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If you're looking to get the most out of your Audi A3, you need the best tires for the smoothest ride. But what are the best tires for the Audi A3?

The right set of tires will improve the driving experience and allow you to get the most out of your vehicle. They will make your trips more relaxed and comfortable.

Some of the best tires for the Audi A3 include the Yokohama Avid Ascend, Michelin Pilot Sport A/S3 Plus, Firestone Fire hawk Indy 500, Cinturato P7 C2, Bravuris 3HM, Nexen N'FERA AU7, BFGoodrich g-Force Comp-2 A/S, Bridgestone Turanza Quiet Track, Toyo Proxes R888R, and the Hankook Ventus Z214.

Buying and selecting a tire can be a daunting decision for many people, owing to the broad spectrum of variety and models available in the market today. If you face problems selecting tires for your Audi A3, you're at the right place.

We've tested several varieties of tires on Audi A3 and found that certain models perform better than the others. After careful analysis, we've compiled a list of the top best tires for the Audi A3.

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Yokohama Avid Ascend


The AVID Ascend with T-speed rated sizing is Yokohama's first mass-produced Standard Touring All-Season tire series in the United States, utilizing Orange Oil innovation and Yokohama's BluEarth eco-friendly branding.

This tire is intended for owners of convertibles, vans, minivans, and crossover cars, and it combines long tread wear, reduced rolling resistance, and all-season grip, including light snow. Yokohama uses the newest tire innovation on the AVID Ascend touring all-season tire, incorporating Orange Oil. As a result, the Ascend is developed to provide all-season grip, a prolonged tread life, and reduced rolling resistance for higher fuel economy. It makes the tire ideal for your Audi A3.

Orange Oil technology is a revolutionary method of extracting oil from orange peels. The technology's main premise is to increase the link between the different kinds of rubber in the tire to improve tread life, grip, and gas mileage.

The bigger tread blocks around the outside shoulders and the Perforated Tapered Center Rib improve dry road surface grip and cornering. They work together to provide more responsive steering and increased stability across the whole speed range. Tread Block Bridges offer stability to the tire and help reduce tread sound. The multi-pitch tread structure reduces noise even further, resulting in a very smooth ride.

The tire's four broad cross and circumferential channels, as well as flexible 3-D siping surrounding the tread, improve grip and overall quality on wet or snowy surfaces. The cutting edges of the sipes provide increased traction on snow and ice, whereas the circumferential grooves drain more water from beneath the tread and minimize the likelihood of hydroplaning.

As a result, you'll feel more confident driving in any form of bad weather. Two steel belts spirally coiled with nylon for increased strength and durability can be found inside the tire. Sizes range from 15 to 19 inches, with either a T, H, or V-speed grade. Based on the tire's speed rating, Yokohama offers a tread warranty of up to 85,000 miles.

Yokohama has a long history of producing excellent tires, but this latest Ascend is among the very best. It delivers the results that the company promises. Adhesion and handling are superb on clean, wet, or snow-covered highways. In addition, the tire gives you an immediate response, making you feel in perfect control.

 The ride quality is among the best in its class, and the cornering capability is exceptional for a touring tire. Because T-speed tires have a softer sidewall, you may wish to try the firmer H and V speed rating tires if you prefer a little more aggressive driving experience. The tread has lower rolling resistance, and many drivers have reported increased fuel usage.

Visit Simple Tire if you want to get your hands on the Yokohama Avid Ascend Tire. It is available at $107.99.

Michelin Pilot Sport A/S3 Plus


The Michelin Pilot Sport is undoubtedly one of the best tires in its category. The French firm has been at the top of its game in terms of performance. The world's oldest tire firm produces its goods in the most famous racing series.

The Pilot Sport A/S 3+, like other Michelin tires, is extremely pricey. However, you do receive premium-level speed, which will make you love the Audi A3 even more.

The Michelin Pilot Sport A/S 3+ gives optimum wet and dry traction and winter comfort. The company utilized its Helio+ Technology to achieve these goals. The Extreme Silica Technology tire mixture with sunflower oil is an element of that innovation, and it enhances grip in colder terrains and on wet pavement.

