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Finding the best tires for the Audi R8 can be difficult when you have so many options to choose from and no idea which one delivers the ideal results.

Numerous tires on the marketplace will enhance your driving knowledge and make the Audi R8 more enjoyable. High-quality tires will also provide improved steering responsiveness.

The most popular tires for Audi R8 include the Michelin Pilot Sport 4S, Toyo Extensa HP II, Westlake SA-07, Dunlop SP Winter Sport 3D, Continental VikingContact 7, Michelin Pilot Alpin PA4, Nexen N5000 Plus, Continental ProContact RX, and the Toyo Proxes Sport A/S.

It can be challenging to locate the best tires for the Audi R8 because just the physical features and aesthetics of any model can not determine its longevity and reliability. An expert's opinion is needed to make the right purchase.

This is why we have created this list of best tires for Audi R8 after testing hundreds of different tires. This allows you to narrow down your choices and choose from the best available options. If you really want high-quality tires for your Audi R8, you should consider purchasing one of these tires.

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Potenza RE970AS Pole Position

The Potenza RE970AS Pole Position tire by Bridgestone fits perfectly into the all-season category, with strong wet performance, noise characteristics, decent treadwear, and a great price. It is a worthy substitute for the RE960AS and is meant to take all-season cruising to the next standard.

This latest generation, designed for operators of higher-end sport convertibles and sedans, incorporates Bridgestone's latest tire technology into the tread layout. A dimensional tread pattern and silica-enhanced tread substance strengthen directional stability and grip on slippery, dry, or snowy roads.

A constant center rib, toothed shoulders, and a tougher sidewall filler that withstands tire distortion at greater cornering speeds improve dry surface hold and steering skills, along with braking effectiveness. Wet and snow ground handling and grip are improved by four circular grooves and new lateral grooves, which work together to stream more liquid and mud from underneath the tire. It also enhances hydroplane resistance significantly.

L.L. Carbon enhances tread wear and protects against cracking and flaking. Two steel belts are swirly encased with nylon and established among polyester cord plies within the tread to give the tire additional strength, achievement, and sturdiness at higher speeds. The one-of-a-kind O-Bead improves ride quality and overall tire uniformity.

The Potenza RE970AS has a lot of positive attributes. The grip and carrying are excellent on both dry and wet roadways. Also, they maintain a good grip on the corners at higher speeds. Steering response and consistency are also very high, with many operators repeating the same thing in tire recommendations.

Treadwear is more durable than many tires in this category. Winter handling, particularly on profound snow and ice, stands out as a drawback, but this is not unusual for a UHP all-season tire. Overall, this Bridgestone tire is an excellent buy for a high-performance tire. Materials and craftsmanship are guaranteed for five years, with free repair within the first three years. After that, Bridgestone prorates the sum based on the remaining time frame or until the tire has 2/32 inch of tread depth.

There is also a 30-day client satisfaction assurance, which enables you to return the tires for an entire refund or replace them with another Bridgestone tire if you are not entirely satisfied with them.

Simple tire is a great place to get your hands on the Bridgestone Potenza RE970AS Pole Position tire. It is available at a price of $169.99.

Michelin Pilot Sport 4S


Michelin launched the PS4S for several reasons. One of them was that the competitors were starting to close in on the firm, and Michelin needed to give a fitting response.

Michelin has made numerous iterations to the veteran Pilot Super Sport by creating this generation of the tire. As with all things in racing, personal evolutions may appear insignificant on their own, but the achievement leap is remarkable when incorporated together. The company developed "Dynamic Response Technology" building methods that allow the tire to function differently under massive corner heaps and massive braking.

In addition, while irregular tread shapes have become state of the art, Michelin used numerous rubber compounds across the contact area, including a softer substance on the internal shoulder of the tire for ample grip in easy road conditions. Moreover, a tougher composite used in the tire provides excellent wear performance and durability.

Racing-grade innovation is now available to customers, with ultra-high-performance tires that would provide much more flexibility in less-than-ideal ranges of substrates and circumstances, whether loose, springy, dry, watery, hot, or chilly.

