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The Acura RSX is an older sporty sedan with some impressive driving capabilities, but you need a reliable set of tires to get the most from this car.

Tires are one of the most important parts of your vehicle because they provide traction and stability so you can drive safely. We consider the Michelin Pilot Sport All-Season 4, Bridgestone Turanza QuietTrack, and General G-Max RS to be the three best tires available for the Acura RSX.

When looking for the best tires, you should consider the tread design because it provides better handling and increased grip on dry surfaces. If you live in an area with snow or ice, make sure that your tires have deep channels for maximum traction. This guide provides a variety of tire choices to consider for this vehicle.

Our experts spent plenty of time researching and testing each of the tires listed below to ensure they provide the right features for this vehicle. All of the necessary information you need to make an informed purchasing decision is discussed below.

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7 Best Tires For Acura RSX

The Acura RSX is a sporty, lightweight car that is made with performance in mind. It can withstand normal wear and tear without any problem as long as you have the right tires on it. Because it is an older vehicle, you also have a wider range of tire choices to consider.

There are many brands of tires on the market from which to choose, but there are a few things you should consider before making your decision. Many reliable tires offer the best performance or durability for driving in more difficult weather conditions like rain or snow.

Another consideration is tread life and how long a tire will last. The more tread life your tire has, the longer they'll last before needing replacement and the better they'll perform in wet weather conditions.

Below you will find some of the best overall tire choices for the Acura RSX to ensure maximum performance and durability for long-term driving needs.

Michelin Pilot Sport All-Season 4 - Best All-Season


The Michelin Pilot Sport All-Season 4 is an all-season performance tire that's designed from the ground up to deliver high performance on dry and wet roads. It's not as heavy as its other tires in the Michelin family and it is great for those who enjoy spirited driving on dry pavement.

The tread design is intended to provide a balance of wet and dry traction without compromising either one. We love this tire and consider it the number one choice for the Acura RSX because it provides excellent versatility too.

This passenger car tire has a performance-driven design. It is well-suited for vehicles that need to deal with both wet and dry conditions. The tire also has an asymmetric tread pattern that provides outstanding handling in both wet and dry conditions, while limiting hydroplaning.

This tire has high levels of grip performance in the rain, snow, and dry roads. This is due to the asymmetric tread pattern, four circumferential grooves in the shoulder area, and an open shoulder area arrangement that creates biting edges for good traction.

It is designed for many types of sedans, coupes, and sports cars. The tire features a three-rib tread pattern which reduces noise while driving. This tire also offers a smooth ride with low levels of noise and vibration.

It also offers a high level of grip in wet conditions and handles well on slushy roads. You can find this tire available in plenty of sizes at Tire Rack.


  • Excellent tread life
  • Durable rubber compound composition for winter driving
  • Minimal road noise
  • Precise handling for sporty vehicles


  • Premium pricing on this tire
  • Poor tread life warranty

Bridgestone Turanza QuietTrack - Best Touring


The Bridgestone Turanza QuietTrack is an all-season touring tire that provides a comfortable, quiet, and smooth ride. It also has a longer tread life as well as a competitive price. This is the best touring tire choice for those who want performance, comfort, and value.

It also comes with excellent wet braking capabilities so if you live in an area where it rains often, this may be the perfect tire for you. This tire has an excellent balance of low noise, high mileage, and responsive handling.

The Turanza QuietTrack Touring tire is designed to provide a comfortable and quiet ride for those drivers who want to feel confident that they are getting the most out of their vehicle.

Built with an advanced engineering design, this tire has enhanced stability and provides excellent steering response. It also features a lower rolling resistance than many other competitors on the market so drivers can expect greater fuel efficiency as well as reduced wear and tear on their vehicle.

This touring performance tire offers great traction and high-speed stability. This tire can be used in almost any season with no problems. The treadwear is long-lasting and it has excellent wet handling without being too noisy on the road.

The best place to find this tire available is at Tire Rack, with prices starting at only 132.99 per tire. All orders include free shipping and fast delivery times.


  • Long-lasting tread life
  • Quiet driving tread design
  • 80,000-mile tread life warranty
  • Rounded contact patch for maximum road comfort
  • Luxury driving experience


  • Short-distance braking could be improved

Hankook Ventus R-S4 - Best Summer


The Hankook Ventus R-S4 is a great option for Acura RSX owners because it offers excellent traction and handling. The tread life is also one of its strong points because it can last for many summer seasons.

Another noteworthy feature of this tire is that it has a solid grip in wet conditions, which is especially important in regions that get snow or rain during the winter months. You can experience high levels of grip in this weather.

The Hankook Ventus R-S4 is the perfect tire for drivers who want to get their hands on some of the latest Hankook technology. The Ventus R-S4 has a new asymmetric tread design that offers more grip, stability, and mileage.

