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If you are wondering the best way to protect gear and cargo in your truck bed, you should consider an easy-to-use roll up tonneau cover to handle the task.

Roll up covers provide plenty of benefits, and we have found some of the best choices. The three best options to consider are the Gator ETX Roll Up Tonneau Cover, Tyger Auto T1 Roll Up Tonneau Cover, and MaxMate Roll Up Tonneau Cover. Each of these covers is durable and high-quality. 

Tonneau covers are a great way to protect your truck bed and keep them durable. The best roll up tonneau cover will not only look great on your truck but will also make it easier for you to access the bed of your truck when you need to carry items. This guide lists some of the top-quality choices you have at your disposal.

The best roll up tonneau covers is an important consideration when you want to provide protection for your cargo. Our experts have run unique tests on these products to determine exactly what the best options are. Keep reading to learn more and find the best cover for your truck.

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8 Best Roll Up Tonneau Covers

A roll up tonneau cover is a must-have for those who have a pickup truck. This cover type is extremely secure and durable. It covers the entire bed of a pickup truck and is known to provide excellent longevity.

The roll up cover will also protect your cargo from the weather and keep any rain, snow, or other debris from getting into your truck bed. Roll up tonneau covers are made from durable materials that keep them from tearing or breaking under pressure.

Truck owners who want to get the best roll up tonneau cover should consider factors such as size, durability, and cost.. These factors will help them find a suitable roll up tonneau cover that will not only work well with their truck but also be affordable for them.

We have listed some of the best available soft roll up tonneau covers below for you to consider for your truck. Remember, these covers are not universal so you must look for one that is compatible with your vehicle.

1. Gator ETX Roll Up Tonneau Cover

Gator ETX Roll Up Tonneau Cover
Gator ETX Roll Up Tonneau Cover

The Gator ETX Roll Up Tonneau Cover is a great cover for those who need an easy to install, more affordable option. It comes with all of the benefits that some of the best tonneau covers have but at a more affordable cost. This cover is made out of durable vinyl, comes with two locking pins, and has some added storage space.

The Gator cover is constructed out of durable vinyl material. This makes it able to withstand most weather conditions with ease. The material is also lined with foam padding which can help to protect your cargo from any bumps or scratches it might encounter on the way.

This cover has the most popular soft roll up design that's easy to use and maintain. It’s made of the durable, weather-resistant vinyl material that won't tear, crack or fade. It also features an easy install system for quick installation.

This is a truck bed cover that has been designed to protect your cargo from the elements and to help improve fuel efficiency. It can also be purchased with a track system to ensure a better fit with advanced locking and security features.

2. Tyger Auto T1 Roll Up Tonneau Cover

Tyger Auto T1 Roll Up Tonneau Cover
Tyger Auto T1 Roll Up Tonneau Cover

The Tyger Auto T1 Roll Up Tonneau Cover is a perfect choice for any truck owner that wants a secure, weatherproof roll up cover for their pickup truck bed. This cover is made from high-quality materials to ensure durability and longevity.

This cover is designed to protect your truck from rain, snow, UV rays, and salt. The cover is water-resistant and includes a layer of reflective material so that it can be seen in low light. The cover comes in two different sizes and it is even available as a folding option too.

The black color has a matte finish with a textured surface that gives it a nice appearance. The cover rolls up into the bed of the truck for easy storage when not in use. It can be installed in minutes by any do-it-yourselfer too.

One of the first things you notice when opening the cover is how well it rolls up. This makes it easy to store when it is not in use. It also features a heavy-duty finish to hold some weight on top for extra storage space too.

The seals come with a pair of velcro straps that you can use as a method to tie down the cover even more. This will create better security with an adjustable tension system included in the design too.

3. MaxMate Roll Up Tonneau Cover

MaxMate Roll Up Tonneau Cover
MaxMate Roll Up Tonneau Cover

The MaxMate Roll Up Tonneau Cover is the best choice if you want to be able to use your truck bed for more than just storage. It is known to be extra durable when in use, and it holds up well during winter weather.

This cover is the best roll up tonneau cover because it can be quickly and easily removed in about 10 minutes or less. It also installs in a matter of minutes and does not require any drilling. You will get a snug fit with no rattles.

This cover also protects your cargo from theft and weather elements like UV rays, rain, snow, sleet, hail, and dust. It can be used on trucks with a truck bed cover, trucks with a hard or soft bed, and any other type of truck bed.

