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Your old car may not be as functional in the traffic as many of the newer ones, but having it fitted with the right set of tires may make it more comfortable.

The Acura SLX is an SUV that has been a favorite for many around the country for a few decades and is still receiving support from many enthusiasts.

The best tires we recommend are the Firestone Destination P245s, the Cooper Discoverer At3 Lt Tires, and the Michelin Defenders. Toyo Open Country All-Terrains and the Yokohama Geolanders will also work well on the Acura SLX.

We recommend you read through our entire range of recommended tires, as you may find yourself driving on more than just dirt roads. Many people that love the Acura SLX love it specifically because it works well off the road as it does on the road.

Driving long distances on all terrains can be a problem, as the fuel usage drastically increases, and you might need to stop constantly. That being said, having an SUV that gets stuck at the first sign of mud will not be a pleasing experience.

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Firestone Destination A/T2 P245/70r16


When we think of a tire that handles road and off-road situations, the Firestone Destinations are at the top of our list. These large tires are meant to be used in every conceivable situation that you can use the Acura SLX without going on a race track.

With thick treads and wider overall size, you can be assured that the tires can handle even soft sands. With a higher overall speed rating, you can also safely take them onto the highway and enjoy a shopping trip to the town and back.

However, it should be noted that these tires are also rated to be driven on and through the snow, which makes them tires ready for the entire year. They take our top spot because you can drive through almost every single situation without having to get new tires just because it is cold.

Basic Facts About The Firestone Destination A/T2 P245/70r16

The Firestone Destination tires are all-terrain tires made for off-roading with deeper treads to dig into ground or snow. At $230 for each tire, they are not the most expensive or affordable tires on the market, making them competitive depending on the market.

Each tire is rated to handle a max load of 2049 pounds, which means that they can easily fit onto an Acura SLX and still handle anything you can load. Further, the tires have max inflation of 44 psi and a section width of 245, making them large enough not to be easily overcome with deeper mud.

  • Section Width: 235 to 285
  • Max PSI: 44 psi
  • Tire Sizes: 15 to 22-inches

Vredestein Pinza AT 245/70r16

Another all-terrain set of tires for the Acura SLX-sized SUVs is the Pinza A/Ts from Vredestein. What makes them special is not just that they are meant for use throughout the year, come wind, water, snow, or sand, but their overall lower price at $156 for each.

It is important to remember that this tire is also meant to be used throughout the year, so it has a much higher maximum speed rating than normal all-terrains. You will be able to use the tire for hauling trailers and other heavy materials in the back of the SUV as well.

Remember that the tire also has a much larger overall size, enabling your Acura SLX to drive across thicker sand and snow. This is important to remember as the Acura SLX is used in areas where both can be prominent.

Basic Facts About The Vredestein Pinza At 245/70r16

As standard blackwall wheels, the Vredestein Pinza's are affordable 245 tires than can handle a much larger load than other tires. The tires have a max PSI rating of 50 and will be able to handle the weight of the Acura SLX easily, with a max load rating of 2403-pounds per wheel.

Further, the tread has been specifically designed to handle most wet or off-road conditions without too much challenge. You will, however, find that the tires are not good for fuel efficiency when driving on tarred roads.

  • Section Width: 215 to 295
  • Max PSI: 50 PSI
  • Tire Sizes: 15 to 20-inches

Toyo Open Country A/T III 245/70r16


While the previous tires we have recommended can be used on tarred roads, we do not recommend using the Toyo Open Country's on any good road. These tires handle sand, mud, snow, and even some ice without getting stuck.

On your Acura SLX, this set of tires will allow you to drive around the ranch, the farm, or when the weather starts turning snowy. With the price tag of $185 for each, you can be assured that they will also serve as good tires to keep you safe during the worst conditions.

However, it should be noted that these tires are meant for off-roading, which means that with the weight of the Acura SLX, they may tear on tarred roads. All-terrain tires usually have the problem of being softer, which cracks and tear easily, especially when the wheels are turned without the vehicle moving.

Basic Facts About The Toyo Open Country A/T Iii 245/70r16

At a max weight rating of 2094-pounds for each wheel, the Toyo Open Countrys will be able to lift your Acura SLX easily. They can handle the worst road conditions and will ensure you have a grip when driving through conditions that others may not.

The tread on the tires is quite deep and follows an irregular pattern, making it harder for snow and mud to stick to the tires. Overall, these are the tires we recommend getting if you know a tarred road is the least likely road you will be driving on.

