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Tires are a vital part of the Acura TL. It is critical you use the best ones to extend the vehicle's lifespan and improve driving performance.

To avoid issues with your Acura TL, you need to find a tire that provides the traction needed for a smooth ride and ensures that the vehicle is stable and does not lose control on a slippery road. It should be able to provide the driver with a comfortable and safe ride at all times.

The best tire for the Acura TL will vary based on the year and model, but it is widely considered that the Pirelli P Zero All Season Plus, Michelin Pilot Super Sport, and Cooper CS5 Ultra Touring tires are the three best options. All three of these tires are sleek, durable, and high performing.

The Acura TL is considered to be a luxury sedan with a long production run. It has been seen as the car of choice for those looking for something stylish and practical. Many tires on the market are designed to work with this type of vehicle, and it can be hard to know which one will work best.

After carefully testing a variety of tires for this vehicle, we came to the conclusion that these eight options ranked clearly ahead of the rest. They are ranked by category, durability, and overall performance.

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8 Best Tires For Acura TL

The Acura TL is the best sedan for you if you need a sporty vehicle with a comfortable ride. It offers many features to make your life easier but was discontinued in 2014.

However, this does not mean there still aren't many Acura TLs on the road because it was considered one of the Acura favorites during its production run.

Finding the best tires is critical, and you need a set that has been specially designed to offer excellent performance on wet or dry roads. This will help with driving comfort and overall road grip on a smaller vehicle.

The best tires for Acura TL should be able to handle high speeds but also have good traction. A tire's tread pattern can determine how well it performs on different surfaces. For example, a tire with a deep tread pattern is better suited for snowy or icy roads than one with shallow treads.

We will mention the eight best tires for the Acura TL below.

Pirelli P Zero All Season Plus - Best All-Season Tire


The Pirelli P Zero All Season Plus tire is designed to be a perfect fit for the Acura TL. This is because they are designed to provide a balance between handling and fuel efficiency.

The tread design of this tire is unique in that it has four different types of rubber in it: three silica compounds and one regular rubber compound.

This means that you get a better grip on wet surfaces and better wear life than with other tires. You can expect some of the best performance in your vehicle when using this tire.

The tire is engineered to provide the best performance in all seasons. It is made with a rubber compound that provides excellent grip on wet and dry surfaces. It also has a tread design that provides excellent traction in snow and icy conditions.

This tire is not only good for the Acura TL but it can also be used on other vehicles as well. The lateral siping is crucial for rain, snow, and ice to improve overall handling capabilities.

This tire offers excellent wet and dry traction, low noise, and long tread life. It’s designed to work well on both paved and unpaved roads. There are also a set of winter sipes for added protection and hydroplaning resistance.

If you want to buy this tire, you can head over to Tire Rack to find the best prices with free and fast shipping. This tire costs $189.40 per tire, but this can vary depending on the exact size you purchase.

Michelin Pilot Super Sport - Best Summer Tire


The Michelin Pilot Super Sport is a summer tire that is well-suited for the Acura TL. It can provide excellent stability, handling, and traction in wet and dry conditions.

With its high level of performance, it is no wonder that this tire has been named the best Summer Tire by Michelin.

It's not just the Pilot Super Sport's performance that makes it a great choice for drivers of the Acura TL - it also has a long tread life and low rolling resistance.

These features make it possible for this tire to provide drivers with an excellent balance between fuel efficiency and performance. This is a performance tire, and it includes a rare 30,000-mile tread life warranty.

This tire has been designed to perform well in wet and dry conditions. It also ensures that you get the best traction on wet surfaces while providing excellent steering response and handling.

This tire is a Y speed rating meaning it provides plenty of speed to support your Acura TL too. The black sidewall is durable, but you should try to avoid using this tire when the temperatures drop to freezing levels.

We recommend using SimpleTire to buy this tire because they offer the most sizing options and the best price. This tire is available for $278.99 per tire.

