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Your Acura Legend needs to have the best possible set of tires on it to take on the world's worst challenges.

Many people that own one of these classic Acura's have learned that with the right set of tires, they can enjoy themselves with their Legend. Each of the tires listed below will be able to handle the weight of the Acura Legend and take you on trips around the country or have you cruising in comfort.

The best tires for the Acura Legend are:

  • BFGoodrich Radial all seasons
  • Ironman iMOVEs
  • Falken Sinceras
  • Laufenn G FIT AS Tires Online
  • Delinte DH2 P205/60R15 Tires

You need to consider several tires, and we have a full list of these tires and the best places to buy these. The best tires are often simply those you may not have expected or even thought of using, with some having several sets of tires ready for their long road trips.

We recommend that you have at least two sets of tires, as the Acura Legend is a touring car for the open road more than anything else. Many people take care of their Acura Legends because they want to keep it going well into retirement, even with the car being a modern classic.

Table of Contents

BFGoodrich Radial T/A Tires Touring Car All-Season Tires


These tires will allow you to get where you need to go without stressing about whether or not the treads are clogged. With the standard 205 section width recommended for the Acura Legend, you can easily rest assured that these tires will fit on your Acura Legend.

The tread type is meant to be used on sandy roads or just not conventional tarred roads, which rules out most city driving. But we recommend these specifically because they are comfortable to use when driving on country roads or crossing cross country, sticking to any surface or road you may find yourself in.

You will need to consider this when choosing the tires for your Acura Legend because you are unlikely to drive to and from work simply. Many owners of the Acura Legends specifically use it as their daily driver when going longer distances, which means you would prefer driving on the backroads to work simply because you get to drive a bit more.

Basic Facts About The BFGoodrich Radial T/A Tires

These tires have a deep, patterned tread meant to help with water and mud conditions and handle sandy and rocky roads. With a section width of 2055 for the Acura Legend, this makes them a rather thicker tire that will handle anything apart from track conditions without having to stress about it.

At $136.15 per tire, a full set will be on the expensive side of $544.60, which does mean these are a bit more costly than many other tires on the market. However, these are also tires meant to last more than 48 000 miles, which is perfect for a vehicle like the Acura Legend, whether it is your daily or your weekend cruiser.

  • Section Width: 205
  • Max PSI: 36 PSI
  • Tire Sizes: 15-inches

Yokohama YK740 GTX Tires Car Performance All-Season Tires


These are the daily driver sets we recommend from Discount Tire; the Yokohama YK740s will allow you to drive through cities, towns, and highways without stress. The tread is an all-weather tread meant to be used for cars that will be driven no matter what the conditions are outside.

This means you can still attempt to drive with these, albeit at a very slow and careful speed, even if it is lightly snowing. The deeper tread means that you can also drive with these tires for longer distances, which means you may only need new tires every four to six years, which makes them a good long-term investment.

They are around the average price for tires at $115 per tire and $460 for a set of four, allowing you to easily and comfortably buy these without stressing about better deals. It is important to remember that when buying tires, many times, tires that are much more affordable will not last nearly as long as others.

Basic Facts About The Yokohama YK740 GTX Tires

As tires that are meant to handle wet and dry conditions, these tires have the standard 205 section width of 15 inches. With a wider overall width, these tires can handle high speeds as well, making them perfect for Acura Legends that are still used every day, whether for work, school, or just for driving.

Further, with a median rating of 54 000 miles of drive time per tire and an overall 60 000-mile warranty, the tires may last longer than you expect. Many people prefer to use these tires on their Acura Legend when they specifically want to continue to use them well after most other vehicles would have failed.

  • Section Width: 205
  • Max PSI: 51 PSI
  • Tire Sizes: 15-inches

Bridgestone Ecopia EP422 Plus Tires Car Performance All-Season Tires


The Bridgestone Ecopia's are the tires we recommend when unsure where or when you will be driving your Acura Legend. We often recommend the tire to people who park the car for months on end and then take it out for a cross-country trip on backroads and other less traveled areas.

The treads are not as deep as some of the tires meant for any weather type, but they are shaped in such a way to help divert water and sand when needed. This has made them the perfect tire for Acura Legends, which are expected to handle well at times and places where they may not normally be driven.