  • Section Width: 215 to 325
  • Max PSI: 44psi
  • Tire Sizes: 15 to 22-inches

Cooper Discoverer AT3 LT Tires | All-Terrain Truck/Suv Tires


One of the hardest all-terrain tires we recommend is the Cooper Discoverer all-terrains. With a deep central tread that will help you handle muddy situations, the overall tread of the tire allows you to drive on harder surfaces without having to stress about cracking or tearing.

The downside to these tires is that they are at the full cost; going for $240 each, they are also some of the more expensive tires. We recommend these tires if your house has a short dirt road, but you will otherwise be driving on normal tarred streets.

It's important to remember that the Acura SLX is an older SUV, which means that the tires used will need to handle more than modern SUVs. The chances are high that you will want to take the SUV off-road or continue driving when other SUVs would not be driving.

Basic Facts About The Cooper Discoverer At3

At a slower overall speed rating of only 106mph, the tire is not meant to handle higher speeds, which can be a problem when you have changed the engine of the SUV. The tires are $240 each, the higher end of all-terrain tires we recommend.

With the tires going up to 80psi, you can also inflate these more than most other tires on the market. We recommend that you always remember that these tires perform best when used on multiple surfaces instead of just on the road.

  • Section Width: 215 to 275
  • Max PSI: 80psi
  • Tire Sizes: 16 to 18-inches

Yokohama Geolandar H/T G056 Tires Truck/SUV Car All-Season Tires


The first set of tires we recommend for normal road use for your Acura SLX is the Yokohama Geolander H/Ts. With the ability to drive almost exclusively on tarred roads, they are also much more affordable than the all-terrain tires we have recommended.

A large road tire will not work so well in rougher conditions but can help you reach the higher speeds that the Acura SLX can reach. We recommend having these when you live in the center of town or in a city where your off-roading will be parking on the grass.

Many people forget that when driving on tarred roads, you need to ensure that the tire can handle the heat and speed of driving on these roads. All-terrain tires can only handle roads that are not too abrasive, hot, or filled with other problems that tarred roads have.

Basic Facts About The Yokohama Geolandar H/T G056

At $162 for each tire, the Yokohama Geolandars are good tires for driving on tarred roads, whether in rainy conditions or not. The tires are made to be used for heavier vehicles, capable of handling well over 2000 pounds per tire, making them perfect for the Acura SLX.

We recommend using these tires whenever you have larger SUVs that need to be driven around the city or the open road. With a deeper tread depth, the tires will also work on tarred surfaces when it rains, sometimes offering more grip than all-terrains.

  • Section Width: 215 to 285
  • Max PSI: 51psi
  • Tire Sizes: 15 to 22-inches

BFGoodrich Advantage T/A Sport LT Tires Car Truck/Suv All-Season Tires


When it comes to areas of the country where it is constantly either snowing or raining, having all-terrains may be overkill. The BFGoodrich Advantage tires are meant to remove as much rain as possible from the road giving you the perfect grip.

We recommend using these when driving on tarred roads where you know a sudden rainstorm may come in force. Further, the tires force all the water away from the middle of the tire and out the side.

At only $182 for a tire, you can also have a set of these in storage during colder months, allowing you to change tires for your needs. However, as they are tires meant for rainy conditions, we recommend caution for warmer areas as they may be too soft to handle hot roads.

Basic Facts About The BFGoodrich Advantage T/A Sport

The lower price of $182 makes these tires more likely to be used on Acura SLXs being driven in the city. With an added max PSI of only 44, the tire also does not require much maintenance to keep going and on the road.

The tires have several speed ratings depending on the environment, with the average max speed being 118 mph. This is much higher than we would ever recommend anyone going in the Acura SLX, with the tire also handling over 2000 pounds.

  • Section Width: 215 to 285
  • Max PSI: 44 psi
  • Tire Sizes: 15 to 22-inches

Michelin Defender LTX M/S Tires


The Michelin defenders are almost entirely meant to be driven in wet conditions, which makes it perfect for areas where rainstorms are constant. Further, the tires are significantly harder than other tires, allowing them to be driven on tarred roads even when it is hot outside.

The deeper tread means that the tires can handle deeper waters than most other tires, which is good because they are around $215 each. This has meant that the tires are popular with those driving the Acura almost entirely on the road or highways.

Further, we recommend using these tires when you are unsure how the weather will change each day. As they are harder than other tires, you won't have to stress about tarred roads tearing into them or causing them to crack when things become difficult.

Basic Facts About The Michelin Defender Ltx

With a weight rating of over 2000-pounds per tire, the Michelin Defenders can easily handle the relatively heavy weight of the Acura SLX. As they are harder tires, they can also ensure that you can drive near the top speed of the Acura SLX without worry.

