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The Acura MDX is a top-selling SUV with many unique features that set it aside from competitors, and with the right tires, it will exceed all expectations.

If you are an Acura MDX driver in need of a critical tire upgrade, you are in the right place. The three best tires to get started with are the Continental Cross Contact LX Sport, Pirelli Scorpion Verde All Season Plus II, and Bridgestone Dueler H/L Alenza Plus. All three tires are premium choices.

Tires have a large impact on how your vehicle feels and performs. They are the ones that ensure your safety and can indicate whether you are being safe when driving on the road. Because of this, you need the best and this guide has everything you need to know for the Acura MDX.

When testing different tires, our experts like to analyze different key factors like tread pattern and performance features in real-life driving scenarios. This helps to see the way the tire works on the road and its compatibility with the Acura MDX. Keep reading to learn more about each of these top tires.

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8 Best Tires For Acura MDX

The best tires for the MDX are those that will provide maximum traction and control on grass and snow while still providing good comfort for the driver. The most common type of tire for this vehicle would be summer or all-around tires which provide comfort in both dry and wet conditions.

You can also get winter or snow tires but these may compromise traction on other surfaces such as dirt roads or paved highways during the summer months. Instead, it is best to consider what type of driving you need to accommodate first.

The MDX has a lot of features that make it appealing to all kinds of customers. Acura has designed this vehicle to handle any terrain, but they have also designed it with a variety of tires to cater to different types of customer needs.

To make sure your Acura MDX is equipped with the best set of tires, it's important to know what you're looking for in a tire so that you can find the right fit. We have included the nine best tires to consider below.

Continental CrossContact LX Sport - Best All-Season


The Continental CrossContact LX Sport is the best all-season tire for Acura MDX. It has excellent traction and handling, and it's made with performance in mind.

This all-season tire is designed to be durable, reliable, and affordable so that drivers get the best performance without breaking the bank. It has been proven to last longer than its competitors in a range of on-road driving conditions too.

The best thing about this tire is that it provides excellent traction and stability while providing comfort for drivers of all skill levels. It offers a smooth and comfortable ride, comfort, and grip in various weather conditions.

The CrossContact LX Sport is the perfect match for the Acura MDX. It provides good traction on ice and wet surfaces while offering decent performance overall. It also offers a great balance between wet handling and dry handling capabilities.

It's a high-performance tire that provides superior performance for both on and off-road driving. It features a unique tread compound that provides superior traction on wet surfaces while providing minimal rolling resistance.

If you plan to upgrade today, you can find this tire available in many sizes at Tire Rack with prices starting at $126.60 per tire.

Pirelli Scorpion Verde All Season Plus II - Best Touring


Pirelli is known for making the best tires and they continue to come up with new and improved designs of their highest-quality tires. The Pirelli Scorpion Verde All Season Plus II features an optimized compound for more grip when you're driving in both wet and dry conditions.

This is a durable tire that offers a great balance of performance and long-term treadwear. Despite being heavier than the competition, it offers the same level of performance on wet or dry surfaces as other brands that are lighter-weight options.

The Scorpion Verde provides a great grip on both dry and wet roads. The aggressive tread pattern offers ample traction, while the wide footprint ensures stability during rainy conditions.

The side walls are reinforced to increase durability and allow for greater puncture resistance, as well as optimized rigidity in the sidewall. This also translates to greater durability in cases of a sidewall cut or puncture.

This is a high-performance all-season tire that works extremely well with the Acura MDX. The tread design provides excellent traction in wet and dry conditions. The tire also offers good handling capabilities and a quiet and comfortable ride.

The best place to find this tire is at Tire Rack, with prices starting as low as $156.10 per tire with free shipping included on every order too.

Michelin Latitude Sport - Best Summer


The Michelin Latitude Sport tire offers excellent traction and handling, along with low rolling resistance. This is exactly why it is considered one of the best summer tires for a variety of SUV and crossover drivers.

The Latitude Sport has a tread pattern with silica to reduce hydroplaning on paved surfaces and water fording in wet conditions. It has been engineered to give you grip, comfort, and a smooth ride in all warm weather conditions.

This summer tire is the best option for Acura MDX drivers who are looking for a tire that’s great in handling and braking. With the Michelin Latitude Sport, you can confidently cruise through this summer without any worries of anything going wrong with your Acura MDX.

The design includes a high-quality tread pattern perfectly optimized with hard rubber compounds that can withstand the rising temperatures in the heat. You can also expect more precise handling and cornering.

The best place to buy this tire is at Tire Rack. You can find it in many sizes here with the prices starting at $274.03 per tire. It is a bit more expensive but the high-performance features and long-lasting tread life make it an excellent value.