At a much higher price, $131.37 per tire and $525.48 for four tires, they are on the upper end of tires we recommend based on price. However, they will last you a long time, whether you are driving them daily or parking the Acura Legend for a few months only to drive it intensely for a few days.

Basic Facts About The Bridgestone Ecopia EP422 Plus Tires

With a section width of 205 and a tire size of 15-inches, these are the same as many of the other tires we have recommended. They are available in larger section widths or tire sizes, but we recommend these sizes for the most common tires on Acura Legends.

Further, the tires are rated to last over 70 000-miles, with the median tire usually lasting just over 55 000-miles. This means you can easily use these tires for nearly four years of constant driving and not worry about the tires getting older or getting so thin that you need to buy new ones within a few years.

  • Section Width: 205
  • Max PSI: 36 PSI
  • Tire Sizes: 15-inches

Ironman iMOVE GEN2 AS Tires Online


With a deeper tread and much fewer broad ridges, the Ironman iMOVE tires from Tirebuyer are meant to have your Acura Legend driven in normal city conditions. We don't recommend using these tires if you are going on longer cross-country trips, but they will serve well to ensure you are moving each day.

Many people buy these tires specifically because they need something affordable, with one tire only being $72.39 and a full set going for $289.56. This has also meant that those who have tuned and changed their Acura Legend to be a performance car use these tires when abusing them.

Further, the tires will work well when you are living in more urban areas, where distances that are being driven are not as intense or long distance. With only occasional longer trips being taken instead of constantly driving on the highway at higher speeds and temperatures.

Basic Facts About The Ironman iMOVE GEN2

The Ironman iMOVEs are a good set of tires with a high-speed rating that will work in most seasons, apart from snowy freezing temperatures. The section width is 20 at standard for the Acura Legend, and a tire size of 15-inches makes them the standard size for the Acura Legend.

The tires are rated for higher speeds but have a lower overall distance rating than many other tires, with only an estimated 2-year warranty. Even at the lower price, we recommend using these tires if you save up for something better, as they will usually start showing their wear and become unsafe to use.

  • Section Width: 205
  • Max PSI: 44 PSI
  • Tire Sizes: 15-inches

Laufenn G FIT AS Tires Online


With a deeper tread and some directional shaping, the Laufenn G Fits are meant for Acura Legends that will be stuck in all seasons through the year, including snow. Many prefer these tires because they don't need to change them throughout the year or work to put chains on.

Further, these are good tires to use when you live in a snowy area and you want to switch tires when winter starts getting heavy. At $67.26 per tire and $269.04 for a set of four tires, most owners can afford to have them in the garage until they are absolutely needed.

We have seen many uses these tires as their daily driver with the unfortunate side effect of having the treads get too thin to use when the weather does start to change. This is usually why people switch out winter tires to help the tires last longer and have a deeper tread for when the weather becomes a challenge.

Basic Facts About The Laufenn G FIT

With a section width that is the standard of 205, the Laufenn G Fits are perfect for the most common tires that are fitted to Acura Legends. Making the tires the most probable that you can find on any of the cars still moving, with many preferring to have a more affordable set that can last throughout the year.

With a mileage warranty of 60 000 miles, the tires will last a long time if you drive them only during certain seasons. This has caused many to use the tires throughout the year, causing the tread to become too thin to use during harsher weather conditions such as snow or storms.

  • Section Width: 205
  • Max PSI: 51 PSI
  • Tire Sizes: 15-inches

Falken Sincera SN250 A/S Tires Online


The set of tires we recommend getting when you want to have a classic cruise with your Acura Legend cross-country without the constant sound of the tire. These are tires with a deep initial tread but very little overall shape for water and snow to be pushed out of the way to create traction.

We recommend that you have these on hand when you know the weather will be calm and that you will be traveling long distances. Many use these tires as the tires they use when going on road trips but not as their everyday drivers, simply because the tires are unlikely to last in city or town conditions.

At $104 for one tire and $416 for a full set, these are safely in the middle of the price point for tires meant for the Acura Legend. We recommend only getting them when you know you will drive long distances but will be unlikely to use them for shorter distances around towns or cities.

Basic Facts About The Falken Sincera SN250

A width of 205 and a tire size of 15-inches allows these tires to ride much more comfortably than most other tires. Further, these tires are available at 16-inches and much larger section widths, making them prefer for Acura Legends with custom rims, allowing you to enjoy a ride that is even more luxurious than a stock set.

