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Drag racing requires a lot of skill and precision to get the perfect run. In order to achieve this, it is necessary to have the best street tires for drag racing.

Street tires can handle intense situations that other daily usage tires cannot. The three best street tires for drag racing are the Toyo Proxes R1-R, Nitto NT05R Drag Radial tire, and Bridgestone Potenza RE-71R. All three of these tires can give flawless acceleration and road grip on straightway runs.

Street tires are known to be high-performance tires and sometimes are considered to be summer tires. But they differ a bit in the way they are manufactured, with street tires putting much more focus on drag racing to provide better acceleration. A straightaway drag racing tire needs to brake and accelerate with the most precision possible and these tires mentioned in this guide have all been developed to do exactly that.

All tires mentioned in this guide have been tested on a drag racing track by a team of experts. No recommendation is made without seeing the tire perform on the street first. The objective is to learn about the acceleration, handling, and braking ability of a tire before determining where it stands with other competitors in the industry. Keep reading to learn more about the best street tires for drag racing.

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12 Best Street Tires For Drag Racing

When it comes to racing tires, there are a few factors that you need to consider. The type of car and track will determine the type of tire you need for drag racing. Different tires have different purposes, and you don't want to buy one without knowing what it's designed for. There are specific drag racing tires designed for this specific purpose.

A drag race tire needs to have plenty of traction in order to maintain performance during the course of the race. It also needs to be able to get off the line quickly and reach top speeds so that drivers can get ahead of their opponents in time-sensitive races such as a bracket or heads-up races.

The best street tires for drag racing should be a little different from the best racing tires. This is because they are not designed for high-speed racing, but instead for driving around town or on the highway.

Here are the 12 best street tires for drag racing.

1. Toyo Proxes R1-R


Toyo Proxes R1-R is an excellent tire for drag racing. It has a smooth, straight release, and it offers the driver a precise feel about the tire’s surface.

Toyo Proxes R1-R is a great choice for drag racing enthusiasts because of its ultra-low sidewall height, which provides improved traction at higher speeds, better resistance to heat degradation, and it has less rolling resistance than other tires on the market, meaning that it uses less fuel when driving.

Toyo Proxes R1-R features a reinforced construction with aramid cords to resist punctures from debris on the racetrack. The compound is designed to provide a high grip even in wet conditions. Toyo's proprietary rubber mix makes it more durable with maximum stability during driving too.

The Toyo Proxes R1-R is a tire that is designed for professional drivers. They are fast but not too soft, and they also feature a tread pattern that has been engineered to provide excellent wet performance.


  • Best in class road grip on the pavement.
  • Handles with flawless accuracy on dry roads and surfaces.
  • Extremely comfortable riding experience for a high-performance street tire.
  • Excellent steering responsiveness.


  • Treads wear out pretty quickly.
  • Road noise can be extensive at times.

2. Nitto NT05R Drag Radial Tire


The Nitto NT05R Drag Radial Tire is an excellent tire for the price and would be a good investment for someone who is looking to get into drag racing.

The NT05R offers great traction through its wide contact patch, which provides stability and control. The sidewalls of the tire are very durable and can take a lot of abuse without wearing down too quickly.

This tire also comes with a steel bead wire that offers extra protection to the sidewalls from potential damage, such as through intimidation or debris on the track surface. It is also known for being extremely sticky even in high temperatures, which means it will provide a consistent performance when racing in hot weather conditions which are common in drag racing events.

This tire is the perfect solution for drag racers who want to get more traction and performance from their cars. The NT05R Drag Radial Tire has a reinforced construction and directional tread pattern to allow more traction and stability on the race track. Though this is not an everyday tire, it can be used on the street with caution.


  • Larger center rib for better tire durability.
  • Excellent road traction, especially on dry pavement.
  • Handles above average in rainy weather.


  • Cannot drive accurately in colder temperatures.

3. Bridgestone Potenza RE-71R


Bridgestone Potenza RE-71R is a high performance tire. It features a revised tread pattern that offers drivers improved traction in dry conditions.

The Potenza RE-71R is developed for street enthusiasts with an affinity for drag racing. It is the perfect tire for someone who enjoys driving on dry pavement but still needs to deal with rain or snow occasionally. It has a high level of grip that enables it to maintain stability when making turns at higher speeds.

Bridgestone has a range of tires that are designed for the various conditions that drivers experience. The Potenza RE-71R features a compound formulated with silica and other materials to provide optimal grip, improved steering response, and improved braking performance.

The Potenza RE-71R is one of the best tires available in the drag racing category featuring a new tread pattern with four wide grooves that offer better traction and stability during high-speed driving.

The Bridgestone Potenza RE-71R also offers a decent grip on the wet surface as well as on dry surfaces. The tire also offers great handling and stability at high speeds, which makes it a highly sought-after product for drag racing enthusiasts.