The tread was shaped into a performance-oriented imprint with an intense asymmetric design by the engineers. Stiff blocks improve the tire's lateral traction and dry turning capabilities on the outer shoulders. The tire has four broad circumferential grooves on the inside that help to prevent hydroplaning and boost traction in wet conditions.

Michelin used their Variable Contact Patch 3.0 unique technology to properly distribute the contacting patch over the tire. This technology was taken from their endurance racing layouts, and it should help the tire last longer, even when pushed aggressively.

In the end, the inside design is rather normal for the class. It has a pair of high-tensile compact steel cables with spiral polyamide cord reinforcers for more reliable handling, top-notch capability, and improved riding comfort.

The tire is available in various sizes, spanning from 16 inches to 22 inches in diameter, from the French tire maker. Michelin covers a broad array of vehicles with those proportions, including sport compacts, sports limousines, sports coupes, high-end supercars, and muscle cars. Furthermore, if you need to go with bigger wheels and lower-sidewall tires, the Pilot Sport A/S 3+ could be a decent choice.

On the Pilot Sport A/S 3+, Michelin used industry-standard tread wear indicators to monitor tread depth. These can only tell you when the tread is completely worn out, not about how much tread is remaining.

TWIs are thin rubber bars sunk into the tire's circumferential channels. These lines become more obvious as your tread starts to break down. The bars will be flat with the ground when the tread depth drops to 2/32-inch.

If you want to get your hands on this mode, check out Discount Tire. It is available at a price ranging from $136.31-$343.96.

Firestone Firehawk Indy 500


The Fire hawk Indy 500, Firestone's latest ultra-high-performance summer tire, is one of the best models made by the company to date. It's a significant improvement over the previous Wide Oval Indy 500, which was acceptable but didn't stand out.

All forms of sports vehicles, coupes, and automobiles can use the Firestone Fire hawk Indy 500. Its race-inspired software is expected to compete with the best tires in this category by providing the highest grip and turning capability rates.

The Fire hawk Indy 500 is designed for automobile enthusiasts who wish to attain the fastest possible cornering velocities. Ultra-high-performance summer tires, such as the Indy 500, give the driver even more sensitivity, grip, stability, and braking capability. Due to the increased performance, they are also a far better option for racetracks.

The tread chemical is high-silica long link carbon, which has become standard for Firestone tires. For superior cornering and steering in arid weather, the innovative compound is molded into a very aggressive-looking tread pattern with huge separate shoulder blocks.

The Pulse Groove Technology utilized on the center circumferential groove distinguishes the Indy 500 from other tires in its price bracket. This unique groove offers more hydroplaning protection and water drainage than traditional circumferential channels. Two more regular grooves here improve wet traction and reduce stopping distance.

The Fire hawk Indy 500's inner core, like most ultra-high-performance tires, comprises high-turnup polyester covering under twin high-tensile steel bands and nylon reinforcing. This design improves the on-center feel and offers good stability even while making handling more sensitive. It's worth noting that the Fire hawk Indy 500 is a summer tire, which means it won't work in sub-freezing conditions, snow, or ice.

In comparison to its premium counterparts, the Fire hawk Indy 500 does not have any wear indications incorporated into the tread. Rather, Firestone recommends doing the penny test, which has become the industry standard for determining tread depth. Simply place a coin in the tread grooves of your tire. The tire tread depth is at least 2/32" if it comes close to reaching Abraham Lincoln's upside-down skull.

Tire Rack is your go-to place if you wish to get your hands on the Firestone fire hawk Indy 500 tire. It is currently available at a price of $185.99 per piece.

Pirelli Cinturato P7 C2

Pirelli is one of the world's largest tire manufacturers. Pirelli's Cinturato P7 is the company's first 'green performance' tire. This is a summer touring tire made from less expensive materials. It's also been designed with a 15% decrease in rolling resistance for even more fuel savings.

The Pirelli Cinturato P7 was created using cutting-edge components and tread pattern design. This tire is ideal for sporty compacts, quick sedans, and racing coupes. However, there are some limitations to what this tire can accomplish. Because the Pirelli Cinturato P7 is a summer tire, it's not designed for all-season use — especially in cold and snowy conditions.

The Cinturato P7 is developed and built to tackle the fundamentals of performance driving while remaining environmentally conscious. This tire emits fewer pollutants and uses 6% fewer raw materials in its construction.