Michelin Crossclimate 2 - Best Touring Tire


The Michelin CrossClimate 2 also has a low rolling resistance, making it an excellent fuel-efficient choice. It is a good all-around tire that excels in wet and dry conditions, with a good level of grip.

This is the best touring tire for the Acura TL. It is an all-season touring tire that has been designed to perform well in wet, dry, and snowy conditions. The tire has a high level of grip on wet surfaces and offers a smooth ride on dry roads.

This is the ideal option if you want a durable tire that offers excellent grip and handling in wet and dry conditions. The tread pattern of this tire is designed to provide comfort and a smooth ride, even on rough roads.

It was designed to emphasize versatility and performance, ensuring that it can handle any driving conditions you might encounter on your journey. It also provides some amazing road comfort.

The PIANO noise reduction technology is a newer feature by Michelin to create a more advanced tread pattern that handles bumps better. The trad can suppress road vibrations to keep your vehicle riding quietly.

This tire includes many other features like V ramp chamfers and a set of 3D SipeLock sipes for extra performance. You can get this tire today at Tire Rack for $277.99 per tire.

Michelin Pilot Alpin PA4 ZP - Best Winter Tire


The Michelin Pilot Alpin PA4 ZP is a winter tire that is designed to provide drivers with confidence in all weather conditions. Michelin's patented winter tread design provides excellent grip and traction on snow, ice, slush, and wet surfaces.

This tire has an asymmetric tread pattern which provides outstanding grip and stability. This tire also features a high-performance rubber compound that offers superior durability and resistance to wear.

This is a winter tire designed for drivers of luxury vehicles who need a durable, high performance tire that will provide good traction in most weather conditions.

It offers excellent control in both wet and dry conditions with a silica compound to provide an enhanced grip on snow and ice.  It also has a high level of performance when driving on dry surfaces.

This is because it features an asymmetric tread pattern with four wide circumferential grooves that help to evacuate water from the contact patch area. The Stabiligrip 3D siping technology is next level for accurate road grip and makes it easy to handle in deep snow and ice.

The tread design includes extra deep grooves that are placed in areas where lateral stability is needed during cornering maneuvers and braking on snow, ice, and wet surfaces. The twin steel belts help keep this tire balanced and stable while riding too.

You can find this tire today at Tire Rack for a low price of only $307.21 per tire. This may seem steep for some, but this is a premium winter and snow tire that handles rough conditions unlike any other.

Vredestein Quatrac Pro - Best Value Tire


The Vredestein Quatrac Pro is a budget tire that is made with a combination of polyester and polyamide to provide a good grip on wet surfaces. It also has a reinforced sidewall to protect against punctures.

This is an all-season tire that can be used in any weather condition. This is possible because of circumferential grooves and wider shoulder boards that help with handling and road grip.

It has a tread pattern that provides good traction in dry conditions and doesn't have too much of a drop in performance when the temperature drops below freezing.

We love this tire for the Acura TL because it provides excellent handling and braking in all types of weather and great traction on wet surfaces. The tread pattern provides excellent grip on wet surfaces and good traction on ice and snow.

It also has a low rolling resistance, meaning you can save money by using less fuel while driving. It is designed to provide a smooth, quiet ride with outstanding wet traction and stability in all weather conditions, including severe winter weather.

The high-resin and high-silica tread compound is built for performance too. This allows for a low void ratio while improving traction, handling, and overall vehicle precision without breaking the bank.

This tire costs only $177.45 per tire at Tire Rack, including an 8-year or 50,000-mile tread life warranty. You also get free shipping and fast delivery times with your purchase.

Bridgestone Potenza Sport - Best Performance Street Tire

The Bridgestone Potenza Sport was an option for many drivers who purchased an Acura TL brand new from a dealership in the past. It offers excellent handling and traction in wet and dry conditions.

The Potenza Sport tire has a tread design that provides an improved grip on the road. This, combined with its low rolling resistance, makes it an excellent fuel-efficient choice.

This tire is ideal for drivers who enjoy performance driving and want a tire that can handle it. It offers a great wet and dry grip combination and has a long tread life.

