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With a car like the Audi RS5, you would be doing a disservice if you picked out any generic tires for it. You should only buy the very best tires for Audi RS5.

There are dozens of tire brands in the market that tout their benefits, but when you are buying tires for your Audi RS5, you need to be particularly discerning and consider only the best of the best tire companies.

The best tires for Audi RS5 are from the Toyo, Nexen, Michelin, Bridgestone, Continental, Nitto, Goodyear, Achilles, BFGoodrich, and Yokohama brands, which offer amazing options from their lineup of high-performance, winter, summer, all-season, and competition tires.

Before getting a tire from any of these stores, it is important that you research all their specifications, key features, and the type of performance they offer so that you can enjoy an optimally enjoyable ride. Choosing which tire is best for you Audi RS5 depends on how you drive, where you live, and what your expectations are for every season. In this guide, we can help you understand all of that so that you can make an informed buying decision.

My team and I have tested all the tires in this guide on an Audi RS5 and have come up with detailed opinions on the performance of each tire.

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Audi RS5: Best High-Performance All-Season Tires

These tires offer the best of both worlds by offering you balanced handling and performance, long tread life and good traction in all or almost all seasons.

Toyo Extensa HP II


The Toyo Extensa HP II is an excellent budget tire for economical drivers and delivers excellent all-season handling, a 45,000-mile warranty, and a smooth and comfortable ride. These high-performance and high-value tires offer an amazing balance between great quality, exceptional performance, and vibrant styling.

Although its predecessor, the Toyo Extensa HP has been a very popular model for a decade, the second-generation tire is engineered to have increased all-year performance, thanks to its unidirectional tread design that offers improved braking on dry, wet, and icy roads. The tires are designed with single-cut and double-cut tapers that offer optimal stiffness to the tire blocks that ensure excellent braking. They are also equipped with deep, multi-wave sipes that ensure regular wear for a quiet and smooth ride.

The Toyo Extensa HP II uses a silica-based compound that works with the unidirectional tread pattern for improved handling in wet, dry, and slick conditions. It also allows the tires to break up to 31 feet shorter than their predecessor.

The tires offer speed ratings of V or W.


  • Excellent dry traction and handling
  • Braking and traction on wet surfaces has been immensely improved
  • Improved cornering grip and stability
  • Offer a quiet ride


  • Does not offer a very good grip on ice and snow deeper than a few inches
  • May not offer a very comfortable ride when driving over bumpy roads or potholes

NexenNFera SU1

The NexenNFera SU1 is your tire of choice when you have to drive through a desert road or go out in a summer storm. Specifically built for performance sedans and sports cars, the SU1 tires are intended to improve handling, steering response, and road grip.

The tires are equipped with the new 4G Tread Compound Technology and have an asymmetric tread pattern that delivers reliable dry and wet traction throughout the year. The tires are equipped with larger than average shoulder blocks and unique rib blocks that offer more stability when cornering and excellent handling. In addition, its stiffened tread blocks also enhance the tires’ cornering abilities at high speed.

The NexenNFera SU1 is also engineered with a 3D block design with sipes that are optimized for delivering improved grip on wet roads. The tires have three large circumferential grooves that repel water away from the tires and prevent the risk of hydroplaning. The optimized tread pattern also enhances the enjoyment of the ride as it reduces road noise.

The tires come in V, W, and Y speed ratings and have a 25,000-mile tread life guarantee.


  • Excellent grip on both dry and wet roads
  • Enhanced cornering and responsive steering even at high speed
  • Low pattern noise resulting in a comfortable ride
  • Budget-friendly tires


  • Treadlife is a bit shorter than most drivers would like

Audi RS5: Best High-Performance Winter Tires

These tires are a great choice for environments that experience colder winters and offer a good balance of crisp handling, high speed, and ice and snow traction.

Michelin Pilot Alpin PA4


Michelin Pilot Alpin PA4 has been engineered to drive ultra-high performance vehicles like the Audi RS5 during hail, snow, and ice for reliable road grip, excellent handling, and low rolling resistance for better fuel efficiency.