As these tires are meant to be used as a set of cruising tires, they have been made with a warranty that lasts up to 75 000 miles, making them one of the longest-lasting tires we have. Further, the tires can usually run at highway speeds, with their max speed rating above what a stock Acura Legend can reach.

  • Section Width: 205
  • Max PSI: 51 PSI
  • Tire Sizes: 15-inches

Delinte DH2 P205/60R15 Tires

The Delinte DH2s is the first and only set of tires we recommend for Acura Legends with a higher speed rating. With a max speed rating of 149 mph, these tires will usually last up to a speed much higher than a stock Acura Legend can reach without having addons or being tuned.

However, the ability to go at a much faster speed comes with the adage that the tires are not meant to last long when driven in cities. Each tire is $91.96, with a set of four setting you back $367.84, much lower than many of the other tires we have listed here, specifically compared to some longer-lasting tires.

These tires have a good speed rating that will allow you to take them around a race track if needed, but we don't recommend doing this with an Acura Legend. The last added benefit to these tires is that you can easily use them as a set that will stay quiet at higher speeds, even when driving on rougher roads.

Basic Facts About The Delinte DH2

A section width of 205 is recommended for the Acura Legend; these are our first set of tires that comes in multiple sizes and section widths. Going as low as 175 or up to 335 makes them perfect for anyone who wants to have the same set of tires for their Acura Legend as they have for their truck.

Further, these tires are lower priced, which does mean there are some setbacks that you need to consider. The main problem is that they only have a warranty that lasts up to 50 000 miles, which means that when driven at higher speeds, these tires will start wearing down much faster than expected.

  • Section Width: 175 to 335
  • Max PSI: 44 PSI
  • Tire Sizes: 15 to 22-inches

Lexani LXTR-203 205/60R15 Tires

The Lexani LTRs are our budget-friendly tires that will get most Acura Legends back on the road and driving without too much of a problem. We recommend getting these when you are still unsure about the overall condition of your Acura Legend and whether or not it will work when driven for more than a few moments.

At $72.96 per tire and $291.84 for a full set, you can easily afford to have two sets of these on hand to ensure that you can easily use them as needed. Further, many prefer these tires when they are daily driving because they can be damaged and replaced without stressing how much damage the road is causing.

We recommend always considering this when driving with your Acura Legend as the daily driver in cities. The chances are quite high that you may end up with extremely damaged tires thanks to road debris that tends to be worse in areas where lots of traffic gather.

Basic Facts About The Lexani LXTR-203

At the recommended 205 section width, Acura Legends should have these tires rated to a max speed of 149 mph. This means that they can go at quite a speed, which may be hard for most Acura Legends to reach, making it hard to wear down these tires.

With a warranty rating of 40 000 miles, though, they will only last most Acura Legend drivers a few years, making them a good set to buy when driving regularly. Further, the tires may not last the same way when driven for longer distances, with many Acura Legend owners only using them when they are home and driving them around their hometown.

  • Section Width: 175 to 225
  • Max PSI: 44 PSI
  • Tire Sizes: 14 to 16-inches

Thunderer Mach IV R302 205/60R15 Tires

When driving in conditions where the weather can turn stormy and uncomfortable within minutes, we recommend the Thunderer Mach's. These tires have a deep thread with an overall shape that pushes water towards the side, creating a strong area of grip that will allow you to control the car in even deeper puddles of water.

These tires are rated to last a bit longer, and they have a deeper overall tread to use in bad weather conditions, so they are at the mid-point of costs. We only recommend using these at $90.96 per tire and $363.84 for a full set of tires for your Acura Legend if you know that you'll drive in wet conditions more than dry ones.

Many owners prefer to have a set of these tires on hand for when the seasons change, and they know that their everyday drivers may not be able to handle heavy rains. Specifically using these tires when the first signs of weather clouds changing to the worst arrive, many times having them on their own set of rims to make things easier.

Basic Facts About The Thunderer Mach IV

At the recommended 205 section width and 15 inches, these tires will allow you to easily and comfortably reach almost anywhere you need to go without too much trouble. We have seen many uses for these tires because of their deep treads and the smoother ride this deeper tread delivers.

