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The BMW 2 Series is a precision vehicle that requires performance tires. But which tires are best, and how do you choose between them?

The best tires for the BMW 2 Series are the Continental Extremecontact Sport, the Continental Extremecontact DWS 06 Plus, the Michelin Pilot Sport A/S 4, BFG G-Force Comp-2 A/S Plus, and the Ventus V12 EVO2.

In this article, we’ll cover five of the best tires for the BMW 2 Series and provide a detailed review of each. We’ll also go over the most common tire sizes for the 2 Series, along with an overview of the best tire types.

To ensure accuracy, we sourced all of the tire specifications listed in this article directly from their manufacturers.

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BMW 2 Series Tire Sizes

BMW 2 Series tire sizes vary between models and years, but they fall into a general range. Most late-model BMW 2 Series vehicles have either 205/50R17 tires, 225/45R17 tires, and 225/40R18 tires. Some BMW 2 Series vehicles have 225/35ZR19 tires or 225/40ZR19 tires.

Luckily, it’s pretty easy to find out what wheel and tire size your BMW 2 series uses. Simply open the driver-side door and look for the tire identification sticker, which should be in plain sight. The sticker will tell you the size of your wheel (17 inches, 18 inches, or 19 inches) along with the factory tire size and pressure in PSI and KPA.

What Type Of Tires Does The BMW 2 Series Use?

Most BMW 2 series vehicles use some type of performance summer or all-season (A/S) tire. The type of tire found on your BMW will likely vary based on your location. Cars sold in the south and southwest usually have summer tires, whereas cars found in areas around the north and northeast usually have all-season or winter tires.

Do BMW 2 Series Cars Use Run Flat Tires?

Yes, most newer 2 Series BMWs use run-flat tires. These tires are designed to protect your rims and provide some level of traction in the event of a flat tire, and you can drive on them at slower speeds until you find a tire shop. Most run-flat tires can be used for about 50 miles, which is more than enough to find a tire shop in most areas.

Run-flat tires are essential on newer BMW vehicles, as most do not include a spare or even an inflator kit. You can purchase a separate inflator and repair kit for your tires, though it’s best to replace a tire once it goes flat. Run-flat tires come standard on many BMW models, and we’ll include several of them on this list.

Best Tires for 2 Series BMW Vehicles

We found five of the best tires for BMW 2 series vehicles and reviewed each below. The metrics we use to determine which tires were best are price and affordability, durability and longevity, along with grip and overall road performance. Here are our top picks.

1. Continental Extremecontact Sport Tires


The Continental Extremecontact Sport is one of the best and most common tires for BMW 2 Series vehicles. It’s available in sizes that fit both the 17-inch and 18-inch wheels commonly found on 2 Series cars, and it’s a great performance summer tire for everyday driving.

Continental is a favorite tire manufacturer of BMW, and many shops default to them for summer tires. These tires are designed specifically for sports cars, and they provide excellent grip and high traction in warm and dry conditions.

A quick overview of the tire reveals deep center channels, which are designed to rapidly and efficiently shed water on rainy days to reduce the chance of hydroplaning. But between the channels, these tires have very small voids—which increases road contact and traction on dry pavement.

Continental Extremecontact Sport tires are also made with a special rubber compound designed for longevity and grip, which makes them great for cornering and even better for fast highway driving. Extremecontact Sport tires use Continental SportPlus design, which improves handling thanks to an asymmetrical tread pattern.

Continental Extremecontact Sport tires are radials, meaning they have steel bands supporting the tread. These tires feature rayon and polyester reinforcement for durability and two-ply sidewalls to retain rigidity and reduce the risk of a blowout.

You can get a set of 205/50ZR17 Continental Extremecontact Sport tires from Tire Rack for $158.99 per tire, but be sure to choose your exact size before checkout.

Best Uses:

Continental Extremecontact Sport tires are best for everyday driving and sport handling in hot climates but shouldn’t be used in the snow.

2. Continental Extremecontact DWS 06 Plus A/S Tires


Continental makes the #2 spot on our list again with their Extremecontact DWS 06 Plus A/S tires. These high-performance all-season tires are the perfect medium between sporty handling and seasonal safety for your 2 Series BMW. All-season tires also last longer than summer tires, and they’re sure to provide years of safe and frequent transport.

Continental Extremecontact DWS 06 Plus tires have a more aggressive tread and larger voids than the Extremecontact Sport. Larger voids reduce traction overall, but they’re necessary for driving in light snow and other conditions that summer tires just can’t handle. Additionally, the edges of this tire are slightly curved, which increases road surface contact.

Continental Extremecontact Plus tires are made with a rubber compound that allows them to stay soft in cold weather, which is essential for maintaining traction when winter runs around regardless of the presence of snow. They’re also run-flat tires, meaning you can drive on a flat until you find a shop.

As you can see from looking at the tire, the Continental Extremecontact Plus uses the company’s proprietary SPORTPLUS+ asymmetrical tread pattern. Asymmetrical tread is all the rage these days with performance all-season tires, as it increases traction and improves handling on a variety of surfaces.

