you to see better performance on the road. This means that when you drive through different seasons, you never lose your road comfort.

Michelin uses the Comfort Control technology in the design of the Primacy MXV4. This specific technology creates a tread contact patch on the tire larger to ensure a constant connection between the tire and the road. There is more road comfort, and the tire lasts longer because of the more even wear.

These tires are designed for drivers who spend a lot of time driving on the highway. Typically, highway tire treads come equipped with wide grooves that provide increased traction when traveling at high speeds and also help reduce noise levels because there is less rubber being ground down by friction against surfaces it's resting on. This feature minimizes vibrations from occurring inside the car while still producing excellent grip rates.

The Michelin Primacy Tires are an excellent option for drivers who spend a lot of time driving on the highway. The wide grooves provide increased traction when traveling at high speeds and also help reduce noise levels because there is less rubber being ground down by friction against surfaces it's resting on, which minimizes vibrations from occurring inside the car while still producing excellent grip rates.

The tread compound is also designed to last longer than other brands, which means you won't have to replace these as often as different types.


  • Tires grip the road with extra precision on wet and slippery surfaces.
  • Tread life is best-in-class.
  • Comfortable riding, especially at faster speeds with no noticeable road noise.
  • Excellent value in price.
  • Widely available in many sizes.


  • Short-distance braking could be better on wet roads.

BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A KO - Best All-Terrain


The best off-road tires for the BMW X6 are the Continental Tires T/A KO tires. Tires are designed to help provide traction in off-road conditions, which is why drivers often use them for hiking and hunting trips.

Tread compounds can be made with a variety of different rubber mixes that offer varying levels and types of traction depending on the kind of terrain users will encounter when driving their BMW X. Continental Tires T/A KO tires are made from an aggressive tread compound that provides excellent grip rates while still being able to sustain extreme heat without blistering or breaking down into pieces as quickly as other brands might do so.

Although not all BMW X6 drivers will want to take their X6 off-road, it's still a good idea to have off-road tires for those drivers that do. Off-road conditions are very different from street conditions, which means that drivers will need different kinds of tires to help them traverse the terrain they'll encounter.

Tires with aggressive tread compounds are built to resist heat and provide better traction in off-road conditions without losing their shape or getting too worn down by rocks, roots, and other debris that can break less durable tire types apart when driving over it.

Users who have used the Continental Tires T/A KOs have said they provide excellent grip rates while still sustaining extreme heat without blistering or breaking down into pieces as quickly as other brands might do. Tread compounds can be made of various rubber mixes that offer varying levels and types of traction depending on the kind of terrain users will encounter when driving their BMW X6.


  • Durable and tough tread construction.
  • Cut and chip-resistant sidewall for minimal flat tire risks.
  • Many tire sizes are available.
  • Off-road driving is excellent.
  • Solid tread life warranty.


  • Dry road cornering and handling are slightly below average.

Continental ContiProContact SSR - Best All-Purpose


The Continental ContiProContact SSR is a run-flat tire model best known for its balanced driving and extreme durability on the road. We recommend this tire to any BMW X6 driver as the best all-purpose tire pick available.

An all-purpose tire is a product capable of light winter driving, summer performance driving, and everything in between. The objective is to never need to change your tire based on the time of the year because your all-purpose tire can handle it with above-average performance.

This is an all-season tire made from a silica compound with reliable rubber. It handles well on dry roads, wet surfaces, and in the snow or ice. There are sipes to help handle more difficult driving situations by releasing biting edges for added traction.

Continental also provides a six-year, 80,000-mile limited tread life warranty to ensure you can get the most out of your tire with protection. The PROactive technology adds extra grooves on the tire for hydroplaning resistance, comfort, and more even wear.  


  • Excellent responsiveness on the road with steering and braking.
  • Top-notch warranty policy.
  • Sipe technology to provide bite particles for road grip.
  • Excellent ride comfort with minimal road noise.  


  • Road bumps and potholes can be a problem at times.

Continental Tires CST - Best Temporary Spare

Frankly, no one wants to have to put on a spare tire. These tires should never be used for more than a few hours before being replaced, and even when your car is equipped with one, it's not something you want to use.

Tires are designed as the first line of defense against road hazards like rocks, nails, or other debris that could puncture holes in tires. Sometimes, however, reality ruins that plan.

A temporary spare tire will only last up to 50 miles on average before needing replacement. However, if there isn't any place nearby where you can get help, then this may be your best option out of bad choices.

Just make sure to get it replaced quickly, as they will not last as long. Tires are also heavier than the average spare because they have more rubber material, which means that your gas mileage rate will likely be inferior.

The best temporary spare tire for the BMW X6 is the Continental Tires CST. This is a true spare tire. Spare tires are made of much less durable material and are designed for short-term use only. Temporary spares will also have a lower lifespan than other tires because of this, but the best may still exceed the 50-mile average that's built into them before needing to be replaced.

Users who've had to drive with the Continental CST as a spare has reviewed it as a reliable option. Tread compound isn't as durable, but it'll last for the short-term use that's required of spares and may even have enough gas mileage to get you where you need to go before needing replacement.


  • Easy installation.
  • Holds bigger load capacity for added safety.
  • Available in multiple sizes.
  • Balanced spare that does not throw off the alignment of your vehicle.


  • Maximum driving distance of 70 miles.
  • Maximum driving speed of only 50 MPH.

Pirelli Scorpion Zero All Season Run Flat - Factory Tire


When you decide to drive your new BMW X6 off the lot, the tire equipped will be the Pirelli Scorpion Zero All-Season RFT tire. You are getting a high-quality tire that can handle many different elements on the road align with added run-flat technology for more support.

Pirelli loves to use performance compounds in the rubber composition of their tires. The same applies to this tire with a high silica content and asymmetric pattern to promote better driving and more durability.

The shoulder blocks have been extended on this tire to work better with the center rib more balance and accuracy on the road. The cornering stability improves significantly with the new shoulder blocks to allow the tire to provide more responsiveness to any driver.

The zig-zag sipes are exactly what you need when driving through cold temperatures and in the snow or ice. They can sense when traction is lower and release biting edges that act like claws to grab onto the ground to ensure more road grip occurs.

Pirelli even provides a 50,000-mile warranty too.  


  • Road traction is as good as it gets in the all-season tire market.
  • Handling and cornering performance has improved significantly.
  • The ride is comfortable.
  • Road noise is minimal.


  • Winter performance is slightly below average compared to competitors.

How To Read a BMW X6 Tire

Understanding tire size becomes even more important with the BMW X6 because they use many different sizes, including staggered tires. If you are not sure how to read a tire, we have created the chart below that includes all of the necessary information you need to know about a tire before making a final purchase.

Available BMW X6 Tire Sizes & Models

The BMW X6 is different than traditional vehicles. They provide most vehicles with the option of using a standard size or a set of staggered sizing tires. There are benefits to both, and some say that staggered tires provide much more performance on the road.

We have compiled a chart with every X6 model dating back to 2016 along with the compatible sizes that they can be used with. If a size contains two options, this indicates a staggered set of tires where the first number is the front tire size and the second number is the rear tire.

If you are not sure which type of tire sizing would be best for you, you can always consult a local expert to get an opinion. We prefer the staggered option for vehicles with rear-wheel drive capability because they tend to be higher performers and provide much more comfort and accuracy on the road.

Best Tires For BMW X6 - Complete Guide

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