This tire also features an advanced tread technology that offers additional grip in wet conditions. It includes more grooves that help with channeling water away from the contact patch to improve overall grip.

This is a summer tire that offers excellent handling and grip, long tread life, and superior wet performance. It also offers superior wet performance and long tread life while also ensuring superior handling and grip.

It provides an excellent ride with good handling and grip. The tires also last a long time thanks to their advanced tread compound technology that withstands the heat well.

This low-profile tire also offers a great grip on wet roads as well as an amazing grip on dry roads. Overall, this tire will handle extremely well in the summer with excellent handling and you can find it available at Tire Rack in many sizes.


  • Accurate handling on dry pavement
  • Excellent durability for a summer tire
  • Handles high temperatures well
  • Braking distance is above average


  • Not intended to handle snow or for winter driving

Michelin X-Ice Snow - Best Winter


This is a Michelin X-ICE snow winter tire for Acura RSX. This is an all-season passenger car tire that is excellent for use in light snow conditions. The best thing about this all-season Michelin tire is the improved grip it offers, even at high speeds on snowy roads.

To make the tires even more durable, it has two steel belts reinforced with nylon to provide rigidity and flexibility to ensure you can enjoy their performance for many years to come. These tires are also lightweight and comfortable with reduced rolling noise because of the reduced tread height.

The X-Ice is a winter tire designed to give drivers the best grip in slippery conditions.

This winter tire has an asymmetrical tread pattern that provides a combination of driving stability and traction.

It features high-performance sipes that help it provide exceptional steering response, even on snow and ice. It also has a reinforced sidewall for improved protection from impacts from below the vehicle.

This tire features an aggressive tread design, which helps it grip the surface of the road more easily than other tires. The tread pattern provides excellent traction in slushy or wet conditions that are common in winter.

The tread pattern also helps the tire maintain its contact with the ground at low speeds when there are no grooves to follow. It works well by using deep grooves to handle packed snow or water, so the primary contact patch area can remain dry.

It’s available in various sizes and has excellent traction on ice and snow, as well as a good braking distance. The best place to find this tire is at Tire Rack for only $110.99 per tire.


  • Long tread life with multiple winter seasons
  • The best overall grip on ice and snow in this tire category
  • Improved braking features on slippery roads
  • Highly responsiveness on dry pavement too


  • Not a reliable tire when the weather gets warmer

General G-Max RS - Best Performance Street


The General G-max RS is a summer tire that has been designed to be used for sports cars, high-end luxury cars, passenger cars, and coupes. It has an asymmetrical tread pattern and the design of the tread blocks offer good wet and dry performance.

The G-Max RS is an excellent tire for drivers that are looking for a performance tire with an even wear pattern. It has an asymmetric tread pattern that provides grip at the front and rear of the vehicle.

This tire also has a special compound that helps it last longer. This compound also helps maintain its grip over time so you don’t have to worry about your vehicle slipping on wet surfaces after long drives.

It is designed for use on high-performance and sports cars. It provides a smooth and quiet ride on wet and dry roads. The rubber compound of the tire is designed for a longer life span, meaning that it can last up to 10% longer than other comparable tires of this type.

The G-Max RS performance summer tire has an asymmetric tread pattern with wide outer shoulder blocks for enhanced stability and wet weather grip. The tread pattern also features center groove technology, which reduces noise levels by reducing the vibrations from the road surface.

If you enjoy driving with precision and accuracy, this is one of the best tires you can find. It is widely available at Tire Rack with solid prices, free shipping, and unbelievably fast shipping times on every new order.


  • Excellent dry road grip.
  • Top-notch handling and cornering capabilities for sporty driving
  • Cheap pricing makes this an excellent value


  • There are better tires in this category if you are looking for wet road grip
  • No mileage warranty

Michelin CrossClimate2 - Best Highway


The Michelin CrossClimate2 is a new, all-season performance tire designed for Acura RSX. It is the successor of Michelin's popular CrossClimate model with improved weather and traction capabilities.

The Michelin CrossClimate2 offers several advantages over its predecessor, including improved grip and handling on wet roads as well as more stability at high speeds. It also delivers a smoother ride with less noise on both dry and wet surfaces.

These tires are designed to work well in both wet and dry conditions. Michelin accomplishes this through 3D siping compounds, which help with eliminating the flow of water through the tire grooves for improved grip.

The CrossClimate2 also has more refined tread blocks to allow the tire to grip the surface better than other tires and offers more traction and stability than other Michelin models. It works incredibly well on long drives that need more comfort.

This is a premium highway tire that offers a versatile solution for vehicles of all sizes and styles. The tire's all-season tread compound delivers excellent grip in wet conditions, while its high-performance silica tread compound provides excellent grip in dry conditions.

