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The Audi TT has proved to be a symbol of style and performance. You will require nothing but the best tires for Audi TT to add to the performance.

Amongst other coupes, the TT stands out as much as its name. The car shells out an impressive 230 horsepower and needs equally impressive tires to handle the power.

It is best to use touring tires for everyday driving and highway cruises, which offer a comfortable and smooth ride like the Michelin Premier A/S or the Pirelli Cinturato P7 All Season Plus. If you like to push your Audi TT to the limits, consider all-season UHPs like Michelin Pilot Sport A/S 3+.

The Audi TT has an immense torque of 332 pound-feet. Cheap tires will not handle this torque and will spin in place. It is important to select tires that are suited for your luxury coupe. Start by understanding your driving style, and then choose based on what suits your car better.

Tire experts state that tires should facilitate the vehicle's performance and must be suited to handle the power the vehicle delivers. Using random tires that are cheap in price and quality can be detrimental for your Audi TT and pose a safety threat to you and your ride. It is best to consult the vehicle's manufacturer or a trusted tire expert if you are unsure about the tires you want to install.

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Best All-Season Touring Tires for Audi TT

Cooper CS5 Ultra Touring


Until recently, if you wanted a set of premium tires, you were expected to pay a premium price. But with the entry of companies like Cooper into the market, many premium tire features can be had at a more affordable price.

One of the best examples of this is the Cooper CS5 Ultra Touring. The tire is priced much lower than premium brands but does not fail to delight the users regarding durability and performance, especially when used on sporty cars like the Audi TT.

If you like to use your Audi TT at its maximum limits or go on racetracks, this tire might not suit you. After all, it is a touring tire, which values comfort and tread life over performance. But if you use your TT for everyday driving, highway cruising, and occasionally like to feel the full potential of your vehicle, this tire is a good bet.

Cooper has put in a lot of engineering and equipped this tire with several technologies. Firstly, this tire comes with an all-seasonM+S rating, which means that it meets the guidelines set by Rubber Manufacturers Association (RMA) as a Mud and Snow tire. The tire fares well against light snow and on mud-covered pavements.However, this rating is not to be confused with 3PMSF (Three Peak Mountain Snowflake), which rates a tire suitable for deeper snow.

As one of Cooper's premium tires, the CS5 Ultra Touring is also equipped with the company's signature StabilEdge technology. This technology ensures that the tire maintains stability at high speeds, when running over twisty roads, and when pushed through tight corners. It works by interlocking the tread shoulder blocks to ensure maximum traction and grip.

The advanced tread compound is ergonomically engineered to ensure even treadwear and provide a longer tread life. The tread design features advanced 3D Sipes, deep as the tread's surface. These micro-gauge sipes create biting edges, which aid traction on light snow and slippery surfaces.

The tire is equipped with several maintenance indicators built into the tread. These indicators keep the driver updated on the remaining useful life of the tire. With a routine check on the indicators, you can determine if your tire is suited for snow or wet surfaces.

Cooper's signature WearSquare technology comprises small inserts hidden in the tread. As the tire wears down, these inserts become more apparent. When the tread becomes level with these squares, the tires need an immediate replacement, and running your TT on them is a safety risk.

Speaking of tire wear, the Cooper CS5 offers excellent tread life for the price. The company offers a 70,000-mile warranty for V and H-rated tires without making it time-bound. The warranty, however, is just a backup resource. If you rotate the tires every 10,000 miles, you will have no issues with the tire's longevity.

Performance on Dry Tarmac

One would naturally not expect too much performance from a touring tire. However, the Cooper CS5 Ultra Touring is surprisingly responsive and flaunts very impressive handling capabilities. It maintains stability at high speeds and takes on high-speed corners exceptionally well.

The impressive road grip and high-speed cornering ability come naturally to the tire, even when pushed to the limits. It maintains traction during hard accelerations and retains control during emergency braking.

With the stability, short braking distance, and excellent overall performance, you might feel that this tire can be used on the track as a high-performance tire. But keep in mind that this is a touring tire, and all these performances are suited for street and highway driving.

Performance on Wet Tarmac

The tread compound and advanced tread design on the CS5 work together to offer impressive wet traction. There are three circumferential grooves and multiple lateral grooves, which work together to evacuate water and ensure that the tire maintains traction on wet and slippery surfaces.

With high resistance to hydroplaning, the tire has no issues handling acceleration and braking, even during heavy rain. The wide shoulder blocks also help dispel water and maintain stability when taking corners in wet conditions.