The tires are available at almost all tire dealers and will ensure that your driving situations are always easy to handle. We recommend using the tires whenever you aren't off-road as they will last quite a long time.

  • Section Width: 215 to 305
  • Max PSI: 44 psi
  • Tire Sizes: 15 to 22-inches

Atturo Trail Blade A/T 245/70r16


At $117 for one tire, the Atturo Trail Blade all-terrains are easily the best tires for the value of money, and we recommend using them when driving through rough terrain. Owing to their low price, you buy several sets without constantly stressing about the tires' health.

We recommend using these when you are going to be driving on mud and other types of roads that normal tires could not handle. Their deep and random tread is specifically made to handle anything apart from tarred roads, with softer rubber to allow you to dig out.

The all-terrain tires we recommend are softer, allowing them to bend and flex when driving over rocks instead of sheering. With the Atturo Trail Blade all-terrains, you can be assured that you can drive the Acura SLX through or over almost any obstacle.

Basic Facts About The Atturo Trail Blade A/T

With a price of only $115 and a max speed rating of 118mph, we recommend getting the tires if it is your first time buying. Their load index of 2403-pounds means that you can also load anything you want without stressing about tires bursting.

Further, the tires are made to handle a max psi of 50, so deflating them can help you cross soft sand while loaded with people. Possibly these are the best tires to use on an Acura SLX as they will take you further than most other tires in the same price class.

  • Section Width: 225 to 285
  • Max PSI: 50 psi
  • Tire Sizes: 15 to 20-inches

Kumho Road Venture AT51 245/70r16


Few tires can stay affordable when it comes to driving on the snow, through rivers, and even up a mountain. The Kumho Road Venture all-terrains are $138 and will take your Acura SLX almost anywhere it can fit through, including the sides of lakes and rivers.

What makes these tires so special is that, unlike some of the other all-terrains we recommended, they are never meant to touch tarred roads. With a softer rubber compound and extremely deep treads, the tire will be damaged when driven on tarred or brick roads for extended periods.

With a load rating well over 2403-pounds, you can use these on almost any off-road vehicle you have, not just the Acura SLX. Many people living in colder climates will also use these tires with tire chains as they provide more grip in these environments than any other tire we recommended.

Basic Facts About The Kumho Road Venture

With a load index of 2403 per tire, a max speed rating of 118mph, and tread that measures 13.5/32nds of an inch deep, the Kumho Road Ventures are meant for tough situations. Before fitting these, we recommend that you ensure your Acura never sees a normal road again.

The thick tread means that the tires are hard to puncture and can handle situations that would gunk up other tires within seconds. Further, the max inflation of 51psi means that the Acura SLX cannot easily cause the tires to be overloaded without adding more people than the car can fit.

  • Section Width: 215 to 305
  • Max PSI: 51 psi
  • Tire Sizes: 15 to 20-inches

Atturo AZ610 245/70r16 Tires

The most standard road tire we could find for the Acura SLX is the Atturo AZ610s, with a basic road tread that will keep the SUV on track. With a lower price of only $122 per tire, you can safely use these on some of the hardest and fastest highways around the country.

Further, because they are meant to be driven almost exclusively on tarred roads and would do badly on even sandy roads, they have a max speed rating of 130mph. This means the Acura SLX would need to be retrofitted with new engines or turbos to reach the max speed.

Along with the lower price, we recommend getting these tires for first-time buyers living in urban areas instead of on the farm. However, note that the weight of the Acura SLX will damage these tires when turning the wheels without moving, requiring regular tire rotations for safety's sake.

Basic Facts About The Atturo AZ610

As these are meant for the normal road, the tread depth is not nearly as deep as the off-road tires. Further, the tires are not meant for snow or deep rains, losing traction when driving through either of these conditions as the tread gets filled up.

With a max load rating of 2403 pounds, the Acura SLX won't easily reach this maximum even when loaded with shopping bags. The tires are also rated for a maximum speed of 130 mph, meaning highway speeds can be cruised along safely.

  • Section Width: 205 to 265
  • Max PSI: 51psi
  • Tire Sizes: 15 to 18-inches

Why Are Off-Road Tires Not Always The Best Option For The Acura SLX?

The Acura SLX is a large SUV with many creature comforts still sought after in many modern cars. This means that the likelihood of it being used exclusively on a farm or with off-road conditions is relatively low.

A well-looked-after Acura SLX is more than likely being driven in the suburbs of the United States, which means all terrains would only be damaged. As versatile as these tires are, they are not meant to be daily driven on abrasive tarred roads at high speeds.

