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The Audi Q5 is among the most attractive crossovers available. It boasts a large interior with a superb fit and finish, making it ideal for lengthy trips.

You'll need a decent pair of tires to get the most from this crossover. When you put terrible tires on an Audi Q5, all that's left is the lovely cabin – you get none of the qualities that make this car such a dream to drive. The finest Audi Q5 tires should not only provide a fantastic driving experience for the owner but also pamper the occupants with a smooth and quiet ride.  

The best Audi Q5 tires are the Continental Cross Contact LX25, Michelin Premier LTX, Cooper CS5 Ultra Touring, Pirelli Scorpion Verde All Season Plus II, Nitto NT 421Q, Continental Cross Contact UHP, Goodyear Assurance Weather Ready, General Grabber UHP, and the Michelin Latitude Sport 3 tires.

When it comes to Audi Q5 tires, you will find several options in the market from various tire manufacturers. However, this can make it a bit difficult for you to pick the right tires for your vehicle. To help you out, we have prepared a list of the best tires for Audi Q5.

Over the years, we have tested several tires on the Audi Q5. We have compiled the models that performed the best in our tests so that you can choose the right set of tires for your luxury vehicle and ensure that comfort and traction are not compromised while you are driving the Audi Q5.

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Continental CrossContact LX25


The Continental CrossContact LX25 is without a question one of the greatest crossover or SUV all-season touring tires on the market now. The latest design, which replaces the already hugely successful LX20, promises to provide a slew of enhancements that will please car owners with excellent traction.

The CrossContact LX25 is designed for crossover and small SUV owners who seek a premium, smooth journey with assured all-season performance. In dry, rainy, and wintry situations, even light snow, the CrossContact LX25 is created to give a smooth, comfortable ride, as well as snappy handling and sure-footed grip.

Continental has improved the tread compound and tread design to improve driving characteristics and safety on dry, rainy, and snow-covered surfaces. The business, like its predecessor, put a premium on comfort. In the tread composition, Continental used its next-generation Eco Plus+ Technology. This innovation should enhance handling in both dry and wet conditions, as well as tread life and fuel efficiency in any automobile.

A symmetric tread design is sculpted from the sophisticated tread compound. The tread pattern was meticulously designed to increase steering response and highway steadiness. Furthermore, Continental prioritized improved wet traction and shorter wet stopping ranges.

The CrossContact LX25 has four large circumferential channels that allow water to pass through the footprint, which helps to prevent hydroplaning. However, most all-season tires already have this capability. The horizontal and diagonal sipes, on the other side, generate more biting edges for better handling in wet tarmac and snow. The Traction Grooves, exclusive to Continental, retain snow and enhance snow-to-snow adhesion.

The tread design has continuous circular ribs that minimize tread noise and increase on-road performance. Continental also used Comfort Ride Technology, which is an absorbent layer between the tire reinforcement and the tread mixture that is made to increase ride quality.

The CrossContact LX25 is identical to other touring all-season tires for crossovers, SUVs, and pickups on the inside. A polyester cord base supports two heavy-duty steel belts as well as a spirally coiled polyamide reinforcement on the inside. The highway balance and driving response should improve because of this.

The Continental Cross Contact LX25 is available in a variety of sizes, spanning from 16 to 22 inches in diameter. As a result, the tire will fit both small compact vans and SUVs as well as huge trucks. It is also available in LT-metric dimensions, according to Continental. That's great news for heavy truck and SUV customers looking for a reliable towing and hauling tire.

If you are looking to get your hands on the Continental Cross Contact LX25, check out Discount Tire. They have a vast selection, and you can easily get this tire for about $162 to $263.

Michelin Premier LTX

With regards to wet traction, the Premier LTX is a standout tire. It not only produces one of the best outcomes in the class when it pours, but it also maintains its quality over time. It's the company's newest touring all-season tire, designed for owners of all sorts of pickup trucks, light-duty vans, SUVs, and crossovers that want better all-season traction, ride quality, and tread life.

Sunflower oil and greater levels of silica in the tread composition of the Premier LTX are meant to improve traction on wet pavement. When coupled with their Ever Grip Technology and symmetrical tread pattern, this combo successfully delivers on its claims. In fact, it stops faster than similar models like the Continental LX20 and the Goodyear CS Triple Tred.