Performance on Snow

If you drive around areas that receive very little or no snow, you can use the Cooper CS5 throughout the year. However, the tire does hiccup when it comes to snow traction, even in light snow. It is not designed to be used on ice and can lead your TT to slip and slide without control.

It is best to switch to winter tires if you use your Audi TT in harsh wintry conditions.

Pros of Cooper CS5 Ultra Touring

  • Very responsive to steering input and can make the driving experience livelier
  • Exceptional grip and traction on dry pavements
  • Very good overall performance on wet surfaces
  • Braking distance is short on wet and dry surfaces
  • Maintains even treadwear and offers excellent tread life, backed by a good warranty
  • Good value for money

Cons of Cooper CS5 Ultra Touring

  • Snow traction is just at par. Competitor tires in the class offer much better snow traction

Michelin Premier All Season


Michelin is the company that invented the radial tire. It manufactures tires for all vehicles, except ships, and even if they needed tires – pun intended, you can be sure that Michelin would manufacture them too. When you see a product from an organization of that caliber, you cannot expect it to be anything but the best.

One of the most popular and best touring tires in the market today is the Michelin Premier A/S. The tire delivers impressive performance, the highest safety levels, excellent comfort, and great tread life. While staying up to date with the statistics, Michelin engineers also focused on wet performance for the Premier A/S, as most accidents occur in rainy weather.

As a premium tire manufacturer, Michelin faces competition from other premium brands. It is difficult to stand out amongst top-notch tires like Bridgestone TuranzaQuietTrack or the Continental PureContact LS. It will never be easy to compete against these rivals, but the Premier A/S poses very tough competition to these tires.

To make and retain its place in the ever so competitive tire market, Michelin equips the Premier A/S with several advanced technologies. These technologies do not come in cheap, and the costs are passed on to the end consumer. The Premier A/S is one of the, if not the most expensive touring tires you can buy today. But despite its price, the technologies it offers are second to none.

The Premier A/S is equipped with Michelin's Total Performance technology, which ensures maximum safety in all seasons, excellent comfort and luxury, and impressive tread life. The company claims to use some of the most advanced features and materials it offers on this tire.

The tread compound is an advanced engineered blend of sunflower oil and extreme silica content. This compound works wonders for wet traction and keeps the tire pliable in frigid conditions.

The tread is designed asymmetrically and features a center rib bordered on either side by intermediate ribs, which lead into broad shoulder blocks. The tread pattern delivers amazing traction and an impressive steering response on dry pavements.

The tire comes equipped with Michelin's revolutionary EverGrip technology. With this tech, the rain grooves expand as the tire wears down, resulting in better wet traction. Additional grooves are hidden in the tread, which emerge as the tread wears down.

The EverGrip technology ensures that the tire maintains and delivers optimal traction and grip on wet and dry surfaces throughout its useful life.

The tire compound is ergonomically engineered to offer low rolling resistance, which leads to better fuel economy and lower emissions.

The tire is equipped with traditional tread wear indicators, which help the driver keep an eye on the tire's remaining tread life. Michelin states that the minimum tread depth at which this tire is useful is 2/32 inches. Once the tread reaches this limit, the tire is not considered safe to be used on any surface.

Performance on Dry Tarmac

It becomes difficult to believe that the Premier A/S is a touring tire and not an ultra-high-performance tire when pushing the tire to its limits. It is very responsive and gives a lively feel to the steering of the Audi TT.

With the optimal combination of the tread compound and tread design, the tire delivers exceptional grip and traction during all seasons. Even if you push your Audi TT through corners at high speed, you will not find the Premier A/S understeering or squealing for mercy.

The braking performance is also very good. You will notice your Audi TT stops quicker with these tires on. The acceleration traction is also quite impressive; the tire can easily handle the power of the TT on streets and highways.

Overall, this tire makes driving the Audi TT more enjoyable with an added sense of control and confidence.

Performance on Wet Tarmac

You can expect tough competition for the Premier A/S when it comes to dry performance. But on wet surfaces, it outshines its competitors by a large margin. This is especially evident when it comes to braking performance on wet surfaces, for which the tire offers the shortest distance in its class.

Steering responsiveness and handling also feel precise and crisp, without losing grip or traction. The tire is designed to evacuate water very efficiently and is highly resistant to hydroplaning. This feature allows it to maintain performance even when running through deep puddles or driving in heavy rain.

If you are looking for the best of the best tires in terms of performance on wet surfaces, the Michelin Premier A/S will be the winning choice, hands down.