The Alpin PA4 tires are engineered using a silica-based, sunflower-oil Helio Compound that is able to withstand maximum winter bite in winter weather conditions while being pliable in very cold environments. The tire handling and traction are enhanced through Stabiligrip 3D high-density sipes around the treads. These sipes not only offer excellent improvement when accelerating but also offer better braking performance on ice and snow, plus an overall improved handling experience.

The tires are equipped with snow platform indicators into the tread grooves that can help you determine how effective the tires’ traction will remain as they wear and age by letting you see how much of the tread remains. If you see that the tread has smoothed down quite a lot, it is time to replace your tires.

The tires also come with two steel belts and FAZ technology that offers added strength to the tires by wrapping polyester cord filaments spirally around the tire.

The tire comes with a 30,000-mile tread warranty.


  • Rain, snow, and slush handling exceeds expectations
  • Excellent acceleration and braking in snow
  • Tread remains pliable in very cold environments


  • Ice breaking abilities can be improved slightly

Bridgestone Blizzak LM-32


The Bridgestone Blizzak LM-32 is built with luxury vehicles in mind with a sporty appearance that does not compromise their winter weather mobility on dry, cold, wet, and snow-covered roads.

The tire treads are made of a unique high-polymer compound that offers enhanced traction when the weather becomes very cold. The tread consists of unidirectional patterns that have deeper sipes and the Lamellen edge engineering technique, which consists of a number of biting edges that improve traction over snow and ice. The tires also have rounded shoulders that promote good dry and wet road handling.

Thanks to the directional design, the tires are resistant to hydroplaning on wet and slushy roads and offer confident traction and braking in wintry conditions. Road noise is low and ride comfort is optimal with these tires and you will find that they offer an enjoyable and smooth ride even in heavy winter conditions.

The tires come with snow platform indicators that allow drivers to see when the tread becomes so worn that it will not be able to offer sufficient grip. This feature allows drivers to find out whether they need replacement tires or not.

The Bridgestone Blizzak LM-32 tires are available in H, V, and W speed ratings and offer a limited tire warranty, including a 3-year free replacement warranty and a 5-year material and workmanship warranty.


  • Very resistant to hydroplaning on wet and slushy roads
  • Very enhanced grip and superior handling in extreme winter conditions
  • Offers a comfortable and smooth ride


  • Not a lot of cons

Audi RS5: Best Competition Tires

These tires are specifically engineered for track racers to maximize performance on the racing course, while some also offer great performance on-street.

Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2


The Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tire was originally created as the OEM tires for sports cars like the Porsche 918 Spyder, Ferrari 458 Speciale, and Mercedes SLS AMG Coupe Black Series. This tire is meant for serious sports enthusiasts who also want to take their ride onto the road, so it also meets the DOT street legal requirements.

The race-focused dual side-by-side compound and the asymmetrical tread patterns optimize the tires’ on-track performance and deliver faster circuit times and reliable performance lap after lap so that they achieve maximum potential on dry surfaces. The tire's outer shoulder rib enhances the cornering grip and offers excellent responsiveness when steering. Once the tires start to heat, they offer enhanced sticky grips in the corners, which is something that is much appreciated by countless race drivers.

The Pilot Sport Cup 2 comes with two steel belts that offer superior strength and reinforcements, thanks to Michelin’s patented Banded at Zero technology. This enhances the tire's acceleration and braking capabilities and increases cornering performance. However, these tires are not the best options if you are driving on surfaces with standing water as it can increase the risk of hydroplaning. Drivers are advised to reduce speed when they encounter such conditions on the track or road.


  • Excellent dry traction
  • The cornering grip of the tire is exceptional since they become super-grippy when hot
  • Consistent excellent track performance
  • Good ride comfort


  • Not the best tires for driving on wet surfaces

Toyo Proxes R888R


The Toyo Proxes R888R racing tires are the upgraded version of the Proxes R888 racetrack tires that were engineered for high-performance, high-speed vehicles. The Proxes R888R shows impressive improvements from the previous versions in terms of a faster circuit taking and better handling.

The tires are made of an R-compound tread that reaches operating temperatures quickly and offers high traction that ensures stability and control when cornering at high speed. The tires have an aggressive asymmetric tread pattern with huge outboard shoulder blocks that deliver the optimal grip required for track racing. The R888R is encased by two broad tensile steel belts which are looped in a spiraling way around the wheel and add more resilience and stability to the tires.