  • Longer lasting treadwear than most drag racing tires.
  • Work well in the rain.
  • Excellent cornering and acceleration.


  • Avoid cold weather.
  • Noisy riding at fast speeds.

4. Mickey Thompson Racing Radial Tire

The Mickey Thompson Racing Radial Tire is perfect for those who want a tire that can go fast and accelerate quickly. It has a lot of traction and doesn't take a lot of time to heat up, which is something that drivers are looking for in tires.

This tire is made with the driver in mind. It's built to be durable and last long but also has good traction at the same time. The tread pattern is designed for all types of weather conditions, so drivers can drive confidently, knowing they'll be safe no matter what.

The tire heats up quickly, but not too fast because it's built to last. This tire also provides the driver with great stability and confidence when driving on the road or racing off-road too!

Mickey Thompson is a tire company that specializes in racing tires and other products. They have an extensive collection of tires for different kinds of racing, from drag racing to dirt track. This is a high-performance tire designed for maximum acceleration with the best grip.

The Mickey Thompson racing radial tire was created with performance in mind. This specific type of racing tire features a wide tread design and a unique tread pattern that helps provide the necessary contact patch on the ground. The radial tires also use a higher number of steel belts that enhance their grip by keeping them stiff enough in dry conditions.


  • Braking is best in class, especially at shorter distances.
  • Accelerates faster than nearly all tires on this list.
  • A wide variety of sizes are available for vehicles.


  • Not very durable.

5. Falken Azenis RT615K+


The Falken RT615K+ features a tread pattern design with five longitudinal grooves that are spaced unevenly. This design provides more stability in wet conditions and also ensures responsive handling on dry surfaces. It also has a higher speed rating which makes it perfect for drag racing as well as autocross events.

Falken is one of the leading tire manufacturers in the world. They are known for their excellent grip, handling, and durability. The Falken RT615K+ is a street drag racing tire that offers high-speed performance and stability at an affordable price.

The Falken RT615K+ will suit drivers who want to take their car to the racetrack. The tires offer excellent grip, handling, and durability on both dry and wet surfaces. They are also designed to last for longer than many other tires in this category without requiring replacement.

The Falken RT615K+ is specially designed for the street rider who wants to go fast but still needs to ride in wet and dry conditions occasionally. The high tread depth provides excellent grip on dry and wet roads and also has low noise levels too.


  • Road grip is accurate at all times.
  • Optimized contact patch for more even road wear.
  • High-speed stability due to the wider tread blocks.


  • Not the most comfortable riding tire available.

6. Toyo Proxes TQ


Toyo Proxes TQ is a street tire that has the capability to be used in all weather conditions. It is a great choice for someone who wants to get the best performance out of their vehicle and at the same time have a comfortable ride.

Toyo is a company that specializes in tires. The company was founded in 1947 and has been striving to provide its customers with the best products possible. The Toyo Proxes TQ has been designed for drivers who want a high-performance tire that can also provide them with excellent grip on wet surfaces.

The Toyo Proxes TQ is an excellent choice for those who are looking for something different from what other companies offer, but still need all-season capabilities as well as comfort and stability at any speed.

Toyo Proxes TQ is an excellent street tire for drag racing because it can have a long life span, and it's very responsive.

This tire also features excellent feedback from the driver with long-lasting tread wear and better responsiveness to handle the vehicle accurately.

Toyo is known for making high-quality, durable tires. The TQ features a tread pattern that delivers excellent traction on dry roads.

Toyo makes excellent quality tires with the Proxes TQ featuring a tread pattern that delivers excellent traction on both wet and dry roads. It has a new design with an asymmetrical center rib which provides more grip in cornering situations compared to radial-ply tires and other street tires.


  • Unique tread pattern to ensure more accurate acceleration.
  • Reliable braking responsiveness.
  • Excellent road grip in dry conditions.


  • Tread life is one of the worst performers.

7. Michelin Pilot Sport 4S


Michelin is a well-known company that manufactures tires. The tires offered by this company are durable and have a long life span. Michelin Pilot Sport 4S is one of these tires which is suitable for drag racing, has an affordable price, and has great features.

Michelin is a well-known company that manufactures tires. The different types of tires offered by this company are durable and have a long life span. Michelin Pilot Sport 4S is one of these tires which is suitable for drag racing, has an affordable price, and has great features.

In addition to the above strengths, the range in sizes offered by this tire can be used in any car without worrying about compatibility or clearance issues.

Michelin is a company that has been in the tire industry for over 100 years. They are known for their quality and innovation. Michelin Pilot Sport 4S is one of their highest performing tires with an asymmetrical design that helps it handle curves more easily.

The Michelin Pilot Sport 4S is a street-oriented, asymmetrical drag racing tire with an improved tread pattern design that provides stability and handling in high-speed driving on all kinds of roads while still providing traction to improve acceleration.