Performance on Snow

The tread is equipped with wide blocks, which have multiple sipes. These blocks serve as biting edges and provide excellent traction in light snow and slush. If you drive your Audi TT around in areas that receive little snow and have relatively warmer winters, you will not be disappointed with the tire's performance.

Pros of Michelin Premier A/S

  • Braking performance and handling are best in class on wet surfaces
  • The tire offers very high hydroplaning resistance even in heavy rain or when driving through deep puddles
  • Exceptionally responsive for a touring tire
  • Impressive braking performance and handling on dry surfaces
  • Very stable even when pushed to rated speed limits
  • Maintains excellent overall performance throughout useful life thanks to the EverGrip technology
  • Impressively quiet and comfortable when cruising at highway speeds
  • Tread compound is durable and long-lasting
  • Snow traction is among the best in the all-season touring category

Cons of Michelin Premier A/S

  • The advanced technologies and features come at a very premium price
  • The tire comes with a 60,000-mile warranty, which is shorter than competitor tires

Pirelli Cinturato P7 All Season Plus


Pirelli is one of the most renowned brands for touring tires, and the Pirelli Cinturato P7 All Season Plus is one of the best that the company has to offer.This tire offers an advanced contact patch, which leads to excellent wet and dry traction.

This tire has been designed to offer a luxurious and comfortable ride. It is a great choice for your Audi TT if you use it as your daily vehicle or like to take it on longer runs over the weekend. It offers great traction during rainy seasons and does fairly well on light snow.

The tread compound comprises high silica levels, which help the tire maintain its pliability and performance throughout a wide range of temperatures. The advanced compound also aids traction when running in icy or snowy conditions.

The tread compound is molded into an asymmetric tread pattern, which offers impressive traction on all kinds of paved surfaces. The tread comprises multiple block sizes towards the center to ensure minimum noise and maximum steering response. Towards the outside is a continuous shoulder, which offers grip, traction, and excellent cornering abilities.

There are four wide and deep circumferential grooves on the tread, which evacuate water to ensure maximum hydroplaning resistance and maintain traction when rolling over wet surfaces.

Like many other all-season tires, Pirelli states that the tire is safe to use until the tread depth reaches 2/32 inches, the minimum legal tread limit for wet roads. The tire is equipped with traditional tread wear indicators, which help you keep an eye on how it is wearing down.

The Cinturato P7 offers excellent tread life and comes with a treadwear warranty of 70,000 miles, which is among the best in the category.

Performance on Dry Tarmac

Pirelli is well known for the razor-sharp steering response and handling its tires deliver. However, on the Cinturato P7, it seems that the company has given precedence to comfort and ride quality over handling and responsiveness.

The responsiveness is not bad but it just takes a little while to get used to. Once you get accustomed to its different responsiveness style, the P7 starts to seem like one of the best to react to steering inputs. If you like to take your Audi TT on curvy mountain roads, you will not be disappointed. However, it cannot be expected to give razor-sharp handling like UHP tires.

The Cinturato P7 performs cut-throat with the best tires in the touring category when it comes to high-speed cornering. If you push the tire to its speed limits, it remains calm and steady and sometimes even asks for more.

The tire offers amazing braking performance and impressively short braking distances. It only complements the Audi TT's abilities and makes the driver feel confident behind the steering wheel.

Performance on Wet Tarmac

The tire delivers impressive overall performance on wet surfaces. One of the features that make the Cinturato P7 stand out is the amazing cornering grip it offers on wet surfaces, which is far better than any competitor. Another impressive feature is the short braking distance, which is among the best in the class.

It offers adequate traction but can miss a beat during aggressive steering inputs on wet surfaces. However, these hiccups are hardly noticeable and can only be seen if the tire is running neck to neck with a competitor.

Overall, the tire feels reliable and safe on wet surfaces and offers excellent traction during acceleration, braking, and when handling twists and turns. It will not disappoint if you use it for daily driving in rainy conditions and even on highway cruises through heavy rain.

Performance on Snow

The advanced tread compound on the tire works nicely to maintain pliability and grip in freezing conditions. The asymmetric tread is equipped with multiple sipes, which serve as biting edges when rolling over light snow or ice. The tire feels sure footed when running over light snow and offers good traction and grip.