Michelin has done an excellent job of interpreting all of its training and development from its extensive involvement in the realm of racing, and as a consequence, it transferred much of that innovation and achievement to the customer base.

Following that, we'll look at the belt. Rather than steel, the PS 4S receives a belt made of aramid fiber and nylon, which implies the tire retains its form better in high-stress circumstances. Consequently, the contact patch won't shrink that much when you hurl your car approximately, and the driving will be more reactive, with less undesired flex.

Michelin has even considered aesthetics. The PS 4S incorporates the team's current 'Premium Touch' innovation, introduced a few years ago, and provides a silky surface on sections of the sidewall, attempting to make the markings more visible. There's also a delicate rim protector tape, which is a nice touch given that Michelin is releasing these wheels in 19 and 20-inch sizes.

If you want to get your hands on the Michelin Pilot Sport 4S tire, check out Tire Buyer. The model is currently available at a price ranging from $201.99-$1,011.99.

Toyo Extensa HP II


Toyo is not a newbie to the world of high-performance automobiles. In fact, its range contains widely popular tires that are frequently seen in drag and drift contests around the world. On the other hand, the Extensa HP II is a completely different beast.

 It is not, by any means, the best-performing sports tire on the market, but it is less expensive than most touring tires. It is also all-season, indicating that you could use it all year, which makes it ideal for people living in a mild climate.

Despite the emphasis on grip, the HP II also has multi-wave sipes that enhance control on wet and snowing roads and aid in hydroplaning resistance. Furthermore, the tread layout offers a seamless and quiet cruise, which is not always associated with high-performance tires. The single and double-cut tread tapers enhance braking force, supplying up to 31 feet more stopping distance than its forerunner.

The silica-enriched tread substance also aids the Toyo in achieving high levels of grip in both dry and wet conditions, providing a great deal of confidence to move forward. The 45,000-mile treadwear guarantee is also unusual for a tire in this classification, but it shows how reliable these tires are. When merged with the lower price tag and a seemingly endless catalog of various sizes obtainable, the Toyo is among the best tires in terms of cost for any holder of a sporty machine.

The Toyo Extensa HP II outperforms touring tires in terms of straight-line consistency, traction, attentiveness, and handle. You will notice this immediately after substituting your old tires. The car feels immediately more responsive in the edges, somewhat like pushing a go-kart. Toyo truly understands how to create tires that interact with the driver.

Long-term stability is also excellent – your motor will be good to maintain in line and far less prone to shifting from one edge to another, even if you hit a pothole. Torque is also excellent – you can pick up speed much harder without hearing any tire squeal, and braking capabilities are the best in class.

The HP II is also very sturdy in everyday life – owners across the world are very pleased with how long the Toyo would last. You can realistically expect approximately 30,000 miles between replacements. That is nothing short of incredible. So if you already own a tiny sporty hatchback or simply want a set of tires that outperform OEM touring tires, you can consider getting the HP II.

Tire Buyer is a great place to purchase the Toyo Extensa HP II tire from. It is available at a price ranging from $72.20-$237.99 each.

Westlake SA07


The Westlake SA07 is created to give you more achievement whenever you want it and a sleeker and more pleasant ride when you need it. The SA07 is intended for drivers of sport convertibles, sedans, and hybrids, and it is also reasonably priced to help you focus on saving cash.

A silica-enhanced tread material has a lesser rolling resistance for improved wet traction and fuel economy. In addition, bigger outside shoulder frames and profound tread grooves enhance maneuvering stability and performance.

Four bigger and deeper circular grooves improve wet traction by removing water from under the tread and lowering the risk of hydroplaning. The tire's constant center rib improves steering feedback and adds consistency.

Two steel-belted constructions with polyester cord skin are used inside the tire for greater strength and driving experience. Westlake has included a rim shield to preserve expensive wheels from damage better. Sizes range from 16 to 20 inches and are accessible with a V, W, or Y-speed overall score.