Pirelli used a new silica-based composition to improve traction and adhesion while minimizing wear. This also reduces the tire's rolling resistance, allowing optimal fuel efficiency. All of these qualities add to the P7's environmental friendliness.

The P7 is a summer tire. That said, though, in the dry, you should expect decent traction and stability. The tire has a livelier feel than a standard touring tire and can enhance your ride's balance and stability.

Pirelli tires are known for their braking performance, which can be felt on wet and dry roads. You can enter a bend at a faster velocity while retaining perfect balance and coordination, but only if your driving and throttle inputs are smooth.

However, there is a chink in the armor, and that is high-speed maneuverability. The Pirelli Cinturato P7 is suitable for quick driving, but it isn't good enough when increased amounts of traction are required in high-speed cruising.

This is especially true if you own a fast sports sedan with a strong turbocharged or V8 engine. After all, you can't possibly expect a touring tire to manage the fundamentals of sporty driving but knowing the Cinturato P7 is better than usual in this area is comforting. In wet weather, it's also a sleek and capable performer. It is, however, unprepared for snow, ice, or lengthy cold weather driving.

The tire has an asymmetrical tread pattern and a five-rib tread arrangement To optimize the contact area of the rubber. It also features bigger shoulder blocks and smaller central blocks for improved cornering, driving precision, and general reliability.

Extensive siping runs across the treads of the Pirelli Cinturato P7. This creates the essential biting edges for better traction on wet surfaces. The tire also has an improved tread design that decreases tire roar and traffic noise, which is crucial for a touring tire.

If you want to acquire this tire for your Audi A3, you can check it out at Discount Tire. The model is available at a price ranging from $101.34-$404.00.

Barum Bravuris 3HM

The Barum Bravuris 3 is the company's new UHP summer tire, which is designed to provide excellent traction and performance. This new variant, which replaces the earlier Bravuris 2, is designed for all kinds of sport convertibles and high-powered cars.

Barum, a Continental subsidiary, employs a high-tech tread composition that is molded into an asymmetrical tread pattern. It provides superior dry/wet grip and more accurate steering reaction and control.

Thick outer and middle tread blocks improve overall stability and driving response at faster speeds. Using the Bravuris 3HM, you can anticipate getting a lot of street feel, which may surprise you initially.

In wet conditions, four circumferential channels and additional lateral grooves help drain water away for improved traction. The tread is additionally siped, which improves grip and shortens braking lengths even further.

To help reduce undesirable street noise, Barum has adjusted the tread block sizing and reduced the shoulders, and for the most part, this tire is quite silent. The Bravuris 3 is available in various sizes ranging from 14 to 20 inches, with T, H, V, or Y speed ratings.

Although Barum may go unnoticed in the United States, it is a well-known brand in other areas of the world. They provide a variety of tires, and this latest Bravuris 3 is undoubtedly among their best models.

Many driver evaluations mention how well this model will perform for the reduced price. On dry or wet roads, traction and steering are excellent. While not quite up to the standards of other luxury brand tires, it still performs admirably. The tire provides a better on-center feel and a quicker driving response.

Wet handling at the limits is one area where we may see improvement. That's something to bear in mind, even if it's not horrible. Overall, the Bravuris 3 is a good alternative that fits the bill if you're seeking to save a huge amount of money on a batch of new ultra-high-performance summer tires.

To buy the Barum Bravuris 3HM tire, check out Discount Tire. This tire is currently available at a reasonable price of $74.00-$151.00.

BFGoodrich g-Force Comp-2 A/S


The newest BFGoodrich g-Force Comp-2 A/S is intended to replace the existing g-Force Super Sport A/S, which has proved to be a reliable performer over time. Comp-2 A/S tires are designed to fit various sports cars, high-performance limousines, and muscle cars.

Compared to the earlier Super Sport A/S, BFGoodrich has developed a new higher silica cold weather all-season tread composition that provides better traction, short braking, and quicker acceleration. BFGoodrich used its UltiGrip Technology, which uses a high-silica tread composition that is flexible in cold weather yet provides outstanding traction in hot weather.

The tread pattern is directed and V-shaped with slanted lateral and longitudinal channels. This type of design frequently improves wet traction without compromising dry steadiness. The squared-off shoulders and wraparound tread blocks provide consistent rigidity for increased grip and safety.