With a max range of around 60 0000 miles, the tires can last the everyday driver for a significant time in wet climates. However, it should be noted that the same things that make the tires great means that tires are extremely likely to be quickly worn away in warmer, drier climates.

  • Section Width: 185 to 225
  • Max PSI: 44 PSI
  • Tire Sizes: 15 to 18-inches

Accelera Eco Plush 205/60R15 Tires

The last set of tires that we are recommending are the Accelera Eco Plush tires; these tires are what we would recommend getting when you don't know what to get. They will perform well in almost any weather or road condition but won't outperform any tire specifically for each possible condition.

This means that the Accelera Eco Plush tires are perfect for the daily driver going from the city, the countryside, some dirt roads, and back onto the highway. We recommend getting these when you know your Acura Legend may be driven anywhere at any given moment.

At only $86.96 per tire and $347.84 for a full set, they also have the benefit of being affordable so that you won't stress about them being damaged. This means they are perfect as your only set of tires but durable enough that you won't need to have an extra set in your garage just in case.

Basic Facts About The Accelera Eco Plush

At the recommended section width of 205 and with a tire size of 15-inches, these are a set of tires that will take you through most challenges without a problem. A deep tread near the edge and a complicated set of tread shapes mean that even when driving through sand, you can have some grip, with the only challenge being dirt.

Further, with a recommended warranty of 45 000 miles, you can safely use these tires for several years on your Acura Legend without having to stress about wear and tear. We have seen many people specifically having these on their car because they know the car is being driven around a specific city or town but never for longer distances.

  • Section Width: 165 to 225
  • Max PSI: 44 PSI
  • Tire Sizes: 14 to 17-inches

How Do You Choose Tires For The Acura Legend?

The Acura Legend was only manufactured from 1985 to 1995, meaning that most of them on the road today is over 20 years old. This means that most of the suspension should have been replaced and upgraded as the cars have moved through owners.

To choose the right tires for your Acura Legend, we recommend that you check what rims are currently on the car. There may be a chance that they are still the stock rims the car had, or they may be new ones, so you will have to change the section width and tire size on the tires we have recommended.

When choosing what tires you should be getting, you need to consider where the car will be driven and how you will be driving the car throughout the years. If you are handing the car to a child, it may be better to fit a set of affordable tires that can take some punishment until they can learn how to avoid curbs.

Why Are There So Many Tires For Acura Legend?

The Acura Legend has become a popular car in collectors circles, which means that almost all of them have been fitted with new rims. As the rims are changed and the car modified, the tires that the car can be fitted with change, which means the number of tires that are good for Acura Legends has increased.

Unlike many more classic cars, Acura Legends have been fitted and tested with many new and different tires. This means that tire shops and owners know that fitting larger tires to the cars is possible without having to stress about the tire hitting the car's fender.

Further, Acura Legends are used in many different conditions, some being used as show cars while others are fitted to be abused on tracks. This has meant even more dynamic choices in the tires available for the car, with many owners specifically fitting tires that can do as many things as possible.

When Should You Replace Tires On An Acura Legend?

If your car is struggling with handling, you should have already replaced the tires a few thousand miles ago. With vehicles like Acura Legends, we recommend checking the conditions of the tires every few months to ensure that they have not been damaged beyond repair.

When the tread has reached less than 3mm of depth, or there is wire starting to show on some spots, the tires should all be replaced. If you have one or two bubbles on the tires, they should all also be replaced as this is a sign of hitting potholes and other road debris that could have damaged the tires.

Further, we recommend you always replace the tires a few thousand miles before the warranty runs out. The reason for this is not the grip but that the tires may start to crack as the rubber starts to degrade, thanks to the effects that the sun and oxygen have on rubber.

Why Are Tires On Acura Legend So Large?

The Acura Legend is a large vehicle that weighs several tons, which means that the tires need to handle both the weight of the vehicle and the power from the engine. The tires for vehicles this size are usually larger and stronger because they need to handle much more pressure.

We recommend that you consider this when choosing larger or smaller tires than the standard tires that would be fitted to Acura Legends. Many people have gotten new car tires only to have them degrade quickly once on the road or loading things into the car when shopping.

Further, we have seen many people get tires that are too large for their Acura Legend only to see their fuel usage increase. We recommend that you consider all of this when choosing your tires and ensure that you get a set of tires that will last you for nearly as long as you have the car.

Best Tires For Acura Legend

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