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The BMW 7 Series is a premium luxury car that needs premium tires. With the best tires, you can get the most out of your 7 Series.

The best tires for the BMW 7 Series are the Pirelli P Zero, the Michelin Pilot Sport A/S 3 Plus, the Vogue Custom Built Radial, the Sentry Touring All-Season, and the Nitto NT555RII Drag Radial.

In this article, we'll cover five of the best tires for BMW 7 Series sedans. We'll review each tire, its standout features, and cover the price. Additionally, we'll go over how to choose tires for your 7 Series, along with how to decode tire size codes.

We sourced the specifications of each tire directly from the distributor and reviewed tires based on their features and customer satisfaction.

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What Tire Size do BMW 7 Series Sedans Use?

BMW 7 Series tires and wheel sizes have varied substantially over the years. Recent models have almost invariably used larger tires in the rear, as this promotes stability and enhances acceleration. We'll use a 2021 740i as an example to cover typical tire sizes.

On models with 18-inch wheels, BMW uses 245/50R18 tires. Models with 19-inch wheels use 245/45R19 tires. Other options include 19-inch wheels with 245/45R19 in the front and 275/40R19 in the rear. Some BMW 7 Series vehicles come with 20-inch wheels, in which case they use 245/40R20 in the front and 275/35R20 in the rear.

Decoding BMW 7 Series Tire and Wheel Sizes

All BMW 7 Series vehicles come with a tire and wheel information decal, which is located inside the driver's side door well. This sticker indicates wheel and tire sizes along with tire pressures. This decal will tell you the factory tire and wheel size, but you'll need additional resources if you've swapped the wheels or tires at any point.

Decoding tire size itself is relatively simple. Let's use 245/50R18 tires as an example. The number 245 indicates that the tire is 245 millimeters wide. The next number is the aspect ratio or the ratio of the sidewall height to the tire width. These tires have a sidewall that's 50% of the width, or 122.5 millimeters. The "R" stands for radial, which is the type of tire. Finally, the 18 on the end indicates the wheel size in inches.

Best Tire Types for BMW 7 Series Vehicles

There are many types of tires on the market, but only a few deliver the best results on a precision automobile like the 7 Series. Our first choice is summer tires, as these deliver the best handling and quietest ride. Summer tires can only be used in warm climates, as they don't perform well on snow or ice.

If you don't live in a warm and dry area, the next best choice is all-season (or A/S) tires. All-season tires have a long lifespan and handle most weather conditions well. Performance all-season tires are a great option, as they're designed for high-end autos and retain some of the positive handling features of summer tires.

Winter tires are the best option in northern areas. Studless winter tires offer the best use, as they're quiet and legal year-round in all areas. Winter tires have a long lifespan and improve handling and safety on snow-covered roads. They're comprised of special rubber that doesn't harden in cold weather. Winter tires sacrifice handling and performance for winter safety.

Does the BMW 7 Series Use Run-Flat Tires?

Yes, new and late-model BMW 7 Series sedans use run-flat tires. These tires are designed to stay intact when flat, which allows drivers to get to a service station without a spare or an inflator kit. OEM run-flat tires are usually Pirelli P Zero run-flats, which are a popular replacement option as well.

Best Tires for 7 Series BMW Vehicles

We chose five of the best tires for the BMW 7 Series based on performance, ride comfort, longevity, and safety. We also considered price as a factor in our reviews. Here are the top five tires for the BMW 7 Series.

1. Pirelli P Zero Tires


The Pirelli P Zero is one of the best and most popular run-flat tires for the BMW 7 Series and is also a popular factory option in many locations. The P Zero is a summer tire with run-flat capabilities, and it's purpose-built for luxury cars like the 7 Series. P Zero tires are also used on high-performance cars like Lamborghinis and AMG Mercedes vehicles.

Pirelli P Zero tires feature an asymmetrical tread pattern, which changes close to the outward edge of the contact area. Recent tests have found asymmetrical tread to be excellent for stability and handling, which is why it's increasingly popular on high-end tires.

But is the Pirelli P Zero safe to use when it's raining? Absolutely—and a quick glance at the tread reveals why. The P Zero features deep circumferential grooves which evacuate water from the tread, reducing the likelihood of hydroplaning. But beyond the grooves, there are very few cuts in the tread. This increases road contact, which bolsters acceleration, braking, and reduces road noise.

Pirelli P Zero tires incorporate a high-silica tread, which helps increase wet weather grip and ride comfort. Additionally, these tires feature Pirelli's proprietary noise-canceling system, known as PNCS. This system baffles road noise inside the tire itself, contributing to a quieter and more comfortable ride.

You can purchase a set of Pirelli P Zero tires from Discount Tire for around $315 each. Be sure to select your tire size before checkout.