For the truck or SUV touring all-season category, Ever Grip innovation is revolutionary. It expands the tread channels and encourages different grooves to open when the rubber wears down, using the same technology as their Premier A/S for cars. Therefore, when aged, dry/wet grip is like that of brand-new tires.

As the tire starts to break down, the Expanding Rain Grooves open, creating considerably more space for water drainage. Emerging Grooves on the other side appear as the tire wears down, providing additional biting edges for wet and icy roads.

The Premier LTX's internal structure is normal for the touring classification. On top of a polyester shell ply, it has twin steel belts strengthened with spiral pattern coiled polyamide cord, all of which help to improve high-speed stability, longevity, and comfort.

The Premier LTX is a tire designed to fit a wide range of cars that ride high off the ground. It was made publicly available by Michelin in 34 common sizes, spanning from 16 to 22 inches in diameter.

Smaller cars like the Toyota RAV4, Ford Escape, and Honda CR-V and luxury crossovers like the Porsche Cayenne, Audi Q5, and Jeep Grand Cherokee, and everything in between, are among vehicles that can use the Premier LTX. Even better, this same Premier LTX can be fitted to classic SUVs like the Jeep Wrangler and Toyota 4Runner, as well as light trucks like the Ford F-150 and Ram 1500.

However, the Premier LTX does not come in LT-metric sizes. This implies that the tire will not be present in larger load ratings. Pulling very large trailers or lifting very high payloads, in other terms, is not an option. The rubber compound is formed into a symmetrical tread pattern that is tailored for light trucks. This design increases responsiveness, straight-line navigation, and control by having a continuous center rib surrounded by notched intermediary ribs and connected shoulder blocks.

If you want to get your hands on the Michelin Premier LTX tire, you can check out Discount Tire. It is currently available in the range of $166–$308.

Cooper CS5 Ultra Touring

The Cooper CS5 Ultra Touring is the company's newest model, and it's also one of their finest. The CS5 Ultra Touring is designed for owners of coupes, sedans, SUVs, and crossovers, and it comes with a slew of innovative innovations that improve performance and durability.

The additional silica in this tire improves traction on both dry and wet or snow-covered surfaces. This is further increased with 3D micro-gauge notches, which add steadiness and traction, particularly during cornering and sliding. This is a significant advantage for this model.

The CS5 Ultra Touring is intended for great traction in all-weather situations, superior performance, cornering, and stability, and a quiet and smooth ride, as per Cooper Tire. This is an all-season grand touring tire with a light-snow performance rating of M+S. However, unlike tires with the 3PMSF grade, the M+S classification prevents it from being used in extreme icy conditions.

Unlike the less priced CS5 Grand Touring, this variant features Cooper's StabilEdge Performance technology, which improves turning performance and reliability on dry roads. This technique also eliminates the flex with individual tread blocks by interconnecting the tread parts for improved response and cornering stability.

Internally, the tire comprises a high-turnup, single-ply polyester enclosure with two steel belts for added support, much like most grand-touring tires. The spirally coiled nylon reinforcing adds to the stiffness while also assisting with grip and stability.

In addition, the tire is constructed with a new tread compound that provides uniform wear and prolonged tread life. The CS5 Ultra Touring, like many of the Cooper products, features full-depth 3D Micro-Gauge siping throughout the tread depth, which creates biting tips for improved grip and stability on low-friction conditions like light snow.

The wide outboard shoulder blocks have less void area for improved lateral traction, and the center ribs and inboard shoulders featuring greater sipe density provide wet traction and stopping. Three circumferential grooves are also included on the CS5 Ultra Touring, which could help with hydroplaning resilience.

This tire undercuts several premium tires and some modern budget tires in terms of price. Despite the low price, many users of these tires say they are completely delighted with their quality and longevity, especially on sportier vehicles.

Admittedly, this is a grand-touring tire, which means it's made to provide an excellent blend of dry and wet road performance, a comfortable and quiet ride, and extended tread life. Unless you own a coupe and place a premium on comfort above performance, the CS5 Ultra Touring could be a suitable fit. If you want to acquire this tire, you can check out Tire Rack. It is available for $192.99 per tire.