The CrossClimate2 has been designed to offer an ideal combination of all-season versatility and high performance, with enhanced braking and cornering capabilities, as well as excellent ride comfort and driving stability in light snow conditions.

They also offer some features like enhanced sidewall protection, self-cleaning tread technology, and ultra-lightweight design. This tire can be found at Tire Rack for an affordable price of only $147.99 per tire.


  • High-performance tread design
  • Excellent handling in all types of weather conditions
  • Solid overall durability
  • 3D siping technology for advanced winter performance


  • The 60,000-mile warranty could be a little better for a tire in this category

Continental sContact Spare Tire - Best Temporary Spare


The Continental sContact is a temporary spare tire that is made specifically for sporty sedans like the Acura RSX. You should not expect anything overly complicated with this spare, but it works well and is not difficult to install.

One of the best features about this tire is its low cost while still giving you performance that's comparable to more expensive tires. The only downside with this option would be that while it does have good longevity, it cannot handle a lot of driving conditions.

This spare tire is made of specially-formulated rubber to enhance performance on wet surfaces despite its limitations. They are also engineered for low rolling resistance for better fuel economy.

It is worth noting that this is not a tire that should be used long-term. It is perfectly designed to help you regain temporary road mobility, providing maximum speeds of 50 MPH and maximum distances of about 70 total miles.

This cheap temporary spare tire can be found at Tire Rack in a few different sizes that will accommodate all Acura RSX drivers.


  • Easy installation
  • Solid durability
  • Versatile sizing capabilities


  • A maximum speed of 50 MPH
  • Maximum driving distance of 70 total miles

Different Acura RSX Tire Sizes & Model Types

The Acura RSX was a short-lived run and there were not many vehicles released between 2002-2006 when it was in production. They released a traditional base model and the Type S model that provided a bit more for drivers.

Overall, it was simple with only two tire sizes worth noting as well. Below you can find a chart that includes each model type by year along with the corresponding tire size to help you during your tire purchasing journey to find the right product for you.

How Long Do Acura RSX Tires Last?

Tires are an essential component of the car and they contribute largely to the handling and safety of a vehicle. If the tires are not in the best condition, it could lead to various accidents. This is why drivers need to be aware of when their tires need replacement.

Most Acura RSX tires that fall under the primary categories mentioned in this guide will last between 40,000 to 80,000 miles depending on the exact tire and how well you take care of them.

It is critical to always keep them properly inflated so they will last longer on your vehicle too. You should expect to get around 50,000 miles from the average tire, with increased tread life from more premium tire choices.

What Is The Best Tire Type For An Acura RSX?

There are many factors to consider when selecting the right tire for your vehicle. Tire type, size, tread life, speed rating are all important considerations.

For example, an Acura RSX is fitted with a variety of tires depending on the specific model year and optional features. Below we have listed a few of the best tire types that will enhance the performance and provide excellent support on the road for you.

These options include all-season tires, touring tires, and performance street tires. This gives you plenty of balance between winter driving support, summer handling, and sporty features that maximize everything the Acura RSX has to offer.

All-Season Tire

All-season tires are one of the best types of tires for the Acura RSX because they handle weather and last long. All-season tires are designed to provide year-round performance in all kinds of conditions, so you can use them in any season, whether it's summer or winter.

These tires are designed to provide year-round performance in all kinds of conditions, so you can use them in any season, whether it's summer or winter. They will use different rubber compounds that give you good traction on wet roads as well as great handling on dry roads.

An all-season tire will offer plenty of traction during wet or winter weather conditions. They can be used year-round which is why they are one of the best choices for drivers with an Acura RSX.

Touring Tire

Since Acura RSX drivers are always on the go, their tires need to be durable and safe. Touring tires are typically the best type of tire for Acura RSX drivers because they have a high tread life that guarantees safety during trips.

They also offer a comfortable driving experience for Acura RSX drivers with their smooth ride quality. They offer durable tread life and comfortable driving experiences because of their advanced tread designs.

Touring tires are one of the best tire types for Acura RSX drivers and they are excellent for driving on highways for longer distances. If you are someone who commutes long distances, this would be one of the best tire choices for you.

Performance Street Tire

Performance street tires are great tires if you intend to drive faster and use your Acura RSX for its sporty features. The tires are designed to provide a high-performance driving experience on dry or wet roads.

Not only will you have excellent weather traction, but this tire type is known to improve cornering and braking capabilities. They provide a smooth ride, which is important for fast driving while giving you the traction needed for the occasional sport driving excursion.

These tires offer a balance between comfort and speed, without sacrificing too much either way. These tires are made with high grip materials that provide stability and control of the car in tough driving conditions.

Best Tires For Acura RSX

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