Best Uses:

Pirelli P Zero run-flat tires are a perfect match for the 7 Series in warm climates and one of the best luxury tires on the market.

2. Michelin Pilot Sport A/S 3 Plus Tires


Michelin tires are an extremely popular option on BMW vehicles, especially the 7 Series. These premium all-season tires provide great performance in all weather conditions, and they're a great match for the 7 Series in more volatile climates. Plus, they're Y-rated for speeds of up to 186 mph.

Like the Pirelli P Zero, Michelin Pilot Sport A/S 3 Plus tires are designed for luxury and performance cars. They also utilize an asymmetrical tread pattern for handling and stability, and they're extremely quiet for an all-season tire. The tread voids are deeper than typical summer tires, as they're designed to handle greater volumes of water and winter road gunk.

One of the chief benefits of the Pilot Sport is its exceptional dry road handling. This is thanks to Michelin's Variable Control Contact Patch 3.0 technology, which automatically adjusts the road contact based on different driving conditions. This enhances cornering, acceleration, and braking, especially in dry conditions.

As an all-season tire, the Pilot Sport A/S Plus is made with a rubber compound that can handle colder temperatures. This rubber is also strong, and the tire comes with an extensive 45,000-mile warranty. These long-lasting tires are an excellent option for replacing factory tires or adding 'go anywhere' capabilities to your 7 Series.

You can purchase Michelin Pilot Sport A/S Plus tires from Discount Tire for between $243 and $293 per tire, depending on the size and speed rating.

Best Uses:

Michelin Pilot Sport A/S 3 tires are perfect factory replacements if you need an all-season tire.

3. Vogue Custom Built Radial VIII Tires


What if you need an all-season tire that delivers track tire performance in all conditions? If you're looking for the best possible ride with an all-season tire, then consider the Vogue Custom Built Radial VIII. These tires are designed to mimic racing tires while delivering safe and comfortable performance in rain, snow, or shine.

Vogue Custom Built Radial VIII tires are flashy and designed specifically to complement luxury cars. They're one of the few BMW 7 Series tires with both a mud and snow rating, making them ideal for driving in the winter or down the occasional muddy road. These tires are rated for speeds of up to 149 mph.

Vogue Custom Built Radials feature an asymmetrical tread pattern with staggered tread grooves. This helps shed water, snow, and dirt without compromising road contact or performance. As a premium tire, you can expect an extremely long life and great durability. These tires come with a 60,000-mile warranty, which is high for a luxury car tire.

You can purchase a set of Vogue Custom Built Radial VIII tires from Discount Tire for $330 each.

Best Uses:

The Vogue Custom Built Radial is a flashy tire with excellent all-weather performance and a long warranty.

4. Sentry Touring All-Season Tires

Sometimes, a simple and affordable all-season tire is everything you need. Here's a great low-cost tire that works well in all weather conditions and comes with a 40,000-mile warranty. The Sentry Touring tire is popular and highly rated and a great option for a simple tire replacement on your daily driver 7 Series.

These tires feature four longitudinal grooves to shed water and slush, providing excellent traction on wet surfaces. Additionally, the wide shoulder blocks on the tread are designed to provide precise steering and excellent stability. And unlike many affordable all-terrain tires, Sentry Touring A/S tires utilize an optimized tread pattern to reduce road noise and contribute to a more comfortable ride.

As a proper all-season tire, sentry uses a special tread compound to increase suppleness in cold weather. This makes them usable in light snowfall, where similarly-priced summer tires would be wholly inadequate. Additionally, these tires are rated H for speeds up to 130 mph or V for speeds up to 149 mph.

You can purchase a set of Sentry Touring A/S tires from Discount Tire for between $48 and $72 each, depending on size and rating.

Best Uses:

Sentry Touring A/S tires are the most affordable tires on our list and a great choice for regular daily driving.

5. Nitto NT555RII Drag Radial Tires


Are you looking for a true performance tire that's also DOT-approved for on-road use? The Nitto NT555RII Drag Radial is an excellent choice, and it will help your BMW 7 Series reach its full performance potential. This true racing tire strikes the perfect balance between road safety and high-speed traction and performance.

Nitto utilizes a proprietary drag rubber compound designed specifically for racing. This makes the tire highly effective on the street as well as the drag strip. Additionally, precisely-cut tread grooves make the NT555RII shed rainwater for safe real-world driving.

These tires have minimal grooves, as they're designed to have as much rubber-to-road contact as possible. As a result, your 7 Series will have exceptional acceleration and braking. Cornering is also enhanced, as the tires encourage precision and stability.

You can purchase a set of Nitto NT555RII Drag Radial tires from Discount Tire for $327 each.

Best Uses:

Nitto NT555RII tires are an excellent choice for summer driving and offer the best possible performance for your 7 Series.

Best Tires For BMW 7 Series - Complete Guide

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