The company used its Performance Racing Core design with the Equal Tension Containment System (ETEC System) for more reactive handling. The g-Control sidewall inlays, in the end, are responsible for ride comfort.

The treadwear indicators are incorporated into the circumferential channels of the g-Force COMP-2. These are sunken rubber bars that run the length of the tire. The TWIs become much more obvious when the tread starts to break down.

The bars will flush the ground after it achieves a 2/32-inch tread depth. This is the statutory minimum tread depth for all-season UHP tires, so change them immediately. The treadwear guarantee for the g-Force COMP-2 is 45,000 miles, which is slightly less than the premium competition. However, for an all-season UHP tire, it's still acceptable.

The BFGoodrich g-Force COMP-2 A/S demonstrates what a high-performance tire is all about after only a few miles. The model rides nicely on center and responds quickly but fluidly to the driver's direction.

Several other all-season UHP tires, on the other hand, are quick but lack cornering traction. The g-Force COMP-2, fortunately, is not like other tires. For an all-season tread composition, the grip values are outstanding. You may even carry a set of these to the racetrack and have a good time with them.

If you want to purchase the BFGoodrich g-Force Comp-2 A/S tire, check out Tire Rack. The model is currently available at a price of $178.99.

Nexen N'FERA AU7


The Nexen N'Fera AU7 was introduced in 2017 and is among the most outstanding radial tires in the Nexen lineup. It is frequently used for lengthy trips in adverse weather because it gives the ideal blend of durability and reliability.

The Nexen N'Fera AU7 is designed with tire-enhancing tread channels and 3D sipes for enhanced handling in all-weather situations. The wider tire grooves drain more water as the tire revolves, giving the tire more protection and improved traction, especially in the rain.

The Nexen N'Fera AU7 is outfitted with cutting-edge technology that enhances sipes with 3D improvements. This technique is known for simulating a tire in all-weather situations and then analyzing the results to provide the optimum performance and extra grip in slick conditions. The asymmetrical tread pattern with lateral channels is more widespread than most other tires in this category to provide greater handling and stability.

Rotating tread blocks minimize friction noise, making for a more peaceful and relaxing ride. The rubber is put through extensive testing to establish load balance and enhance stiffness for optimum handling on dry pavement.

The Nexen N'Fera AU7 also features 3D Nano Grip innovation, improving stopping and reducing undesired skidding at high speeds. It is one of the company's top all-weather models. It is outfitted with cutting-edge technology, the product of years of toiling on tire endurance and stability in the face of heavy rains and other extreme weather.

The tire maintains the vehicle steady in the snow, but it may destabilize at higher speeds since the grooves are designed to drain water as the wheel revolves. In addition, because snow can block the treads, this does not equal increased grip. Generally, the tire provides just minimal snow traction.

The 3D treading innovation improves steering response in all conditions while also assisting with cornering traction. Extensive testing in hefty automobiles revealed that the Nexen N'Fera AU7 had little to almost no tread degradation. In addition, hardcore edges increase durability and minimize friction noise, resulting in a calmer and well-balanced, smoother ride.

If you wish to buy the Nexen N'Fera AU7 tire, visit Simple Tire. It is available at a price of $122.99.

Bridgestone Turanza QuietTrack


The Bridgestone Turanza Quiet Track is one of the best tires for Audi A3. It offers good grip in both wet and dry circumstances and some solid traction in heavy snowfall. The tire also provides a smooth, silent, and pleasant ride, making it suitable for daily use. It's also designed to reduce road noise.

Compared to its previous generation, the Turanza Serenity Plus, the model has a 44 percent higher grip in snowy circumstances and a 20 percent improvement in wet grip. The Turanza Quiet Track is available in a variety of diameters, spanning from 15 to 20 inches.

The tire also helps the driver maintain control of the vehicle on wet and icy roads while also delivering long-lasting efficiency. The engineers began by using an all-season tread composition focusing on wear performance to accomplish this goal. As per Bridgestone, the Turanza Quiet Track contains over 30 rubber compounds on the surface.

Because the tread compound is molded into an asymmetrical tread pattern, the tire cannot be turned from side to side. Nevertheless, the design allowed the developers to incorporate the tire's major feature, Quiet Track Technology.