This cover is designed for pickup trucks with factory-installed bed rails. The design of this cover is to provide a low and sleek profile. You also get built-in lockable storage for keys and other small items you want to keep out of sight.

There are over five different sizing options, so there is a good chance this truck bed cover will fit your vehicle well. It is known to be highly versatile and considered one of the few covers that fits a wide variety of trucks.

4. TruXedo TruXport Roll Up Cover

TruXedo TruXport Roll Up Cover
TruXedo TruXport Roll Up Cover

The TruXedo TruXport Roll Up Tonneau Cover is a truck bed cover made of durable material that will protect the truck and its contents from dirt and other elements. It is considered one of the most versatile covers available too.

This is a tonneau cover that will protect your truck and its contents while also preserving precious cargo space. It can be opened and closed in just seconds while providing an aerodynamic design with maximum visibility. The material is long-lasting, making it one of the best covers you can find.

It is a durable, sturdy cover that will preserve your cargo space while also protecting your truck from dirt, debris, dust, snow, ice, rain. It is also a great way to add protection and style to your truck bed.

The cover is best for trucks with a longer pickup bed, and it can be installed or removed in seconds. It offers a wide range of colors and fabric options, including two-toned fabric blends, stripes, and camouflage prints for those who want to add their personal touch.

It is made of high-strength vinyl which can withstand any weather condition. This tonneau cover has a hard, paintable surface that resists scratches. You also have a few different sizes to choose from.

For buyers who want a cheaper alternative to the other tonneau covers, this product should be the ideal one because it is inexpensive and has good quality.

5. Xcover Roll Up Tonneau Cover

Xcover Roll Up Tonneau Cover
Xcover Roll Up Tonneau Cover

The Xcover Roll Up Tonneau Cover provides protection for your vehicle and truck bed against the elements such as water, snow, and dirt. It is a perfect way to extend the life of your vehicle and keep your cargo secure.

The product can be installed in any make or model of truck or SUV with a short bed. It has a universal design which means it can be used for any make or model of truck or SUV with a short bed.

This product features durable construction material with a vinyl exterior finish, a strong sealant that is resistant to extreme weather conditions, and a patented retracting mechanism that ensures the cover remains tight in inclement weather. Installation is easy and does not require drilling holes in your vehicle's body.

This truck bed cover provides maximum protection for your cargo with high-quality, long-lasting construction. It also has a sleek design that makes it easy to use and minimizes any visual distraction from the vehicle’s profile.

It also comes with a unique design of crossbars. They connect directly with the tarp to allow faster rolling and easier truck bed access. This allows drivers to have maximum truck bed access at all times.

6. Lund Genesis Truck Bed Cover

Lund Genesis Truck Bed Cover
Lund Genesis Truck Bed Cover

The Lund Genesis Tonneau Cover is a great choice. This tonneau cover comes in two sizes to accommodate your needs. It is also easy to install and the design is sleek and provides a stylish exterior look.

It is designed to be used on pickups and SUVs with bed lengths of 6’6” or less. The cover is based on a patented design that offers easy installation without drilling or removing the truck bed’s side rails. It is made from heavy-duty polyester fabric and has a UV-protected topcoat.

One of the features offered by the Lund Genesis Roll Up Tonneau Cover includes a durable roll up mechanism that provides secure storage for items in your truck bed while being secured from thieves when covered up.

The cover also has an integrated vent system that will allow air to circulate freely between your truck bed and cab. This creates an aerodynamic feel for your vehicle to help improve performance and fuel efficiency too.

The cover does not come with a bed liner but it does protect the truck bed from dust and debris. It is also made with a special seal to keep water out of the truck bed. There is also an advanced locking system that makes it easy to secure and remove when needed.

7. North Mountain Roll Up Tonneau Cover

North Mountain Roll Up Tonneau Cover
North Mountain Roll Up Tonneau Cover

The North Mountain Roll Up Tonneau Cover is a great product that can be customized to fit any truck bed. You are getting a soft cover with side rails, clamps, and hex keys to maximum overall performance.

This truck bed cover is made of an aluminum frame and UV-resistant, polyester fabric. It has a great design that does not take up too much space in the truck bed. The cover rolls up tightly to the front of the vehicle when not in use, so it can be easily stored.

It is designed to resist rust and corrosion even when exposed to water and debris over time. The cover is very strong and durable and can withstand a lot of weight without breaking or tearing. This truck bed cover also comes with a limited lifetime warranty for customers.