Pros of Pirelli Cinturato P7 All Season Plus

  • The ride quality is top-notch. The tire seems to absorb many small dips, crests, and road imperfections without transferring them to the suspension or cabin
  • The tire remains super-quiet even when cruising on rough patches at highway speeds
  • Cornering grip and braking performance is exceptional on dry pavements
  • The tire offers a lively steering feel and gives the driver added confidence
  • One of the best performers when it comes to cornering grip on wet surfaces
  • Excellent tread life and has a long treadwear warranty
  • Can handle light snow quite well

Cons of Pirelli Cinturato P7 All Season Plus

  • The responsiveness of the tire can take some time to get used to
  • Not to be handled aggressively on wet surfaces

Best All-Season High-Performance Tires for Audi TT

BFGoodrich g-Force Comp-2 A/S


Once upon a time, the maximum performance of any vehicle could only be enjoyed with a set of Summer Ultra High Performance (UHP) tires. Today, however, there are many all-season UHP tires available. Over the years, this market has also become increasingly competitive, resulting in better tires with more advanced technologies.

One tire that competes quite favorably in this category is the BFGoodrich g-Force Comp-2 A/S. Like top-tiered all-season UHPs, this tire provides top-notch handling without trying to compromise too much on comfort or noise.

BFGoodrich claims that the g-Force delivers the best dry and wet grip among its rivals. The company also claims that the tire is designed to deliver an excellent tread life and maintain performance throughout the year.

The tire is equipped with UltraGrip technology, utilizing a tread compound with very high silica content. This compound ensures that the tire remains pliable and maintains traction and grip in wintry and warmer conditions.

The tread design features a directional pattern with aggressive V-shaped grooves complemented by more longitudinal and diagonal grooves. This design delivers excellent wet traction without compromising on dry handling and stability. Towards the edges of the tread are square shoulder blocks, which provide additional grip and stability when going through corners.

For additional stability, BFGoodrich has also incorporated the Equal Tension Containment System (ETEC) on this tire. The system balances the forces impacting the tread and ensures that they are evenly distributed across the tread. The result is better handling and responsiveness.

Yet another technology, g-Control, features special inserts in the tire's sidewalls to maximize ride quality.

The g-Force Comp-2 A/S is equipped with traditional tread wear indicators. These are small rectangular rubber inserts, which are concealed in the tread. As the tire wears down, these inserts start to become more visible. Once the tread depth reaches the legal limit of 2/32 inches, these inserts become level with the entire surface of the tread, indicating to replace the tire as soon as possible.

Performance on Dry Tarmac

Only after a few miles of run-in, the g-Force COMP-2 A/S shows what Ultra High Performance is all about. If you like to push your Audi TT to its limits, this tire will make the drive significantly more enjoyable.

The tire is super-responsive to the steering inputs, and this is one of the most important features that most drivers who invest in UHPs are looking for. You can push down on the gas even as you run through twisty roads, and the tires will have your back with their impressive handling capabilities.

Where some tires focus on responsiveness, they compromise in cornering grip. However, the g-Force COMP-2 A/S balances quite well between the two. The grip levels are top-notch, and you will feel more than welcome to use these tires on the track, racing with your Audi TT. It is safe to say that g-Force COMP-2 A/S is one of the stickiest in the all-season UHP category.

The tire also offers amazing stability even when pushed to its maximum speed limit. The tire handles aggressive maneuvers and rapid direction changes quite well. Similarly, braking performance is crisp, and your Audi TT will stop at short distances.

Overall, this tire is targeted to those seeking pure driving pleasure from their Audi TT. Its performance is almost comparable to those of premium all-season UHPs.

Performance on Wet Tarmac

Like it performs on dry pavement, it offers a lot of reliability on wet surfaces. It cannot be classed as the best in the category, but it surely sits very close to the top ranks.

Steering response is excellent and gives the driver a sense of confidence and control with top-notch handling capabilities. The tire maintains traction on slippery and wet roads thanks to its high resistance to hydroplaning.

Acceleration traction and braking performance is also very good, which means you can enjoy your Audi TT in bad weather, and even in heavy rain. The cornering abilities on the wet surface are also exemplary, and even if the tire misses a beat, it is hardly noticeable.

Performance on Snow

Since all-season UHPs were derived from Summer UHPs, they initially started as very poor performers in snowy and wintry conditions. However, the g-Force COMP-2 A/S is an advanced tire, performing quite well in this category.

The tire offers impressive acceleration traction, short stopping distances, and excellent overall handling in light snow. Its performance is considered to be much better than its close rivals when running in snowy conditions.

However, many users have complained of the tire being unreliable and safe in icy conditions, so it is highly recommended to maintain a slower speed when running on ice or snow.