The contact tread has been enhanced to offer enhanced braking, smooth dry traction, excellent cornering control, and fast acceleration without sacrificing safety. It also consists of specially designed groves that help repel water. However, personally, we do not recommend that you take your Audi RS5 out on wet surfaces with these tires since the hydroplaning resistance is quite reduced. In addition, these tires are not meant to be driven in cold winter temperatures and should be stored indoors at a temperature of above 15 degrees Fahrenheit.

The tire comes with a speed rating of W and has a limited workmanship and material and uniformity warranty.


  • Delivers excellent traction for fast acceleration and speed
  • Takes a very small amount of time to heat up
  • Delivers a reduced noise ride which increases enjoyment
  • Have stiff sidewall that offers better handling
  • Offer a smooth ride


  • Do not work very well on wet surfaces when shaved or worn
  • Should not be used in freezing conditions or on snowy or icy roads

Audi RS5: Best Ultra High-Performance All-Season Tires

These tires offer excellent performance in both wet and dry conditions as well as decent performance in winter conditions.

Continental ExtremeContact DWS 06 Plus


Continental has already proven to be a leader in the ultra-high performance all-season tire category and it just upped the ante with its ExtremeContact DWS 06 Plus tires.

The new tires are equipped with the new SportsPlus Technology coupled with an innovative tread compound that features more silica and +Silane additives that deliver enhanced traction on wet roads as well as more controlled handling and longer tread life. The tire has the same familiar asymmetrical tread pattern, but with a slightly different twist.

The ExtremeContact DWS 06 Plus is an impressive upgrade from its predecessors since it addresses some of the dry and wet traction issues that plagued previous versions. The tires are equipped with Traction Grooves and X-Sipe technology in its tread which offers it an impressive improvement in rain and snow as well as enhanced cornering and braking. The steering is also responsive and quick, which increases the driver’s confidence.

The manufacturers have also equipped the tires with a unique sport sidewall that assists in more precise steering, regardless of the road conditions. Thanks to a 2-ply sidewall, the tires have 35% more stiffness than the previous model, which offers more stability and strength.

In addition, the DWS 06 Plus has retained some of the most notable features from the previous version including the Tuned Performance Indicators and the Alignment Verification System which shows the wear on your tire and whether your car is properly aligned.

The tires have a speed rating of W and Y and a whopping 50,000-mile tread warranty.


  • Excellent traction on dry, wet, and snowy condition
  • More precise and controlled steering
  • Cornering stability is much improved from the previous model
  • A 50,000-mile tread life
  • A high value for the price


  • We really couldn’t find any

Nitto Motivo


Nitto Motivo is an ultra-high performance all-season tire that was specifically engineered for luxury sedans, sports cars, and crossovers. The manufacturers are known for creating solutions for an active lifestyle, whether you like driving along the coast or going uphill for a ski weekend, and the Motivo tires can help you navigate safely and comfortably in challenging road and weather conditions.

The tires are equipped with a silica enhanced tread compound and a 3D multi-wave sipes feature with an interlocking wave design that delivers more controlled braking. The outer tread blocks enhance dry traction and a center rib offer improved steering response, enhanced precision and better straight-line stability.

When you are driving in wet conditions, the Motivo uses its angled tread blocks, four wide grooves, and unique 3D sipes to repel water and slush away from the tread, reducing the risk of hydroplaning and ensuring a better grip. Additional “Fin” sipes offer an enhanced gripping edge that allows the tire to move easily through snow and other winter conditions.

The asymmetric tread pattern on the tires is designed to minimize noise and maximize comfort. In addition, the tires are reinforced with two nylon-wrapped steel belts that increase ride stability and performance as well as increase the tire’s tread life to an unbelievable 60,000-mile.

Nitto Motivo tires are also equipped with alignment indicators that alert you how the tires are wearing and indicate the alignment of the vehicle.