Bridgestone Blizzak DM-V2 - Best Winter


The Blizzak DM-V2 is a winter tire that can handle challenging conditions with ease. It provides superior grip in all conditions while providing high levels of safety, even at low temperatures. This tire provides high levels of wet traction and has a wide footprint that gives drivers more stability in slippery conditions.

The most impressive feature this tire can offer is the advanced siping technology with microscopic bite particles. They are released when the tire needs to find more traction in deeper snow or on slippery ice.

The Blizzard DM-V2 has excellent traction in deep snow thanks to its 3D structured tread design with deeper grooves that provide improved water evacuation. It also has a center rib that improves dry braking performance and lateral grip in low-friction conditions.

It offers superior traction, control, and ride comfort over all other tires on the market today. It also provides better fuel efficiency and has a lower rolling resistance than other tires on the market as well.

The design of this tire also makes it much more accurate when handling and turning. This is also extremely noticeable on dry pavement too, but be sure to change this tire before the weather gets too warm.

You can find this tire available at Tire Rack with prices starting at $130.99 per tire.

Bridgestone Dueler H/P Sport - Best Performance Street


The Bridgestone Dueler H/P Sport is a premier high-performance tire that offers excellent handling and performance from the day of purchase. This is considered the best performing street tire for Acura MDX drivers.

The Dueler H/P Sport is a premium tire for drivers who demand superior performance and handling. This is due to its durable construction and tread design that provides improved traction, even on wet roads.

It provides excellent grip in wet or dry conditions with enhanced feedback from the road surface thanks to large shoulder blocks in the center of treads. These blocks provide more shock absorption as they move over small bumps, allowing for better contact with the road surface.

These tires are designed to be used on sports and high-performance vehicles. They have a smooth tread pattern which provides excellent traction and handling. They also offer great durability and a long life span.

The tires offer varying levels of performance depending on the wheel size so you'll need to choose the size for your vehicle before purchasing them. You should expect excellent cornering and short-distance braking too.

This tire is available at Tire Rack and SimpleTire for affordable prices. Each order also comes with fast delivery and free shipping.

Toyo Open Country A/T III - Best All-Terrain


The Toyo Open Country A/T III tire is a popular all-terrain tire made by Toyo Tires. It is available in many sizes and compounds for different driving conditions and terrain.

The Open Country A/T III has a durable compound that provides an excellent balance of traction and durability in most driving conditions. It also has a rugged tread design that provides great performance on wet surfaces, including mud, snow, gravel, and sand.

This tire uses an aggressive tread block design that has long-lasting durability against irregular rocks and sharp objects. This is a feature that makes it a good choice for off-road driving with high performance.

The most noticeable feature of the new tire is its low-profile design that provides a smoother ride. The tires also feature an aggressive tread pattern for better traction on wet and dry surfaces.

We recommend checking out SimpleTire to find this product available at a low price of only $145.99.

Bridgestone Dueler H/L Alenza Plus - Best Highway


The Bridgestone Dueler H/L Alenza Plus has been designed to provide superior comfort and superior driving performance. It features a wide range of features that make it a great option for those looking for an all-purpose tire.

The Dueler H/L Alenza Plus has an asymmetric tread pattern with four distinctive grooves on the outside of its tread blocks to channel water away from the contact patch. This helps to improve traction in wet conditions and helps prevent hydroplaning.

The tire also has a raised edge guard that will help prevent foreign objects from getting stuck under the treads. It also has a smaller profile than other tires on the market to improve aerodynamics for better fuel efficiency.

With the all-season versatility of this highway, drivers can enjoy both high-performance and peace of mind on the road. You can take advantage of the advanced siping and grooves to prevent hydroplaning too.

Bridgestone also offers a top-rated warranty on this tire and it is known to be a long-lasting option with exceptional tread life. This tire can be found widely available at Tire Rack for $196.93 per tire.  

Goodyear Convenience Spare - Best Temporary Spare


The Goodyear Convenience Spare is one of the best temporary spare tire choices for the Acura MDX. It is a temporary spare tire that can be installed quickly in just a few minutes with excellent durability.

This product offers the popular, high-quality benefits of Goodyear Tires and gives drivers more mobility, especially those on long-distance road trips. It uses shallower treads and lightweight construction to provide plenty of performance.

It has a wide variety of features that make it a good choice for customers on average budgets. One feature that stands out from the rest is the six air pockets to provide consistently high performance and always-on security features for drivers’ safety as well as peace of mind.