Large circumferential grooves, narrow longitudinal channels, in-groove quiet tracks, non-chamfered shoulder gaps, and several diagonal grooves make up the innovation. The pitch sequencing was also improved for even better sound comfort. In addition, Bridgestone claims that this design will reduce air trapped beneath the tire, improving noise performance.

The engineers also worked hard to improve the Turanza Quiet Track's ride comfort, which is wonderful news for potential purchasers. The Comfort Cruise Technology in this situation is the one that reduces road shocks and roughness.

The technology generally consists of a round contact patch and an ideal cavity shape, which were created utilizing Bridgestone's unique computer modeling. The Comfort Cruise Technology, according to Bridgestone, decreases road disturbances and improves ride comfort.

Surprisingly, the Turanza Quiet Track's rounder footprint aids the tire in cutting through water and improving hydroplaning resilience. Bridgestone, of course, used the traditional four broad circumferential channels with shoulder slits for even improved water drainage.

Discount Tire is a great place to purchase the Bridgestone Turanza Quiet Track. It is available at a reasonable price ranging from $144.00-$276.00.

Toyo Proxes R888R


Toyo's Proxes tire family has a strong presence in road competition and street performance. The Proxes R888R, Toyo Tires' replacement to the Proxes R888, promises to improve grip and reactivity for hardcore racers who need a DOT-approved street tire.

Wide tread blocks from the outside for enhanced cornering and a water drainage channel to help preserve traction in wet situations are part of the new asymmetrical tread pattern. The R888R, which has a 100 AA A UTQG grade, is designed to generate heat faster for optimal adhesion to the roadways.

Proxes R888R tires are not designed for freezing temperatures, ice, or snow. It's also critical that these tires be kept inside at temperatures above 15° Fahrenheit.

The R-compound tread of the Proxes R888R tires quickly warms up to ambient temperature and delivers superior grip for optimum cornering traction.

The tire has more dry traction than its predecessor, thanks to continuous contact patch growth. This means better braking, speed, and cornering. While these tires meet DOT regulations, they are not suggested for use in wet situations when trimmed or worn where there is a danger of hydroplaning. If drivers face these circumstances, they should drive slowly and safely.

The R888R has a two- or three-ply inner construction. Two main steel belts are supported by a rayon covering. A spirally-wrapped nylon reinforcing ply provides improved stability and longevity.

Tire Rack is the place to go if you want to get your hands on this model. It is currently available at a price of $158.53.

Hankook Ventus Z214


The Hankook Ventus Z214 radial is a Autocross and Racetrack Only competition tire designed for autocross, timed attack, and road racing competitors, as well as track-day users looking for grip in dry and wet circumstances. The Ventus Z214 is built to instill driver confidence and rapid times by combining dry grip, turning power, and steering responsiveness.

Although Ventus Z214 radials fulfill DOT specifications, they are not suitable for highway use. In wet situations where you have water and the possibility of hydroplaning, Ventus Z214 radials are not suggested; drivers must drive carefully at decreased speeds if they face these conditions.

And like other Racetrack & Autocross Only tires, these tires should not be used in near-freezing temperatures, over snow, or on ice. These tires must be stored inside at temperatures kept above 32 degrees F.

The Ventus Z214 is offered in two high-grip tread compositions for most widths, with the C51/Medium compound designed for track use. The C71/Soft compound is designed for autocross racing. Each tire's tread composition is recognized by a colorful sticker and is indelibly imprinted on its sidewall.

Ventus Z214 radials have a symmetrically constructed semi-slick tread with 4/32′′ of initial tread depth and only two circumferential channels to decrease wiggle, unwanted heat accumulation, and the need for tread cutting. To improve consistency and durability, heat cycling is suggested. The tires include directional rotation arrows stamped on the sidewalls to help identify the proper mounting rotation for improved tread splice quality and longevity.

The adoption of a symmetrical tread design allows the Ventus Z214 tire to be placed on either side of the car, as indicated by the rotation arrows. A spirally coiled nylon cord strengthens dual steel belts on the front of a three-ply nylon cable casing in the tire's internal construction.The Ventus Z214 is currently available for purchase at Discount Tire.

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