Pros of BFGoodrich g-Force COMP-2 A/S

  • Extremely responsive to steering input
  • Provides a lively steering feel
  • Exceptional grip and traction on dry pavements
  • Very good overall performance in wet and rainy conditions
  • Handles light snow quite well

Cons of BFGoodrich g-Force COMP-2 A/S

  • The tire seems noisy when running at highway speeds
  • In an attempt to maintain glue-like traction with the road, it transfers a lot of unevenness to the cabin

Michelin Pilot Sport A/S 3+


All-season Ultra-High-Performance tires are increasingly popular among coupes and performance sedan owners who like to push their vehicles to the limits. They offer high-speed stability and superior grip and traction in corners. As a bonus, many of these tires work well in wintry conditions and even on light snow, which cannot be expected from summer UHPs.

Michelin is no new name when it comes to performance tires. After all, who would not like to have F1 or even aircraft technology derivatives on their car tires? No matter how impressive that sounds, a good tire needs to deliver functional performance and reliability, which are the key features of the Michelin Pilot Sport A/S 3+.

The all-season UHP market is flooded with tires falling in different categories. But for a company like Michelin, it seeks to compete against premium brands like Goodyear, Bridgestone, and Continental. These brands are already offering numerous advanced technologies on their tires, and the Michelin Pilot Sport A/S 3+ fares well to give cut-throat competition to all rivals.

Michelin claims that the Pilot Sport A/S 3+ offers exceptional dry and wet traction and excellent winter reliability. The company starts by using a highly engineered tread compound to match this claim.

The tread compound comprises Helio+ technology, which utilizes an extremely high silica content and sunflower oil in the tread to ensure excellent traction at a wide range of temperatures and on wet pavements.

The tread pattern is asymmetric and appears to be very aggressive. It features broad shoulder blocks, which provide outstanding grip and cornering abilities. Towards the middle of the tread are four deep circumferential grooves, making the tire highly resistant to hydroplaning.

Michelin has equipped this tire with Contact Patch 3.0 technology, which ensures that the forces are evenly spread across the tread. This tech is borrowed from endurance racing tires and significantly improves the tire's stability, even when driven aggressively.

The tread wear indicators on this tire comprise thin rubber bars, which are concealed into the circumferential grooves. They only show up when the tire is completely worn down. They do not give any idea of how much tread life the tire has remaining.

Once the tread depth reaches 2/32 inches, the bars become clearly visible and level with the tread surface. At this point, the tire needs to be replaced and does not remain safe for wet or snow surfaces.

Performance on Dry Tarmac

Steering responsiveness of Pilot Sport A/S top-notch. It responds actively to driver inputs, which depicts its high-performance handling capabilities. Additionally, the tire also communicates well with the driver; if it is pushed beyond its rated limits, the tire will start to lose traction, which will be felt in the steering wheel.

Since it is one of the best-in-class UHP tires, there can be no doubt about the phenomenal traction and grip it delivers. Some users have rated its performance comparable to summer performance tires in this area. Similarly, high-speed stability, cornering abilities, and overall performance of tires are nothing short of impressive.

If you like to push your Audi TT to its limits on racetracks, the Pilot Sport A/S 3+ is an excellent choice to complement your vehicle's impressive capabilities.

Performance on Wet Tarmac

This tire can be rated as one of the best in its class when rolling on slippery surfaces or in heavy rain. The tire's excellent hydroplaning resistance makes it responsive and delivers outstanding traction on wet pavements.

With this tire, you will hardly feel any understeer or oversteer as it provides the driver with a sense of confidence and control behind the wheel. Similarly, the tire does not fail to impress when it comes to braking performance on wet pavements and delivers one of the shortest braking distances.

Performance on Snow

Driving around in mild winter conditions with little snow or slush will be no problem for the Pilot Sport A/S 3+. Michelin claims the tire to be much better suited for light snow traction than its predecessor.

The tire handles corners well and maintains excellent traction in light snow. The braking performance is also very good, considering it is an all-season tire.

Pros of Michelin Pilot Sport A/S 3+

  • Very responsive to steering input, which makes driving more enjoyable
  • Impressive cornering abilities
  • Offers great acceleration traction and maintains stability at high speeds
  • Traction, grip, and braking are excellent on wet pavements
  • One of the best performers in light snow in the category
  • Excellent tread life

Cons of Michelin Pilot Sport A/S 3+

  • Slightly rough ride on uneven roads
  • It can be noisy at high speeds, especially on uneven surfaces
  • The premium performance and technology come at a very premium price
Best Tires For Audi TT - Complete Guide [2024]

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