It is considered a high-performance street tire with a tread pattern that delivers exceptional handling, wet grip, and long tread life. Its asymmetric design helps reduce irregular wear for enhanced performance and ride comfort.

This tire features an advanced compound that provides excellent grip in both wet and dry conditions, while its three-rib construction helps to reduce irregular wear to deliver an extended tread life.

One of the key features that makes it all possible is the tuned tread block with sequential and lateral notches. This improves grip, especially on wet roads, without sacrificing any tire durability or speed.

We recommend using Tire Rack to get this tire at a price of only $226.99 per tire.

Cooper CS5 Ultra Touring - Best Highway Tire


The Cooper CS5 Ultra Touring tire is great for your Acura TL. It has a high-performance, long-lasting design that will keep you safe on the road.

It also has strong construction and an advanced tread design, making it perfect for highway driving.

This tire is made with a new, innovative compound that allows it to last longer than many of its competitors. It also has a robust steel belt for added protection against punctures and other hazards on the road.

The tread pattern on this tire is designed to provide stability and traction in all kinds of weather conditions. It has a solid tread design, is fuel efficient, and is extremely durable for long-driving needs.

The other great thing about this tire tread is the asymmetrical design with an added silica compound for improved road grip and stopping distance. The deep grooves allow water to flow out with better hydroplaning resistance.

The full-depth 3D micro-gauge siping is an advanced feature introduced by Cooper to create an all-season tire that handles and rides like a grand touring tire. These sipes release bite particles when it snows for better traction and friction.

Tire Rack is the best place to find this tire, where you can expect to pay $218.99 per tire with free shipping on every order.

Bridgestone Weather Peak - Best Tire For Durability

The Bridgestone Weatherpeak tire is one of their most popular products as it has been designed specifically for Acura TL cars. This tire has a high resistance to wear, which means it will last longer than most other tires.

It also has a good grip on wet surfaces and offers good noise control, which makes it a perfect companion for your car.

They are made with a rubber compound designed to last longer and an innovative tread design that provides excellent traction in all types of weather.

This is one of the best tires on the market today because of its durability and quality. It has a high resistance to wear, meaning that it will last much longer than other tires on the market today, making it worth every penny spent on this product.

It has been designed with a rubber compound that is more resistant to wear and tear than other tires. The tire's tread design also offers excellent traction on dry, wet, and icy roads.

The evolving sipes were introduced in the central ribs of the tire to improve steering response and create more road grip.

This helps when braking and making sharp turns so you can feel confident in your vehicle’s ability.

This tire is found for a bargain at Tire Rack, where you will pay $255.99 per tire. This includes access to many tire sizes and fast delivery times for no extra cost.

What Tire Sizes Fit The Acura TL?

Tire size is critical in selecting the right tire for your car. It is important to know the tire size of your vehicle so that you can find a matching or equivalent tire.

The Acura TL comes in a few different tire sizes, so it is important to know what size will work best for your car. It is necessary to know when shopping for a new tire too.

Because this vehicle is no longer in production, you may be looking at some older tire sizes, but luckily Acura used many of the popular sizes for top-rated tire choices.

Below we have included a guide that shows the tire size for every year and model type of the Acura TL ever released, dating back to 1995. This will ensure you always choose a compatible tire for your vehicle.