Pirelli Scorpion Verde All Season Plus II

Pirelli's upgraded eco-friendly Crossover and SUV Touring tire, intended for owners of crossovers, SUVs, and distinguished trucks, is the Scorpion Verde All Season Plus. The model combines extended treadwear and lower rolling resistance with year-round traction in arid, wet, and winter conditions, even in snow showers, to provide more miles per gallon than its forerunner.

The Pirelli Scorpion Verde All Season Plus is a touring tire. This translates to more comfort, smoothness, and fuel economy, which are desirable qualities in a touring tire. Despite its environmentally friendly structure, the tire is rated M+S, indicating superior mud and snow capability.

It's made with a silica-enhanced low-rolling-resistance composition for fewer CO2 emissions and higher fuel efficiency. The asymmetrical tread design has four broad circumferential grooves and an optimum rubber-to-void proportion to provide a uniform contact area with the road. All this correlates to improved handling, turning, and straight-line performance.

The Scorpion Verde All Season Plus is incredibly refined, which is unsurprising for a touring tire. Thanks to an enhanced pitch sequence, it has a quieter drive that suppresses internal noise. High longitudinal and lateral sipes adorn the shoulder and tread blocks, providing unwavering traction in wet, slick, and snowy conditions.

As if all these features weren't enough, the Pirelli Scorpion Verde All Season Plus also includes Pirelli Noise Canceling Technology (PNCS). This indicates Pirelli has installed a sound absorption element inside the tire's circumferential surface. It equates to a more pleasant and smoother ride. In dry conditions, the tire works admirably. However, because this isn't a sporty tire, don't anticipate racing-level grip and torque. As the tire holds the road firmly, braking stays firm.

While the Scorpion Verde All Season Plus's exceptional all-season capabilities are what makes it great, its increased levels of convenience and refinement make it attractive as a daily commuter as well. Few tires can give the Pirelli relaxation and low noise features, and it can do it all day, even in bad weather.

This tire can easily be purchased from Tire Buyer. It is available at a price ranging from $153.50-$256.70 with a wide variety and stock.

Nitto NT 421Q

The Nitto NT421Q is a sporty all-season riding tire from Nitto. All Nitto tires have a bit of sleekness, and the NT421Q is no exception. It is, however, a tire made exclusively for today's crossovers and SUVs. This is Nitto's latest iteration of CUV tire, so expect a slew of unique features.

Let's begin with the Nitto NT421Q's stunning and sporty asymmetrical tread design. The tire's surface is separated into two pieces if you look attentively. Greater tread blocks are found on the outside shoulder, while thinner blocks with huge open grooves are located on the inside shoulder.

The unusual tread shape serves a purpose and provides the tire with a more muscular and racing-inspired appearance. The larger blocks on the outside edge are intended to improve dried tarmac stability, grip, handling, and turning.

Meanwhile, the inner blocks are designed to increase wet and winter efficiency. Extra shoulder inserts are included in the Nitto NT421Q. In addition, a circumferential ring of rubber has been added to the tire to increase strength and comfort. It allows the tire to maintain maximum stiffness while absorbing a significant number of bumps. Naturally, this results in a safer and more pleasant driving experience.

Nitto's distinctive 3D multi-wave and 3D interconnecting sipe designs are also included on this tire. As you press the brakes or speed from a complete stop, this mechanism allows the multiple sipes to lock together. The tire provides a bigger surface patch as the sipes come together, improving traction. In all-weather drive, it also ensures stable balance and forceful cornering. The Nitto NT421Q has sophisticated maintenance indicators that reveal the treads' status graphically. This also acts as a basic warning system for suspension and alignment issues before they become more serious.

It's also worth mentioning that the Nitto NT421Q isn't an off-road tire. This tire is particularly intended for use on city streets, so if you equip your Audi Q5 with the Nitto NT421Q, don't take your ride on an off-roading adventure.

Simple Tire has all the versions of the Nitto NT 421Q tire at a reasonable price of $170.

Continental Cross Contact UHP

The Continental Cross Contact UHP delivers high-performance traction and agility on dry and wet roads and a smooth and safe interstate drive. The UHP is a premium SUV and sports vehicle tire that uses the most cutting-edge tire technology available.