  • Excellent dry and wet handling and traction
  • Cornering capabilities as excellent as summer performance tires
  • Low noise and excellent ride comfort
  • Exceptional winter weather handling
  • Tread design with a 60,000-mile tread life warranty


  • Wet braking performance can do with some slight improvements

Goodyear Eagle Exhilarate


The Eagle Exhilarate is an upgrade from the Eagle F1 all-season tire that was designed for premium vehicles that require a very tight hold on the dry ground, even at high speeds. The tires offer excellent traction in inclement weather conditions including rain and light snow.

The tires are molded with an innovative all-season compound to make an asymmetric tread that features five ribs, created to specifically handle different weather conditions, including good grip on dry and slippery surfaces. The manufacturer’s ActiveGrip technology delivers even pressure distribution throughout the contact patch and its ActiveBraking technology ensures better braking by increasing the tire’s footprint.

The compound adds a higher amount of silica to the tires and the wide lateral notches in the tread give the tire a steady control on slick roads. The tires are carved with circumferential grooves that evacuate water and light slush from the contact patch to reduce the risk of sliding. The tire’s casing is fortified with a 2-ply polyester cord that is strong and lightweight and gives it super-speed capabilities.

The Exhilarate tires are also equipped with a wear and vehicle alignment indicator tool and have W and Y speed ratings. They also come with a 45,000-mile tread life warranty, a 30-day trial period, and some limited warranty.


  • Improved performance in dry and wet conditions
  • Improved cornering at high speed
  • In-built tread wear and tire alignment indicator


  • Delivers some tread noise

BFGoodrich g-Force COMP-2 A/S PLUS


The BFGoodrich g-Force Comp-2 A/S Plus was engineered as an upgraded replacement to the familiar g-Force Super Sport A/S, which has proved to be in a class of its own over the years. The g-Force Comp-2 A/S has been created for a wide variety of high-performance and sports cars.

The manufacturers used an innovative high-silica cold weather all-season tread compound for the tires which offer multiple benefits including improved road grip, shorter braking distance, and quicker acceleration. The compound has been designed into a unidirectional tread pattern with square shoulders and an improved contact patch for optimal road contact. The tires are also equipped with Goodrich’s Performance Racing Core system that offers overall balance for good handling, enhanced stability, and improved grip when cornering. Handling and cornering are further improved with g-Control sidewall inserts.

The tires are molded with V-shaped angled and longitudinal grooves that evacuate water for better traction in wet conditions and reduce the risk of hydroplaning. Equipped with a Dynamic Suspension System technology, the tires offer more comfort by strengthening the tires’ internal structure. Although this tire is designed for high-performance driving, it also offers amazing comfort.

The manufacturers have included the innovative ETEC System that consists of two nylon-wrapped steel belts for extra strength, durability, and performance. These tires are available with a speed rating of W and come with a 45-mile tread warranty.


  • Excellent traction in both dry and wet conditions
  • Best-in-class cornering and handling capabilities
  • A surprisingly comfortable ride


  • We do not recommend them to be used on ice

Audi RS5: Best Ultra-High Performance Summer Tires

These types of tires are specifically engineered to handle agile driving on dry and wet roads in warmer temperatures and have good road quality and tread life.

Achilles ATR Sport 2

The Achilles ATR Sport 2 tires have been specially designed as low-cost summer high-performance tires that have been built for sports sedans and coupes.

The tires are equipped with a unique directional tread pattern that offers excellent grip in both wet and dry conditions. They are molded with a high-performance silica compound, a solid rib in the center, and an offset tread block design that ensures better stability and steering response than earlier models in the series, while not sacrificing speed. This is one of the tire's strongest points which is appreciated by many drivers.

The tires’ four wide circumferential grooves and the extra amount of silica make it super grippy on wet pavement. It also channels water away from the tires to prevent the vehicle from skidding on wet roads, although it's hydroplaning resistance is considered only average when compared to other tires in its class. The interlocking tread blocks increase stability while cornering, particularly at higher speeds. This is an excellent drift tire and one that offers a whole lot of value.

The ATR Sport 2 is available in either a V or W speed rating and has a limited tread warranty.