Acura TL Year Acura TL Model Acura TL Tire Size Secondary Acura TL Tire Size
1995 2.5L 205/60R15
1996 2.5L 205/60R15
1996 3.2L 205/65R15
1997 2.5L 205/60R15
Acura TL Year Acura TL Model Acura TL Tire Size Secondary Acura TL Tire Size
1997 3.2L 205/65R15
1998 2.5L 205/60R15
1998 3.2L 205/65R15
1999 3.2L 205/60R16
2000 3.2L 205/60R16
2001 3.2L 205/60R16
2002 3.2L 205/60R16
2002 3.2L S 215/50R17
2003 3.2L 205/60R16
2003 3.2L S 215/50R17
Acura TL Year Acura TL Model Acura TL Tire Size Secondary Acura TL Tire Size
2004 6-Speed 235/45R17 235/40R18
2004 Automatic 235/45R17 235/40R18
2005 6-Speed 235/45R17 235/40R18
2005 Automatic 235/45R17 235/40R18
2006 6-Speed 235/45R17 235/40R18
2006 Automatic 235/45R17 235/40R18
2007 6-Speed 235/45R17 235/40R18
2007 Automatic 235/45R17 235/40R18
2007 Type-S 235/45R17 235/40R18
2003 3.2L S 215/50R17
Acura TL Year Acura TL Model Acura TL Tire Size Secondary Acura TL Tire Size
2008 6-Speed 235/45R17 235/40R18
2008 Automatic 235/45R17 235/40R18
2008 Type-S 235/45R17 235/40R18
2009 Base 245/50R17 245/45R18 & 245/40R19
2009 SH-AWD 245/45R18 245/40R19
2009 SH-AWD Technology Package 245/45R18 245/40R19
2010 Base 245/50R17 245/45R18 & 245/40R19
2010 SH-AWD 245/45R18 245/40R19
2010 SH-AWD Technology Package 245/45R18 245/40R19
2003 3.2L S 215/50R17
Acura TL Year Acura TL Model Acura TL Tire Size Secondary Acura TL Tire Size
2010 Technology Package 245/50R17 245/45R18 & 245/40R19
2011 Base 245/50R17 245/45R18 & 245/40R19
2011 SH-AWD 245/45R18 245/40R19
2011 SH-AWD Technology Package 245/45R18 245/40R19
2011 Technology Package 245/50R17 245/45R18 & 245/40R19
2012 Advance Package 245/50R17 245/50R18 & 245/40R19
2012 Base 245/50R17 245/45R18 & 245/40R19
2012 SH-AWD 245/45R18
2012 SH-AWD Advance Package 245/40R19
Acura TL Year Acura TL Model Acura TL Tire Size Secondary Acura TL Tire Size
2012 SH-AWD Technology Package 245/45R18
2012 Technology Package 245/50R17 245/45R18 & 245/40R19
2013 Advance Package 245/50R17 245/50R18 & 245/40R19
2013 Base 245/50R17 245/45R18 & 245/40R19
2013 SH-AWD 245/45R18
2013 SH-AWD Advance Package 245/40R19
2013 SH-AWD Technology Package 245/45R18
2013 Technology Package 245/50R17 245/45R18 & 245/40R19

How To Find The Best Tire For The Acura TL

There are many different types of tires available, so it's important to know what you want before you start shopping. You must consider these considerations when selecting a tire for your Acura TL.

We have listed some of the essential factors and features worth considering. This will help to ensure you choose a tire that maximizes the performance of your Acura TL.

Tread Life

The tread life of a tire is a critical factor to keep in mind when looking for the best tire for your Acura TL. It determines how many miles you can drive before replacing the tires on your vehicle.

Depending on how often you drive and what type of driving you do, some tires will last longer than others. The longer the tread life, the better it is for you, which means you will not have to replace your tires as often.

This can save you money by needing fewer tire upgrades over time.

Fuel Efficiency

The fuel efficiency of a tire is one of the most important factors to keep in mind when you are looking for the best tires for your Acura TL.

Fuel efficiency is measured by how much gas you use with every mile driven. The better the number, the more efficient both your vehicle and tire will be.

Ultimately, this will depend on the rolling resistance of a tire and a few other key design factors. You can typically find out how well a tire performs based on fuel efficiency before purchasing.

Tread Pattern

A tire's tread pattern is a critical factor to keep in mind when looking for the best tire for your Acura TL. Depending on the tire used, the pattern can be either directional or asymmetrical.

The grooves are designed to increase traction and provide stability for your car. They also help to channel water away from the contact patch with the ground.