However, the SA07 does not have the same maneuvering performance as other comparable models. Although it could be stronger, it isn't terrible either. On the highway, the journey is relaxed and smooth, and one of the best features of this tire is the cheap cost.

The traffic noise on this prototype is a little more prominent than on others in this bracket. But, there is always a trade-off for obtaining such a low-cost tire. Overall, if cost is more important to you, this tire may be a great fit.

If you wish to acquire the Westlake SA07 tire, you can check out Discount Tire. The model is currently available at a price ranging from $84.96-$150.01.

Dunlop SP Winter Sport 3D


If you live in a location where harsh and extended icy conditions are common, or if you regularly drive on roads coated in substantial chunks of heavy ice, or slush, you must invest in a pair of winter tires for your Audi R8. Whereas most all-season tires can provide some grip and adhesion in snow, ice, and mud, they are not designed to handle severe winter weather.

On the other hand, winter or snow tires are designed with unique rubber compounds and improved tread patterns to provide optimal traction in difficult winter weather. One such tire is the Dunlop SP Winter Sport 3D. This tire, as per Dunlop, is designed to give customers safe and stable handling and a comfortable ride.

The Dunlop SP Winter Sport 3D is considered one of the best winter tires and it won't disappoint you regardless of how tough the winter conditions get, owing to its characteristic Active Traction Sipe System. The tire's flexibility is improved in relatively low temperatures thanks to the addition of a reactive silica ingredient to the tread.

This leads to improved grip, stopping, speed, and smoother, more consistent tread wear. Another fantastic feature of the Dunlop SP is that it is available in a Run Flat variant, enabling up to 31 miles of use after being pierced or blown out. Nevertheless, if your car's rims are made for run-flat tires, you could only add the run-flat type.

The tire comes in a variety of sizes. Tire widths range from 195 to 275mm, with rim diameters ranging from 15 to 21". As a result, the tire can be fitted to a wide range of vehicles, such as sports cars, mid-range luxury sedans, and large SUVs. As previously said, the Dunlop SP Winter Sport 3D tire has earned a reputation as one of the greatest winter tires available. This is backed up by the results of various tests carried out with this model.

The winter tread composition on the tire has been shaped into a symmetrical tread pattern with interconnecting 3D sipes on the shoulder sections. With this tread pattern, you can significantly improve dry road traction and excellent cornering performance from this tire.

Dunlop has also added two broad and diverse circumferential channels to this tire. In combination with the intermediary tread blocks on the tire, the two circumferential channels drain water away from the tire, reducing the chances of aquaplaning. Consequently, even on excessively wet roads, you can trust this tire to give a safe, comfortable, and steady ride.

Two steel belts with the company's Jointless Band nylon strengthening are included in the SP Winter Sport 3D. The tire's strong internal structure allows it to provide increased sturdiness. It also aids in the prevention of tire deformation, particularly when driving at high speeds.

If you want to get your hands on the Dunlop SP Winter Sport 3D tire, you can check out Tire Rack. The model is currently available at a reasonable price of $229.46.

Continental VikingContact 7


Continental is a well-known maker of automobile components and tires. It was the first to design grooved, flat, patterned tires, initially founded in 1871 as a rubber company. This well-known brand conducts extensive tire testing and employs outstanding manufacturing and design to provide the best convenience and protection.

The Continental VikingContact 7 is another product that combines cutting-edge technology with improved material and manufacturing. The VikingContact 7 is a winter tire built by Continental for excellent grip on all icy terrain, particularly in Nordic temperatures. It comes in various sizes, spanning from 15 to 22 inches in diameter.

As a result, it encompasses a wide range of vehicles on today's modern roads, including small cars, mid-size vehicles, coupes, minibusses, sliders, and even SUVs. In addition, owners indicate that the VikingContact 7 has a long tread life, so you should be able to use it for a considerable amount of time.

The VikingContact 7 comes with some of Continental's most modern technologies, as well as a carefully developed tread pattern. The goal of the tire manufacturer was to create a tire that could be used in a range of situations, such as dry, rainy, slush, snowfall, and ice.