Michelin’s Pilot Sport 4S offers unparalleled braking performance on dry surfaces and solid wet grip. The asymmetric tread pattern means that the outer edges of the tire are more rounded than the inner edge, which allows for better acceleration on dry surfaces.

An innovative new feature in the Michelin Pilot Sport 4S is its V-shaped tread design, which maximizes lateral stability while giving precise steering response.


  • Most versatile street tire available.
  • Best available warranty.
  • Highly optimized to handle with accuracy on dry pavement.


  • Not ideal for winter driving.

8. Pirelli P Zero Trofeo R


Pirelli is a well-known brand that has been around for many years, and this latest product is just another example of their excellent work.

Unlike the other tires in Pirelli’s lineup, the P Zero Trofeo R is not designed with the everyday driver in mind. This tire is for someone who enjoys speeding around a racetrack.

The tire features wider treads than other tires in this category, which are necessary to provide the traction needed on a track. The manufacturer's traction ratings rank it as "highest" on dry asphalt and "very high" on wet asphalt.

The Pirelli P Zero Trofeo R tire is the most recent street-legal drag racing tire made by Pirelli. It replaces the P Zero Trofeo competition-only racing tire that was used in professional and amateur racing.

The new street-legal drag tires have a slick tread design which is only found on race tires. This allows for a much more precise grip on the ground while still providing enough surface area to prevent slippage. The tread pattern also ensures even wear on all four tires, which prolongs their life span.

The compound of this tire is not as soft as some other street tires, so it will not wear down as quickly when taking turns at high speeds or braking from high speeds. The stiffer rubber delivers better handling and stability during extreme driving.

The P Zero Trofeo R street tire for drag racing has been designed with the driver’s need at heart. It has been created to be cheaper than other options on the market today but still provides great grip and a high level of performance.

Pirelli uses high-tech materials with innovative patterns to enhance its tires for better all-round performance.


  • Aggressive tread design for optimal road grip.
  • Cornering is accurate and precise.


  • Loud and uncomfortable when driving.

9. Goodyear Eagle F1 Supercar 3


The Goodyear Eagle F1 Supercar 3 is a street tire designed for drag racing. The tire offers excellent traction and braking in performance driving situations.

This tire offers good traction and braking - but has poor wet performance when compared to other tires in its class.

The Goodyear Eagle F1 Supercar 3 features a low profile, triple tread compound, and extreme accuracy with handling responsiveness. You can expect to get the best performance from this tire during your drag racing runs.

The Eagle F1 Supercar 3 is an all-season, street-legal drag racing tire. It has a low profile and offers exceptional traction in both wet and dry conditions. The Eagle F1 Supercar 3 has a triple tread compound that delivers excellent traction in both wet and dry conditions, making it ideal for multiple types of driving conditions.

The Eagle F1 Supercar 3 stands out for its durability, which is enhanced by the use of a polyester casing that is woven tightly. This provides protection against punctures while also being resistant to abrasion. It also comes with a rubber compound designed for high-speed use and grip on dry surfaces.

This tire has been designed primarily for drag racing, where it shines with its excellent traction and strong grip on dry surfaces.


  • An extremely versatile street tire with multi-purpose usage.
  • Handles rain better than many competitors.
  • Provides a solid tread life.


  • Braking could be better.

10. Hoosier Drag Radial Tire 2


Hoosier Drag Radial Tires are designed for drag racing. They are the preferred tire of many top racers and teams because they provide a perfect blend of performance and tread life.

The Hoosier Drag Radial Tire 2 features a rubber compound that is designed to improve grip in the dry or wet while also providing consistent performance on the starting line. The tread pattern is designed for straight-line stability at high speeds.

In the tire composition, there is a radial construction that provides superior handling and control on the road. There is also a ribbed tread to give the tire better cornering ability. The lightweight design ensures the tire can reach faster speeds while maintaining optimal durability too.

This tire is engineered for drag racing and features a radial construction, asymmetrical tread pattern, and a wide contact patch for stability.

The tire has been developed to work with a wide variety of engine configurations and is compatible with both bias-ply and radial tires. The company promises that it will be one of the most durable drag radial tires in the market.

The Hoosier Drag Radial Tire 2 features a circumferential groove in the sidewall and an asymmetrical tread pattern for improved grip at high speeds. The tread pattern also features side bites on the inside shoulder of each groove for more control in cornering and braking.


  • Radial construction increases handling performance.
  • Excellent lightweight design for faster driving.


  • Handles lower max load capacities than other options available.

11. Cooper Cobra Radial G/T


Cooper is a well-known company in the tire industry. Their expertise shows in the design and development of the Cooper Cobra Radial G/T tire for drag racing.