This tonneau cover has a built-in locking system that can be accessed from the inside of the cab. It also has a seal that prevents water, dirt, and dust from getting into the truck bed. It is lightweight but still strong enough to withstand most impacts.

The cover rolls up in seconds to provide an excellent way to protect cargo in your truck or SUV bed. Constructed of durable vinyl, this roll-up cover is resistant to rust, corrosion, and break-in attempts. It also has an attractive matte black finish which also protects against scratches.

8. Tonno Pro Roll Up Cover

Tonno Pro Roll Up Cover
Tonno Pro Roll Up Cover

This Tonno Pro Roll Up Cover is a lightweight, bolt-on design that will not interfere with your truck bed use. It is available in three different sizes to accommodate a wide range of vehicles.

This product is made of durable vinyl with rubber padding to protect your truck bed. It has a unique design that makes it easy to roll up when not in use. When fully closed, it also protects your belongings from being stolen, making it an ideal cover for your truck bed.

With this cover, you have the luxury of access to your truck bed all the time without having to remove or open the cover manually every single time you need something out of the back of your truck. This makes this tonneau cover very versatile and useful for any type of driver in any situation.

It is designed for trucks with a regular cab and a short bed. Made from high-quality materials, this cover provides great protection for your truck bed as well as your cargo from rain, dirt, and other debris.

This cover is an all-black tarp that is completely tear-resistant too. It is perfect for those drivers wanting something affordable and versatile. It holds up well in the rain or snow too, especially in colder temperatures.

When Should You Use A Roll Up Tonneau Cover?

The roll up cover provides a sense of security from the elements when it is cold or rainy. It also covers up any items in the bed of the truck if you would like to keep them secure. The downside to a roll up cover is that it can make it difficult for you to access items in your truck bed.

Roll up tonneau covers are designed to be fitted onto trucks with either regular or long beds, and they offer protection for both cargo and people inside the vehicle. They are available in various materials like aluminum, vinyl, and plastic too.

By using a roll up cover, you get the sense of security that comes with having something overly complex on your truck bed. This is because you can attach and detach it easily and quickly. If you use the truck bed regularly and need access to it, then a roll up cover is perfect for you.

When comparing the roll up cover to a folding cover, you will be spending less money and getting less security but you gain tons of convenience. You must determine what you want most from a cover first.

Benefits Of Roll Up Tonneau Covers

A roll up tonneau cover is a valuable tool for those who are looking to save money in their everyday lives. They are an innovative way to take your truck to the next level with plenty of amazing benefits you must consider.

Heavy-Duty Protection

Roll up covers are a type of retractable, lightweight cover that is installed onto the pickup truck bed. They offer heavy-duty protection for your cargo and equipment while keeping everything in the truck bed safe.

Roll up tonneau covers provide heavy-duty truck bed protection from the elements. These covers can be used in several ways, but they are primarily used to keep the contents of the vehicle bed dry and secure.

The purpose of a roll up tonneau cover is to protect your cargo from water, dirt, and other elements. It has a sleek look and it does not need any installation which makes it easy for you to get into your truck bed quickly.

Expanded Truck Bed Access

Roll up tonneau covers are designed to be more flexible and provide maximum and expanded truck bed access. They differ in the way you maneuver them, and it gives you more space to load and unload.

They are the preferred option by many truck drivers that use their truck bed more often. This is because using the cover consistently is better when you have bigger spaces to work within your truck bed.

Easy Installation

The simple design of tonneau covers makes it easy to open and close them, unlike its counterparts which have a heavy design that makes it difficult to open or close them without help from another person.

The roll up style also provides a simpler opening that needs no sort of key or latches present on other types of covers making opening quick and hassle-free. They don't require any drilling, snap together in seconds, and can be removed just as fast. You can install these covers within a few minutes.

Widest Variety Of Sizes & Materials

Roll up tonneau covers are a standard feature for pickup trucks and other truck models that need to carry cargo. These covers are made in a wider variety of sizes and they use many more materials during the design process.

The material used in the construction of these types of covers is also lighter than others which makes it easier to carry around them from one place to another with ease. For example, they can come in aluminum, vinyl, and even a durable type of plastic.

You will notice the design is extremely soft on most occasions, making it ideal for them to stretch over your truck bed for a tight fit.

Best Roll Up Tonneau Covers

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