An innovative formula silica tread layer decreases rolling resistance and improves grip on dry or wet ground. The asymmetrical tread design features hard external tread blocks and a constant center rib for added stability at higher speeds and improved cornering grip and general steering responsiveness.

Wet surface management is provided by four broad circumferential channels and lateral grooves all around the tread, which lessen the possibility of hydroplaning. They also improve braking performance, giving you more confidence behind the wheel.

Two steel belts with helically wrapped nylon for enhanced stamina are found inside the tire. They also extend the life of the tread by ensuring more consistent tread degradation. Curbs and other obstructions can harm your pricey wheels, so a rim flange guard might help. Continental produces wheels in diameters ranging from 19 to 21 inches, with V, W, and Y-speed classifications.

The Continental Cross Contact UHP is the tire for you if you want an appealing tread pattern and velvety smooth riding pleasure. The ride quality of this tire is excellent. The drive is not just pleasant, but it is also incredibly quiet. On dry pavement, the traction and steering are excellent. Furthermore, throughout the rated speed, the steering is swift and accurate.

While we'd like to see a bit more wet traction, it's not a major concern with this tire. Treadwear is the only place where a few drivers express dissatisfaction with this model. While we believe that driving behaviors and how far you drive the tires play a large part in this, we also feel that it's an issue that might be improved to some extent. Overall, this high-performance summer tire is a decent buy.

Discount Tire is your go-to place to acquire the Continental Cross Contact UHP Tire. It is currently available at a price ranging from $200.97-$315.99.

Goodyear Assurance Weather Ready

The Assurance Weather Ready is a grand touring all-season tire from Goodyear intended for operators of compact sedans, coupes, hybrids, SUVs, and minibuses who want a smooth and safe ride. It is a top-quality touring tire with all-season security.

This is the latest member of Goodyear's grand-touring all-season lineup. The Assurance Weather Ready has the 3PMSF accreditation, which stands for Three-Peak Mountain Snowflake, distinguishing it from other "Assurance" tires. This indicates that the tire has been approved for use in harsh winter conditions, including packed and unloaded snow.

The Assurance Weather Ready, as per Goodyear, is a tire that is "prepared for anything." Furthermore, they claim to perform better in the most adverse weather conditions. Goodyear used a proprietary soy-based tread composition on the Assurance Weather Ready to accomplish those claims. This rubber composition retains its flexibility even at extremely low temperatures, enhancing grip and stability on snow and ice.

An asymmetrical tread pattern is sculpted from the unique tread material. On the tread pattern, Goodyear used advanced technology. The Evolving Traction Grooves, which broaden as the tire starts to deteriorate, are an important addition. Due to this, the tire performs effectively on slick pavement and in snowy situations.

This all-weather tire is available in 15-inch and up to 20-inch roller diameters. With those measurements, Goodyear can cover a wide range of vehicles. Compact cars like the Corolla and Civic, mid-size sedans like the Accord and Camry, minibuses, and even certain crossovers and coupes are among them.

The Assurance Weather Ready also comes standard with Goodyear's Weather Reactive Innovation, which employs 3D Tred Lock Technology Blades and provides the user with secure cornering on dry and wet roads. Tred lock Technology also locks the tire blocks together for increased grip while turning and releases them for extra grip when it pours.

The Zigzag Biting Edges set Assurance Weather Ready apart from other all-season tires. These zigzag sipes, identical to those on winter tires, produce more gripping edges for improved snow traction.

If you want to get your hands on the Goodyear Assurance Weather Ready tire, then check out Discount Tire. The tire is currently available at a price of $135-$263 so consider getting it for your Audi Q5.

General Grabber UHP

The General Grabber UHP is a hot weather type from General Tire that gives excellent traction and gripping while also improving overall riding comfort. The UHP is a performance-oriented tire designed for SUVs. It's a good option for the Audi Q5 because of all its excellent features.

To improve dry and wet traction, General uses a 2nd generation silicon tread compound combined with a directed tread pattern. This tire excels in dry road grip and turning traction because of its wide shoulder blocks with various edges and distinctive V-shaped grooves.

When the pavement is wet, the V-shaped grooves help drain water from beneath the tread. The end effect is improved handling and adhesion and a lower chance of hydroplaning.