The Acura SLX is also a heavy vehicle, which can mean that even road tires can be damaged when turning the steering wheel. This happens because the tire has a good grip on the road and the power steering of the wheels physically cracks the tread as you turn without moving the entire vehicle.

How Do You Choose Tires For The Acura SLX?

We always recommend considering how and where the vehicle will be used when choosing your tires. If you have only ever driven off the main highways once a year for as long as you have driven a vehicle, we recommend choosing something that can handle tarred roads.

Similarly, if you are only ever driving your Acura on back and dirt roads, choosing road tires will only mean you get stuck after the first rainfall. The Acura SLX is a very capable SUV that has been known to traverse some tougher conditions when given the right set of tires.

Further, choosing name-brand tires may hurt your pocket more than anything else, as Pirelli, Michelin, and BFGoodrich tires are usually more expensive. When you are still learning what tires to use, we recommend getting something affordable until you know what you need.

What Should A Tire Be Able To Do For An Acura SLX?

The main thing you should consider when choosing what a tire can do for your Acura SLX is the vehicle's total weight. Like other SUVs, even when unloaded, the Acura SLX still weighs 4614-pounds, which is spread evenly across all four tires.

If you have tires that can only handle 1500-pounds, you will always need to be careful about the vehicle's weight. Further, the Acura SLX is also a top-heavy vehicle, which means that when taking a turn at speed, much of the weight shift over to one side of the vehicle.

We always recommend looking at the load ratings of a tire before making a final decision, as having a set of tires that can easily handle the car's weight is always the smarter option. Many people have found themselves with blow tires after trying to drive over a small hill and the front tires blowing out on the descent.

How Can You Make Tires Last Longer On A Acura SLX?

When buying the set of tires for your Acura SLX, you will need to consider several things before making the final decision. One of the decisions you will need to consider is what you can do to make the tires last longer.

There are three things you will recommend you do when you want to make your new tires last longer. With an Acura SLX, it can be hard to constantly do the right thing, especially if you find yourself with an empty dirt road and nothing but time on your hands.

Drive Carefully

When we say drive carefully, we mean that you should always be driving with the types of tires you have in mind. If you are driving your all-terrains on a tarred road, you should ensure that you aren't taking corners at nearly 100mph.

Further, being careful when driving, avoiding potholes, dirty areas, and sharp-looking rocks will ensure your tires last much longer. Checking your tires every few days for rocks, punctures, and their overall pressure level will ensure you are never driving flat tires.

Drive Slower

Driving slower is probably the most difficult thing to do when you consistently have a V6 under your car. However, being slower to launch and taking corners at a normal speed will already double your overall tire life compared to others.

With vehicles such as the Acura SLX, it's all about slow and steady; staying on the road and keeping everything safe will ensure you can enjoy your tires to their natural end. People speeding off at every start and stopping at the last minute are also replacing tires every third month.

Right Tires For The Weather

We cannot stress this last point enough; when you are driving with your Acura SLX, nothing will impact the longevity of the tires as much as the weather. A hot tarred road in the middle of the desert will eat up all terrains within hours; the same can be said for mud and road tires.

Most often, Acura SLX owners should have two sets of tires, ones they have for rainy, wet, and snowy conditions and ones for summer conditions. This will make both sets of tires last much longer but will also mean you don't need to stress about road tires sliding across black ice.

Why Are Tires Cracking On The Acura SLX?

From our research, there are only two reasons that tires on Acura SLXs will start cracking prematurely. Both can be prevented and planned for, and we have already mentioned the solutions to them previously in the article, which should make everything easier.

The top reason why tires on Acura SLXs are cracking is that the driver is turning the wheel without moving the vehicle. This is common in all heavy vehicles, and the solution is only to turn the wheel when you are moving, ensuring that the tread is not sanded against the road.

The second reason we found Acura SLX tires cracking is that they are not load rated for the Acura SLXs 4614-pounds. This means that even when unloaded and standing still in your house's garage, the tires are being pushed to their absolute limit, with the cracks being the first sign that something is drastically wrong.

How Long Should Tires On An Acura SLX Last?

On average, the tires on a well-driven Acura SLX should last between three to four years, depending on the miles you are doing. Tires used on the road will degrade faster and lose tracking easier than all-terrain tires used around a ranch or farm.

Further, the life of the tires will be heavily extended when using two sets of tires throughout the year. Many owners report that the tires have expired before they can get through all the tread that the tires have, which would take between five to ten years.

We recommend that you consider this when choosing your tires and that you store them in climate-controlled locations because of this. Tires left in the sun the whole day will most likely degrade twice as fast as tires stored in the garage corner.

Best Tires For Acura SLX

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