This temporary spare tire is perfect for those who need to replace their tires at short notice after a flat or tire puncture. However, you need to make sure you do not exceed 50 MPH or drive over 70 miles using this spare. You can find this tire available at Tire Rack.

Bridgestone Alenza Sport A/S - Factory Tire


The Bridgestone Alenza Sport is a factory tire designed for the Acura MDX. The tire provides enhanced performance and ride quality. The tread pattern helps with wet and dry traction and handles bumps smoothly.

It has a wide footprint and deep tread design that provides excellent grip on both wet and dry surfaces. It is an affordable option designed primarily for everyday use on city streets and highways with maximum comfort and longevity.

This tire has been made to provide low noise levels and has good traction in wet or dry conditions while being able to handle high speeds. It also uses specific grooves for hydroplaning resistance and traction.

You can even expect solid winter performance because this is an all-season tire with advanced siping. This will help you grab onto snow and ice more accurately due to the biting edge technology feature.

This tire is available at Tire Rack for $171.81 per tire with free shipping.

What Is The Best Tire Type For An Acura MDX?

The Acura MDX is a luxury sport utility vehicle with all-wheel drive. Its tires are very important in the driving experience and they can impact the longevity and performance capabilities of your vehicle too.

It is best to have tires that optimize traction and stability for your Acura MDX. A high-performance tire can be a good option if you are concerned about minimizing fuel consumption, noise, and rolling resistance.

There are a few types of Acura MDX tires that work best to consider such as highway tires, all-season tires, and all-terrain tires.


Highway tires are designed for long-time comfortable driving for those who travel well. They have a great grip on the road and are not likely to wear out quickly.

The smooth ride is barely noticeable when driving in this type of tire, so it’s great for people with back or neck problems as well as those who want a more comfortable ride. This is because it offers great traction and fuel efficiency while also providing a smooth ride.

Highway tires are considered to be a better option than all-season tires because they grip onto the road more efficiently as well as offer better fuel efficiency. This is especially true for Acura MDX drivers too.


All-season tires are designed to provide traction in both dry and wet conditions. They have a tread that grips snow, ice, and slush while an all-season tire is made up of a mix of winter, summer, and all-weather tread patterns.

These are some of the best tires for Acura MDX because they provide great all-year traction. These tires are popular as they can provide a good grip throughout the year, even in winter.


All-terrain tires are excellent for the Acura MDX because they can drive well on a variety of different road types. They are even made to drive accurately off-road in more rugged terrains or road surfaces.

They may not be perfectly suited for everyone, but if you intend to use your MDX off-road this is the number one tire choice you should consider.

Factors To Consider For An Acura MDX Tire

When looking for the best tire for your Acura MDX, you should consider a few factors. These factors will determine how well your vehicle will drive and whether you can expect a strong performance from your vehicle.

Acura MDX tires are designed to suit the needs of the driver and the vehicle they are on. They come with different tire materials that suit different driving conditions such as rain, snow, or summer conditions.


The warranty policy on a tire is an important consideration when looking for the best Acura MDX tire choice. The policy allows you to know how long the manufacturer of a particular tire will stand behind it and replace it if there are any manufacturing defects or if it fails during its warranty period.

A good example of a company that offers great warranties is Michelin, which extends their warranties for up to six years with some models. Other manufacturers like Bridgestone offer warranties between three and five years.

Road Noise

When shopping for tires, you should try to find ones that offer some level of comfort with a low level of road noise. This goes a long way for drivers who spend lots of time in their vehicles.

A noisy tire becomes extremely annoying over time, and as the tire wears more it will only get louder too. Road noise typically indicates the quality of a tire, how long it may last, and the style of driving it accommodates best too.

Tread Life

The tread life is the amount of time a tire can last with reasonable wear and tear. When considering the best Acura MDX tire choice, it's important to think about your commute, driving conditions, and the type of driving you do most.

When it comes to choosing new Acura MDX tires, consider how long you will be using them and whether they are needed for your driving style. For example, if you spend most of your time on highways or in stop-and-go traffic, then a shorter tread life may not be as important to you.

Driving Comfort

If you are driving a vehicle regularly, you must be aware of the need for suitable tire replacement. When it comes to Acura MDX, choosing the most comfortable tire for your needs is important.

Tires play an important role in a car. They provide a smooth ride and control of the vehicle when driving on different surfaces. This is why we consider driving comfort to be one of the key factors to analyze before choosing your new tire.

Off-Road Capabilities

While the Acura MDX may not be the number one vehicle for off-road driving, it is extremely versatile with plenty of speed and strength. If you intend to take your vehicle off-road, you need to consider this for your tire too.

