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One thing always remains the same in the tire industry, drivers looking to save money. This is why long-lasting tires are such a popular choice for many vehicles.

We have compiled a list of the five best long-lasting tires. There are many choices to consider, but the best overall long-lasting tire is the Michelin Defender T+H. Not only does Michelin create the best long-lasting tire, but they provide some of the best warranty policies on the market too.

Long-lasting tires generally have a better tread life, which is one of the most important considerations when buying new tires. This is why we take such a hard look at the tread life and tread design when ranking the best long-lasting tires. When it comes to tires, there are so many types you can buy that even the most seasoned car owner may find themselves getting lost in all the different options.

All tires included in this short guide have been thoroughly tested by a team of experts using industry-approved vehicles. The tires complete a small field test where they are tested based on driving performance, braking, and longevity. Keep reading to see the five best long-lasting tires on the market.

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5 Best Long Lasting Tires

It is a well-known fact that tires are one of the essential parts of a car. They offer protection to the driver and passengers in case of an accident. Tires play an important role in controlling the vehicle’s speed and the overall driving experience.

Some benefits of a long-lasting tire include resistance against wear, resistance against heat, resistance against punctures, and resistance to ozone cracking. These all contribute to better performance when driving.

Tires are one of the most critical components of a car, and how long they last can have a significant impact on the performance. Two main factors affect the lifespan of tires: tire inflation pressure and tread wear.

Here are the five best long-lasting tires.

  1. Michelin Defender T+H
  1. Bridgestone Dueler H/L Alenza Plus
  1. Hankook Kinergy PT H737
  1. Goodyear Assurance MaxLife
  1. BFGoodrich Premier Touring

1. Michelin Defender T+H


Michelin's Defender T+H is a tough tire that promises outstanding performance and durability. With so many technological advances, we can easily rank this tire as the best overall long-lasting tire.

Michelin has been around for over one hundred years, and they have always been known for making durable tires. With this new model, Michelin guarantees that the Defender T+H will outperform all other tires on the market. This is a highly durable tire that will last a long time, and you won’t have to worry about it wearing down or getting damaged.

The Defender T+H offers outstanding performance in all weather conditions, and it also has low rolling resistance, which increases fuel efficiency by 6%. With this tire, you won’t have to worry about getting stuck in the snow or high water as it offers excellent traction on snow-covered roads and wet surfaces.

These tires are comfortable and provide a smooth ride without compromising performance or safety. Michelin uses the Evertread compound to ensure that you can have the optimal road grip you need while enhancing the road contact for more consistent wear. This creates a longer-lasting tire.


  • Dry road cornering is phenomenal.
  • Handles solidly in the winter and cold temperatures.
  • Provides plenty of steering responsiveness.
  • Flawless tread life.


  • Short distance braking on ice is poor.
  • Winter performance begins to decline in deep snow.

2. Bridgestone Dueler H/L Alenza Plus


The Dueler H/L Alenza Plus is a versatile tire with a tread design that features deep channels to enable it to work well in all conditions. If you need a tire that offers stability, this is the one for you.

This tire also features an asymmetric tread design with wide outside ribs and narrow inside ribs to provide the driver with high levels of traction and control. This tire will not disappoint you on wet roads either, as it has excellent hydroplaning resistance capabilities. The tread is made up of a solid steel-belted radial construction that provides excellent grip on wet and dry surfaces.

The new polymer technology is why this tread is so durable on the road. It uses 5% of recyclable rubber to lower CO2 emissions while improving fuel efficiency and durability.

This tire is made for all-season driving and offers excellent grip in wet, dry, and snowy conditions. The design creates a quiet, smooth, and responsive tire with an excellent tread life.

The reinforced sidewall design makes it more resistant to punctures and flats too. You can get a little bit of everything when you use this tire.


  • Excellent tread life.
  • One of the best available warranty policies (80,000 miles).
  • Provides above-average winter traction.


  • Does not provide good traction off-road.

3. Hankook Kinergy PT H737


The Hankook Kinergy PT H737 is a high-quality tire with a balance of on-road and off-road performance. The tread pattern is designed to provide excellent stability in wet conditions, while the large lugs offer great traction in snow or on sand, rocks, and mud. The tread compound also provides a good grip when driving through water or deep snow.

Because of the premium touring features, it can provide some of the longest-lasting treadwear on the market. The tread pattern of the tire is asymmetrical, which improves traction on slippery surfaces. It also has a higher rolling resistance than most tires on the market, giving it a little more fuel efficiency.

This tire has an advanced rubber compound that provides excellent grip on both wet and dry surfaces, so you know you can rely on it anytime. There are wider circumferential grooves, too, for more optimized hydroplaning resistance.

Winter traction is enhanced because of the sipes included on the treads. With wider shoulder blocks, you can get excellent cornering and handling performance too.

Because it is also one of the most fuel-efficient tires on the market, you can expect to see significant savings over time on fuel costs. Overall, this tire provides reliable consistency and plenty of complementary features to make it worth the investment.


  • Wet road grip is reliable.
  • Dry traction and handling are both precise.
  • Tread life is phenomenal.
  • The tire is priced affordably.


  • This tire handles winter well but struggles in deeper snow.
  • Braking needs to be more accurate at short distances.

4. Goodyear Assurance MaxLife


The Goodyear Assurance MaxLife tire review and features is an all-season tire that has a tread life warranty. It also has a reinforced tread that offers better traction in wet conditions. The tires are made for fuel efficiency and good handling on the road.

The Goodyear Assurance Max Life is a performance tire designed for drivers who want a tire that offers both good fuel efficiency and extended tread life. The Goodyear Assurance Max Life is an all-season tire that improves wet traction with its wide footprint design. These tires are also built to provide good handling on snow and icy surfaces.

It also has low rolling resistance, which means better gas mileage and lowers CO2 emissions. The tire also features low noise levels, so you can feel at peace when driving even on the busiest of highways. These tires are built to provide good handling on snow and icy surfaces.

The advanced rubber compounds that make up the treads are perfectly optimized to increase the longevity of the tread life. It is made into a symmetric pattern to provide balance on the road and increase the responsiveness with steering and acceleration.

The sipes help during the winter for better traction. When the road gets slippery, they release biting edges to act like claws to grip the road.  


  • Circumferential grooves to aid with hydroplaning resistance.
  • Excellent overall wet road handling.
  • Durable treads that last a long time.
  • Braking is solid on all surfaces.


  • Snow traction is not the best.
  • Heavy road vibrations during bumps.

5. BFGoodrich Premier Touring

BFGoodrich tires are known for their long-lasting features and high performance when it comes to wet conditions. This is one of the most reliable and longest-lasting tires on the market.

The BFGoodrich Premier Touring has also been designed to reduce the noise from the road for an even more comfortable ride. This tire is small in size, which is why it can be used for most sedans and some crossovers.

This is a standard touring tire, but it comes equipped with a 70,000-mile warranty to assure all drivers it will last a long time.

The treads come with added sipes, too, for better road grip on snow and ice. They can release bite particles to add another layer of traction on a slippery surface. And because it is made from softer rubber, the tire can remain flexible despite freezing temperatures.


  • Top tier limited tread life warranty.
  • Excellent steering responsiveness.
  • Added grooves for hydroplaning resistance.
  • Sipes to create strong winter traction.


  • Braking is the biggest weakness of this tire.
Best Long Lasting Tires

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