Two steel belts are supplemented with jointless wrapped nylon for improved performance and toughness throughout the traffic lane inside the tire. They also encourage more consistent tread wear and longer service life. General offers diameters ranging from 16 to 24 inches. There are additional T, H, V, and W velocity classifications.

These General UHP tires have some of the best single direction and cornering ability of any road SUV or truck tire now on the market. In addition, the grip is fantastic, and the ride is exceptionally comfortable for such a high-performance tire.

If you reside in a country that gets snow, we wouldn't recommend driving these in the wintertime because traction is poor. Then again, this isn't exactly a winter tire. It's meant to deliver excellent performance on both dry and wet local roads, and it succeeds admirably. Ultimately, the General UHP is one of the best high-performance street tires for trucks and SUVs.

Check out Tire Buyer if you want to get your hands on the General Grabber UHP Tire for your Audi Q5. It is currently available at a good price of $139.33-$295.12.

Bridgestone Dueler H/P Sport

The Dueler H/P Sport AS from Bridgestone is developed to meet the needs of drivers searching for a summertime high-performance tire for their trucks, vans, and SUVs that require both all-season traction and improved handling and turning grip.

The HP Sport AS features a silica tread composition and symmetric design for better dry traction and rigidity closed shoulders for excellent cornering. It has some of the best cornering grips of any tire in its category.

The combination of circumferential channels and large angular grooves improves traction and control on wet roads while minimizing the risk of hydroplaning at faster speeds. Although grip in winter circumstances is not a strong point for this type, Bridgestone's full thickness tread design features extra sipes all around the tread for enhanced grip on the mild snow-covered ground.

Two steel belts are strengthened with spiral pattern wrapped nylon inside the tire for enhanced strength and longevity. The H/P Sport All-Season comes in 17–20-inch diameters with speeds H, V, and W. There's also a 40,000-mile tread guarantee.

If you're a more adventurous driver with a high-performance pickup, crossover, or SUV, the H/P Sport AS is the tire for you. It provides car-like adhesion and cornering ability on dry or wet roads. The driving is quick and precise, and the tire persists at all speeds. This tire, though, is not without flaws. The most important is, of course, winter traction and management. Simply said, it lacks the traction needed to travel through snow, sleet, and icing.

Overall, the Bridgestone Dueler H/P Sport is a good option for Audi Q5. To purchase this tire, you can check out Tire Rack. It has an attractive price of $207.46 per tire.

Michelin Latitude Sport 3

The Michelin Latitude Sport 3 ultra-high performance summertime tire is designed to provide the kind of grip, steering, and cornering ability that more enthusiastic drivers expect from a UHP version. Michelin has created a tire that fits a huge spectrum of SUVs and crossovers cars and, for the most part, does not disappoint.

The Latitude Sport 3 strives to improve on the characteristics of the original Latitude Sport tire, which is a good tire in its terms, with a redesigned asymmetric tread pattern and distinctive tread compound. On the other hand, Michelin has improved this new model's traction, stopping, and turning grip. It's one of the reasons why automobiles like the Porsche Macan S and the Audi Q5 come with it as standard equipment.

Rolling resistance is reduced owing to the varying thickness of this wheel's siping. Its three principal circumferential grooves and tread shape give excellent wet traction and minimize the chances of hydroplaning. We've observed drivers say that this tire performs as well on wet roads as many rival tires do on dry roads.

Michelin makes the Latitude Sport 3 tires in sizes ranging from 17 to 21 inches, with performance ratings of V, W, and Y. On all models, a 20-year treadwear warranty is provided. The Michelin Latitude Sport 3 tire comes with a 6-year or 20,000-mile tread guarantee. The economy is halved if the rear tires are sized differently from the front. For one year and the first 2/32 inches of degradation, tire homogeneity is guaranteed.

The materials and craftsmanship are guaranteed for six years, and a free repair covers the first year or 2/32 inches of wear. A prorated sum is supplied for the remainder of the time frame or up to the final 2/32 inch of tread depth. Michelin also offers a 3-year flat tire replacement service and a 30-day satisfaction warranty.

Check out Tire Rack to get your hands on this reliable tire. It is currently available at a price of $423.45 and is an excellent choice for the Audi Q5.

Best Tires For Audi Q5 - Complete Guide

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