The best off-road tires typically have all-terrain capabilities where they handle mud, rocks, dirt, and other rugged areas well with puncture resistance. They will also drive through wintry conditions smoothly with reliable traction at all times.

Benefits of Highway Tires For An Acura MDX

Highway Tires are a type of automobile tire that is typically made out of polyester, silica, and carbon black. They are low-pressure and in comparison to other tires, they have a soft enough compound to handle the changing weather conditions.

There are many benefits of using Highway Tires for an Acura MDX. This includes increased performance, better fuel efficiency, and improved handling.

It’s important to note that the most benefits come from purchasing a new set of tires rather than installing a tire on your existing wheels. We recommend highway tires to most drivers looking to make an upgrade on their Acura MDX.

Longer Tread Life

The highway tires are great for the Acura MDX because they have a much longer tread life. The tires have been improved to be more puncture resistant and have a much lower rolling resistance than the other types of tires in the market.

When it comes to your vehicle, you want to be able to trust what you see and hear. The Acura MDX operates best when it is equipped with high-quality highway tires that provide a safer and quieter ride while also lasting longer.

Highway tires are designed with a tread designed to be able to handle slippery surfaces, including ice, snow, wet leaves, and other debris on the road. This gives them a longer tread life than other options.

Year-Round Traction & Performance

The Acura MDX is an SUV that features a powerful engine. It can handle tough terrain and provide the best performance. However, it needs high-quality tires that can perform in areas where other vehicles may not be able to.

Highway tires provide year-round traction on all surfaces and offer excellent performance for driving in all kinds of weather conditions. As a result, they are widely used in Acura MDX for enhanced mobility and safety.

There are also many other benefits like fewer flat tire issues when compared to normal passenger car tires. You can expect your vehicle to be running at its best this way.

Wide Selection Of Tires

There are lots of different highway tires to choose from. It is one of the broadest tire categories and this is an incredible benefit if you are not sure what exactly you need to purchase. You can try out different options to find the best one.

If you are looking for performance, tread design, or simply want something that will be durable for years, there is something for everyone.

The wide selection of tires in the highway category is great because it means that you can find a tire that meets your needs. But, with all of these options, it can be hard to decide which tire is right for you.

How To Find The Best Tire For Your Acura MDX

When you are looking for a new tire to add to your vehicle, you want to make sure that the tires meet your needs. The critical first step is to choose the best tire type that specifically fits you and your vehicle.

To accomplish this, you will need to consider some key characteristics of potential tires. We have included exactly what you need to check first before making the final purchase for your new Acura MDX tire upgrade.

1. Test The Handling Capabilities

When you buy a new tire, you should test the handling capabilities of that tire. This will help you choose the right tire for your car and save money in the long run.

Try to drive around a straight road and make sure that it's easy to maneuver around bends. You can check if it's easy to turn around corners at low speeds too.

Because many tires allow you to trial run them for up to 30 days, you can do this with nearly any new tire.

2. Check The Weather Traction

Once you have started to drive it, you should see how well the traction is in either snow or rain. This will allow you to see the amount of braking, steering, and overall handling capabilities it can offer in more difficult weather.

Drive on wet or snowy roads and see if there is any slipping or loss of traction. If you notice difficulty maintaining control, you may need to find a new tire.

3. Try Out The Steering Responsiveness

One of the most important safety features on a vehicle is the steering response from your tire. You need to be sure that you are driving correctly and not coming off the road because you are too close to a curve.

You should be able to test the steering response from your tire by turning the wheel in different directions and seeing how fast it responds.

4. Consider The Braking Distance

It is essential to test the braking and braking distances on your tire before driving. This will help you determine whether you have the right amount of air pressure in your tires. It will also help prevent accidents.

Testing the brakes allows you to see how long it takes for a car to come to a stop. You can also try this in rain or snow too.

How Long Will Acura MDX Tires Last?

You can expect your Acura MDX tires to last between 50,000 to 80,000 miles depending on the exact tire type and brand name. However, it is best to replace them with new ones before they completely wear out.

The Acura MDX is known to drive extremely smooth with excellent precision by creating more direct contact with the ground. This helps to improve rolling resistance for better fuel efficiency and tread life.

This is why you will notice your tires might last longer on this vehicle. It is a premium SUV and does an excellent job driving on the pavement to maximum tire stability and lifespan with many features to offer.

The Acura MDX is designed to last a long time, and they have several features that make it easier for you to keep on driving on your tires for longer. They are made to offer a long-lasting tread life at a reasonable cost.

Best Tires For Acura MDX

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