The Cooper Cobra Radial G/T is one of their top models because it's designed to be used on drag racing cars and trucks with high-performance engines at the cost of fuel economy. It handles with precision and maintains low heat despite the faster speeds.

The Cooper Cobra Radial G/T is a high-performance street tire made for drag racing cars and trucks that have high-performance engines. With this tire, you can expect increased traction from plenty of grooves in the tread design as well as an improved balance between grip and braking on the pavement.

Cooper Cobra Radial G/T tires are designed for those who enjoy the thrill of drag racing and need tires that are built to handle the courses. The lightweight construction provides excellent performance on the drag strip while maintaining high levels of traction and stability on dry surfaces.

The Cobra Radial G/T was developed for drivers who enjoy the thrill of drag racing and need a tire that can handle whatever they throw at it. The lightweight construction provides excellent performance on the track while maintaining stability on both wet and dry surfaces.

Cooper Cobra Radial G/T is a high-performance and street tire. It features a specially designed compound that provides the ideal balance between grip and wear.

Cooper's patented tread design provides excellent traction in both dry and wet conditions. It also has a specially designed compound that provides the ideal balance between grip and wear. This tire is excellent for drag racing and runs smoothly on the street.


  • Provides excellent balance on the road.
  • Grips the pavement with precision.


  • Weak tread life.

12. BFGoodrich g-Force Rival S 1.5


BFGoodrich g-Force Rival S 1.5 is a street tire for drag racing, and it consists of a specially manufactured tread compound and inner liner. This makes it durable and offers good traction over wet or dry surfaces. In addition, this model has a special "soft" sidewall that is flexible enough to help in tight corners or drifting so as to maximize performance at all times.

This street tire also has a new responsive tread pattern that improves the grip in all driving situations. It also contains an innovative variable sidewall construction that minimizes noise on the asphalt while maximizing stability for the driver.

This BFGoodrich tire is considered one of the best tires for drag racing. It provides consistent performance without compromising on traction.

This tire was specially designed and built for drag racing enthusiasts. It has a tread pattern that is specially optimized to maximize traction during acceleration while the sidewalls are wide enough to prevent wear and tear during an intense race.

This tire is made of a unique compound that is designed to enable the tire to overheat and still maintain traction.

The BFGoodrich g-Force Rival S 1.5 also has four wide, deep grooves that allow it to be able to go through water without hydroplaning. The compound is made up of silica and calcium carbonate which provides increased wear resistance, traction, and more responsive handling.

Other essential features include an asymmetrical tread that enables it to go through corners with less effort than other tires in this category would require because the side walls are angled so that they move in opposite directions when the driver.


  • Silica design gives more traction.
  • An asymmetrical tread pattern creates better contact with the road.
  • Handles high heat with ease.  


  • Drives poorly in cold weather.

How Long Do Street Tires Last?

Street tires for drag racing are meant to be used in a race and then discarded. They are not meant to be used for a long period of time. These tires have a much shorter lifespan than regular road tires.

Tires are made up of rubber and metal components. When tires wear out, the rubber starts to break down. This breakdown causes friction between the tire and the pavement, which heats up both components. The heat also causes more rubber to break down, making it so that tires can’t handle as much weight or pressure before they need to be replaced.

According to tire experts, a street tire should be able to last up to 40,000 miles when it is properly maintained.

Types of Drag Racing Tires

When considering your options, you need a tire that is going to provide more traction than other types of street tires, but still, there are a variety of street tires that are best for drag racing. They are used for autocross, track days, and drag racing.

One type of street tire is the high-performance or track day tire. These tires provide plenty of grip and offer good heat tolerance, but they wear out quickly on the road. They are typically low-profile with a stiffer sidewall and a harder carcass (inner layer) to handle high cornering forces.

Another type of street tire is the DOT racing tire which is great for autocross or drag racing because it has a softer rubber that provides increased grip in wet conditions and more compliance (give) on the pavement to help it stick to the surface better when performing twists at speed.

How to Pick the Right Street Tire For Drag Racing

The right tire is the most crucial component to a successful drag racing experience. This explains why there are so many types of tires to choose from, with each type of tire having its own pros and cons.

Street tires are designed for extreme driving conditions, meaning they may not be ideal in an everyday setting because of the lower durability and warranty policies. Before you decide on a tire, consider the factors you consider most important in your drag racing tire.

Drag racing tires are specially designed for competition use only and cannot be driven on regular streets in harsh winter conditions; this makes them impractical for most people. A second downside is that these kinds of tires can be quite pricey.

All street tires for drag racing should be street-ready and optimized to drive accurately on the pavement. They should also be DOT-approved to ensure they are legal to drive on the street. Look for a strong tire that provides plenty of acceleration and handling responsiveness to maximize your driving speed while maintaining your safety behind the wheel.

Best Street Tires For Drag Racing

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