The tire also utilizes three-dimensional sipes and Chamfered block edges for increased performance on wet and dry roads. X-shaped sipes are used to increase steering and handling precision, while the aggressive edges of the tires increase bite when varied pressures are applied on the road.

Another unique feature of the Extremecontact DWS 06 Plus is its alignment verification system. This helps you and the tire tech detect misalignment before it damages the tire, which can save money and increase tire life over time.

You can get a set of 205/50ZR17 Continental Extremecontact DWS 06 tires from Tire Rack for $153.99 per tire, and they’re also available for most BMW 2 Series tire and wheel sizes.

Best Uses:

Continental Extremecontact DWS Plus A/S run-flat tires are the perfect balance between street performance and all-weather safety, and for an affordable price.

3. Michelin Pilot Sport A/S 4 Tires


Michelin is one of the most popular tire choices for BMW vehicles, thanks to its reputation for quality. These well-made Michelin Pilot Sport A/S 4 performance tires are great for all-season performance and made specifically for sports cars like the BMW 2 Series.

But why is the Michelin Pilot Sport A/S 4 so popular? For one, it’s an all-season tire that works well on warm and cold pavement and in wet or dry weather. It’s also suitable for light snow, which is where sports cars need extra help. They’re also affordable at less than $200 per tire in most cases.

Michelin Pilot Sport A/S 4 tires use dynamic response technology to evenly distribute road forces in different driving conditions. This can vastly improve performance for precision vehicles, which allows drivers to get the most out of their cars on curvy roads and on the highway.

Michelin Pilot Sport A/S 4 tires are also environmentally friendly, which is rare in the tire industry. Michelin calls it their Helio Technology, which utilizes sunflower oil in the rubber compound instead of harmful petrochemicals.

Helio Tech tires are infused with oil to increase pliability in cold weather, which helps the tires remain flexible and safe regardless of the conditions outside. Additionally, Michelin Pilot Sport A/S 4 tires utilize an enhanced silica compound for superior wet-weather performance.

You can buy a set of 205/50ZR17 Michelin Pilot Sport A/S 4 tires from Tire Rack for $172.99 per tire. They’re also available in many other sizes, such as 225/45R17, for around the same price.

Best Uses:

Michelin Pilot Sport All-Season 4 tires are environmentally conscious and great for summer and winter. They’re premium tires for high-performance use.

4. BFGoodrich G-Force Comp-2 All Season Plus


BFG G-Force Comp-2 A/S Plus tires are an affordable and high-performance tire that looks great and provides excellent handling for your 2 Series BMW. These high-quality tires offer the best bang for your buck and also last for a very long time.

The first thing you’ll notice about the BFG G-Force Comp-2 A/S Plus is its directional tread pattern. Directional tread is increasingly common on performance tires, as it sheds water well but provides some of the same benefits found on track tires.

One of the benefits of BFG’s unique tread design is its remarkable rigidity, which provides stability and better acceleration under load. Additionally, the tread compound has been updated to provide longer life and better performance in cold, wet, and slippery conditions. A deep center channel helps shed water and reduce hydroplaning, while near-solid tread blocks increase road contact and tire life.

The tire itself is made using BFG Performance Racing Core material, which utilizes nylon spirals for strength and twin steel radial belts for puncture resistance, rigidity, and durability. Additionally, BFGoodrich G-Control sidewalls are strong and provide excellent cornering adaptability.

You can find a set of 205/50ZR17 BFG G-Force Comp-2 A/S Plus tires on Tire Rack for $132.99 each, which is a great value. They’re also available in other common 2 Series tire sizes.

Best Uses:

The BFG G-Force Comp-2 A/S Plus is a great and affordable all-season tire for BMW owners who value speed and track-like handling.

5. Ventus V12 EVO2 Max Performance Summer Tires


The last tire on our list is the highly-rated Ventus V12 EVO2 summer tire, which is a great option for warm weather driving. This tire has an exceptional contact surface and a strong rubber compound, which contributes to long life and excellent road handling.

These highly affordable tires are a great option for replacing stock tires, and they’re known for good handling around curves and at speed. Though they’re not designed for winter use, these tires shed water efficiently, thanks to the deep center grooves located in the middle of the tread.

The contact patch is wide and curves gently, which allows these tires to maintain good road contact in a variety of driving conditions. Additionally, shallow voids around the edges increase rubber-to-road and prevent slipping under hard acceleration or braking.

Ventus V12 EVO2 tires use a silica-infused rubber compound which is known to increase grip. Additionally, the directional tread design increases traction on dry roads and helps maximize steering and braking precision—a big plus on a luxury car like the BMW 2 Series.

Another advantage of the Ventus V12 EVO2 is that its exceptionally quiet, which many BMW drivers prefer. These tires use intermediate blocks to reduce road noise and increase driver comfort. A continuous center rib also provides peace of mind in wet conditions.

You can purchase a set of 205/50ZR17 tires from Tire Rack for $122.23 per tire, and most other sizes are priced close to that number.

Best Uses:

Ventus V12 EVO2 tires are the ideal summer tire for drivers who prioritize affordability, a quiet ride, and good handling in mild climates.

Best Tires For BMW 2 Series - Complete Guide

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