Continental used its Nordic mixture, which is designed to perform in tough winter conditions, such as those seen in Canada and Alaska. Canola oil is included in the mixture to keep it flexible under freezing temperatures, boosting grip on snow-covered and icy roadways.

The tread pattern also includes 3D sipes of different thicknesses, which provide extra biting tips on ice and snow. Continental went a step further by incorporating snow chambers in the broader sipes, which absorb snow from the top and hold it inside the channels, enhancing snow-to-snow grip. Lastly, the VikingContact 7 has grip edges, which dig into the snow to provide traction while increasing the surface contact for increased ice traction.

Discount Tire has the Continental VikingContact 7 tire available at a reasonable price, ranging from $90.00-$193.00.

Michelin Pilot Alpin PA4


Over many years, the Michelin Pilot Alpin PA set of large winter tires has become one of the best, and the new PA4 follows that tradition. The PA4 is intended to provide solid traction, excellent handling, and lower wind resistance for improved fuel economy for owners of sport coupes, SUVs, and other high-performance cars. The model is designed for high-end vehicles like Porsche, Audi, BMW, and Mercedes Benz.

Michelin uses a sunflower oil Helio tread composition with silica for an optimal bite in heavy snow situations while being supple in freezing temperatures. StabiliGrip 3D siping all around the tread improves traction and stability. High-density sipes aid speed while improving overall control and stopping effectiveness in winter weather.

By incorporating snow platform indicators into the tread grooves, Michelin has made it simple to determine the grip capability as the tire ages. You'll be able to tell how much tread is left on the tire as it wears and whether it's time to replace it.

Two steel belts are found inside the tire, and FAZ technology strengthens the tire by helically winding polyester cable filaments around it. This technology also improves high-speed handling while improving riding comfort. Sizes range from 18 to 20 inches, and the Alpin PA4 comes with a 30,000-mile tread guarantee.

The Standard Company's Limited Guarantee on all MICHELIN tires covers faults in craftsmanship and components for the lifetime of the initial usable tread or six years from the date of purchase, whatever comes first.

Overall, the Michelin Alpin PA4 is a high-performance winter tire built to last. Not only will it give the traction and grip you'd anticipate in snowfall, ice, or rainy weather, but it also has excellent driving and turning on all types of asphalt. The ride comfort is excellent, while the steering response is quick.

You can check out Discount Tire if you wish to get your hands on the Michelin Pilot Alpin PA4 tire. It is currently available at a price ranging from $303.53-$329.42.

Nexen N5000 Plus


The Nexen N5000 Plus is likely to be your new favorite tire if you're looking for a thrilling ride. It was created with excellent performance and accurate handling in mind, even at incredible velocities. Consequently, your ordinary commute might turn into a pleasure ride. The N5000 Plus also has a quiet, pleasant drive and a prolonged tread life, so you can count on it to last for a few years.

The Nexen N5000 tire is designed for drivers searching for high-performance all-season rubber at a lower price. It comes with a variety of innovative features that expand on the success of the original N5000 tire.

The N5000 Plus features an all-season tire composition with distinct dimples that help to distribute warmth all across tread effectively. This strengthens the tire and extends the tread life.

Nexen has incorporated tread groove serrated blades all over the tire to improve cornering safety and single direction acceleration. At the same time, rigidity blocks provide the turning grip you'd anticipate from a high-performance all-season tire. This combo also offers the N5000 Plus a somewhat faster steering control.

The tire's side tread channels reduce the noise and level out the ride, which improves riding comfort. Dual steel belts with a polyester cord composition are found inside the tire. Nexen offers a variety of 15-19 inch fittings in H and V-speed certified diameters. It has a UTQG grade of 500 and a tread guarantee of 65,000 miles.