The contact patch is critical to the tread pattern too. This means that if you have a low-profile tire, it will have less contact area with the ground than a high-profile one and will therefore offer less stability and traction.

Road Noise

Noise is one of the most important factors to consider when buying a new set of tires. A quieter ride is more comfortable for passengers, making them happier and less likely to complain about your car choice.

A tire's road noise and comfort are critical factors to keep in mind when looking for the best tire for your Acura TL. Having a tire that can provide a quiet and comfortable ride will improve many aspects of your vehicle.

This includes a longer lifespan and improved handling, especially at higher speeds.


It's important to have the right tires installed on your Acura TL. They are an important part of the car, and their condition is a major factor in fuel efficiency, braking, and handling.

Most tires come with a tread life warranty, meaning you get protection for a set number of miles on the tire. Top brands like Michelin are known to provide the best warranty policy because they have better tires that they know will last.

You can expect nearly all tires to have a warranty too. The only options that may not have one are summer and winter tires because using them in the wrong weather conditions will ruin the treads.

What Type Of Tire Is Best For The Acura TL?

The Acura TL is a luxury sports sedan with a higher center of gravity and much more weight than other sedans.

This means it needs tires designed to handle this heavier load without compromising performance or stability.

While this vehicle is incredibly versatile, a few tire types still provide the best performance depending on your driving needs. We have listed a few to consider below.

All-Season Tire

All-season tires are versatile and durable, making them one of the best choices to use for the Acura TL. They can be used in all weather conditions because the tread is flexible and stronger than most tire types.

The tires are designed to do well in a variety of weather conditions. This makes them a great choice for drivers living in areas with a lot of rain or snow during the winter months.

The all-season tires are a great option for drivers who want to get more out of their car's performance while still being mindful of the budget.

These tires are an excellent choice for drivers who live in different regions that experience different weather conditions throughout the year.

Touring Tire

Touring tires are those made for long-distance travel. They are more comfortable than other tires because they have a softer feel on the road surface and last longer.

These tires are also known as all-season or year-round tires because they work well in all weather conditions. They are ideal for the Acura TL because they are comfortable and will last a long time.

Touring tires are the ideal choice if you intend to use your car daily and drive longer distances. They even have winter durability with strong traction and performance ratings.

Performance Street Tire

If you are in a warmer climate or prefer a high-performance tire, you can opt for summer street tires that focus on creating amazing road grip. But in doing so, you sacrifice durability and versatility.

These tires are not intended for winter driving, so you will be due for a change once temperatures begin to drop. They also only last for 30,000-40,000 miles and come at premium pricing.

The performance tire will provide better traction, handling, and overall road grip. This is especially true in wet weather conditions when the road is slick too.

What Is The Factory Tire On The Acura TL?

The Acura TL is a luxury sedan, and the tires included in your purchase should also reflect that. All standard options include a set of Michelin Pilot HX MXM4 tires on your vehicle.

If you decided you wanted a set of summer tires instead, you could make the request, and the dealer would provide a set of Bridgestone Potenzas as an alternative.

But we love what this Michelin tire can offer. It is extremely durable and provides plenty of winter handling capabilities too. Below we will provide a full review of this tire choice.

Michelin Pilot HX MXM4

The Michelin Pilot HX MXM4 tire is the factory tire that comes with your Acura TL. It provides good handling, braking, and traction in wet conditions.

This is a great all-around tire that can be used for many different conditions. The tread design is an all-season compound, but it has a grand touring finish to ensure maximum durability while remaining strong enough in rugged conditions.

The independent tread blocks are perfect for deeper snow and ice with snow-biting edges that act like a claw to grip the ground. This helps to avoid sliding and hydroplaning in wet conditions as well.

The extra strength of this tire comes from the pair of twin steel belts that work to keep the tire stable at all times. The polyester cord body is responsible for tire comfort while helping to suppress road vibrations.

This tire is available at Tire Rack if you are interested in purchasing it. However, sizes are limited, and the tire is not as widely used today.

Best Tires For Acura TL

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