  • Reliable wet and dry grip on the road
  • Decent grip when cornering
  • Surprisingly good steering response
  • A great option for drifting
  • A good tread value
  • Affordable tires


  • Hydroplaning resistance is only average
  • Not the quietest UHP tires in our list
  • Cannot leave the tires out in winter weather conditions

Yokohama ADVAN Apex V601


The ADVAN Apex V601 tire is the Japanese manufacturer’s flagship summer product and was specifically designed as an OEM replacement for high-performance vehicles like the Toyota Supra, Nissan GT-R, and BMW M3. An interesting fact about this tire is that it is the company’s very first offering developed particularly for the United States market. This means Yokohama had to do a whole lot of research to consider the road conditions, tread pattern preferences, performance demand, and fitment requests for the US.

When it comes to the Apex V601, improved handling and traction are what it focuses on. Hence, the tires are molded from a high-grade micro-silica compound that offers the most traction on the road. They are also designed with wide outer rib blocks and reinforced sidewalls that offer excellent dry grip performance and a great cornering capability. The V601 tires also heat up faster which gives it a longer tread life.

In addition, the tires have reduced noise and offer a softer ride. They have a speed rating of Y and tread life of 25,000 miles or five years as well as various limited and special warranties.


  • Excellent traction and handling on dry road
  • Able to make tight turns wells
  • A great set of warranties
  • Reduced noise and greater comfort


  • Not the greatest performer in wet and icy conditions

Buying Guide: What to Consider When Buying the Best Tires for Audi RS5

Shopping for the best tires for your Audi RS5 can be an intimidating experience, but only if you are not armed with the right information. Here are some factors you need to consider when buying a tire for your car:

Tire Size

Before you order a tire from the dealer, you should know the right tire size for your Audi RS5, whether you own a coupe, convertible, and Sportback version. This information is readily available in Audi’s owner manual as well as the sticker inside your driver’s door. In addition, a simple call to the call center can help you find out the right size of tire for your Audi RS5 make and model.


The climate in which you will be driving is one of the most important factors to consider when buying a tire since as we learned above, the tires are built for different weather conditions. If you live in the northeast, you expect very cold winters and a significant level of snow so you should invest in tires that work well in snow, slush, and ice. Many drivers that live in states that have all four seasons, typically choose to invest in two sets of tires, one for the warmer seasons and one for the colder ones. You can also buy a set of all-season tires as well.

Driving Style

What kind of places do you take your car to? Do you use your Audi RS5 for commuting via the highway or do you like a bit of adventure and off-roading? Both these styles of driving require very different sets of wheels. If you like off-road, you should invest in tires that can withstand stone, sand, dirt, gravel, mud, and other types of terrains. Larger tires with stiff sidewalls and a wide block tread pattern can help you protect against puncture and offer more balance.

Tread Life

The tread life of a tire differs from manufacturer to manufacturer and from model to model. The longer the tread life, the more value the tire will offer. However, tires that are designed for ultra-high performance and a super-smooth ride generally tend to have a shorter life span. However, again, it depends on the way you use and care for them and the quality of the tires.

You can easily find the tread life of a tire in the owner’s manual.

Speed Rating

Every tire also comes with a rating that indicates how fast you can take them for an extended time. The ratings are indicated as letters like “V,” “W,” “X,” and “Y.” Depending on your preference and the requirements of your car, you should select the tire with the appropriate speed rating.

Ride Noise

No matter what tires you use, they will produce some kind of noise; however, there are some tires that produce much less noise than others. The specific design of the tread is what causes ride noise. Since a loud ride noise can be very annoying during a ride, you should do some research and get tires that offer reduced noise.

Caring for Your Audi RS5 Tires

Keep in mind that the only way to ensure that your tires last for a long time is to regularly inspect and maintain them. Here are some things you need to check in your Audi tires:

Tire Inflation

Even a slight decrease from the optimal pressure can result in an uncomfortable ride and a risk to your safety as well as reduced fuel economy. Maintaining good tire pressure at all times can help improve your braking and acceleration and increase the lifespan of the tires.

Tread Depth

Tread depth is an important factor in figuring out whether your tires retain their performance level. Many tires are equipped with a tread depth indicator that shows the wear on your tires and lets you know if it is safe to continue driving with them or to replace them.

Best Tires For Audi RS 5 - Complete Guide

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