Nexen's Roadside Assistance Program promises free on-the-spot tire replacements for three years. In addition, the Nexen Total Covered Warranty also includes a Road Hazard Replacement Plan, which replaces a tire for two years if it is destroyed due to normal wear. In its category, the Nexen N5000 Plus is a surprising model, given all the features it has.

Apart from the winter efficiency, which among tires in this group is a little deficient in tougher circumstances, treadwear was a major issue for many users who installed the N5000. Generally, the N5000 Plus is a marginal improvement over original equipment tires. It provides consistent year-round efficiency at a lower cost than most other more well-known brands, which may appeal to budget-conscious drivers.  

Simple tire is the place to go if you wish to get your hands on the Nexen N5000 Plus tire. It is available at a price of $92.99. These are affordable tires that won't put a dent in your wallet.

Continental ProContact RX


This one's a popular tire that you could consider getting for your Audi R8. Modern sedans, minivans, and compact SUVs all come with Continental ProContact tires as the original kit. The ProContact was created using some of Continental's most cutting-edge technology. This tire features an all-season touring style developed for both comfort and durability and is designed for domestic and international coupes and automobiles.

The all-season tread composition is combined with refined sipes surrounding the tread, which overlap for improved stability, dry riding, and traction. Moreover, Shoulder lugs have been optimized to provide improved steering and durability.

After a rupture or lack of air pressure, the tires may go up to 50 miles at 50 mph on a run-flat mode. The ProContact RX SSR's stronger sidewall structure allows the tire to continue to roll in the lack of air pressure, but this results in a somewhat harsher and less pleasant ride.

Dual steel belts are embedded inside the tire and are strengthened with spiral pattern wound nylon to increase the tire's sturdiness at greater speeds. Based on the tire's driver rating, Continental offers a tread life guarantee of 60,000 or 80,000 miles.

Wide circular grooves and interconnecting sipes boost wet surface grip, while Continental's ProActiveEdge System adds over 750 arched edges across the tire to improve grip in torrential rain and bad road conditions. In addition, by decreasing tread vibration and noise, a center rib groove improves comfort.

The ContiProContact works admirably in some areas but falls short in others. For instance, on dry local roads, this model offers excellent traction and steering. It also has a noiseless ride, putting it among one of the best touring tires on the market.

Many users, however, have grumbled about bad treadwear and not getting the performance they expected from the tire. Another issue is the decrease in efficiency in the winter, particularly on slippery pavement. Obviously, this isn't a winter tire, but the grip could be a little better.

Check out Tire Rack if you are interested in purchasing the ProContact RX. It is available for around $216.

Toyo Proxes Sport A/S


The Proxes Sport A/S all-season tire provides exceptional wet and dry stopping with a revolutionary new specific silica composition. A flexible taper and enhanced rib design provide more consistent friction force while stopping and increasing cornering grip. Proxes Sport A/S will provide enthusiastic drivers with an intense sports adventure at a great price.

The Sport A/S tires give adequate grip and can put down the pressure under strong acceleration loads. With the exception of mixed-surface side roads, approaching a straightaway hard from a stop can be difficult to get these tires to soften up, cut loose, or screech.

When the roads are wet, summer tires provide a more forgiving tire design, with fewer sipes and lateral channels to assist water drainage. All of those water-control characteristics are combined with Toyo's proprietary Nano Balance Technology in the Proxes Sport A/S tires. Toyo generated novel rubber compounds by studying and creating rubber compound mixtures at the nano-level, thanks to this innovation introduced in 2018.

Toyo has precise control over its rubber compositions to produce specific performance features, such as wet track handling in the Proxes Sport A/S tires. On these tires, water drainage is fast, and you don't get the hydroplaning feeling that summer tires are known for.

The Proxes Sport A/S tires instill confidence on dry roads. Despite having a somewhat softer sidewall than standard summer tires, these tires quickly change position and respond directly to the driver. The outside tread blocks are built for turning, while the inside tread blocks are intended for vehicle dynamics.

If you want to get your hands on the Toyo Proxes Sport A/S tire, check out Discount Tire. The model is currently available at a price ranging from $107.21-$318.00.

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