Due to new legislation, it's critical to properly place your phone on your dashboard with an appropriate device. The best car cell phone holder will help here.

It's a good idea to have your phone with you in the car for navigation or in the event of an emergency. Having your mobile while driving, however, is almost always prohibited and extremely dangerous. Fortunately, there's a simple way to be safe while still having access to your phone.

The best car cell phone holders include TOPGO Cup Holder Phone Mount, Belkin Car Vent Mount, IOttie Easy One Touch Slot Mount, Andobil Easy Clamp, Scosche MagicMount Dash, and WizGear Universal Magnetic 2-pack, among others.

Car phone users all have the same purpose, but they get to the finish line in different ways. There are a few things to think about before you run out and buy the first car cell phone holder you come across. You must consider the size, dimensions, and features of each cell phone holder to choose the right option for your car. We’ve gathered all the vital details for you.

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Best Car Cell Phone Holder



How to Choose the Best Car Cell Phone Holder for Your Vehicle: What to Consider

To begin, think about how your phone will be attached to the mount. Many automotive phone holders use magnets to hold your mobile in place, so you'll need to attach a magnetic pad to your cell phone or case. However, these accessories make mounting and unmounting your device a breeze.

For a firmer grip, the other common sort of mount clamps onto the sides — and even the bottom — of your phone. These mounts are usually more stable and accommodate different phone sizes. Clamp mounts, on the other hand, can take up a little more room on your dashboard.

The final key consideration for your car phone holder is where you intend to mount it. Some alternatives fit neatly into your ac vents, whereas others attach straight to your dashboard. You can also get adjustable ones that stick to your windscreen if you don't mind a larger mount.

How Do I Ensure a Car Cell Phone Holder Will Fit My Phone?

You can ensure it by considering the make and model of the cell phone or its dimensions. Some companies specify compatible phone models on their websites, but real dimensions are a better guide. Measure laterally from the top and bottom of your display or use the factory specs for your cell phone.

Which Is The Best Car Cell Phone Holder in 2022?

We've compiled a list of the finest car phone holders to ensure that using your phone while driving is both safe and legal. Some are compatible with a charger cord, allowing you to keep your phone charged while on the road, and others let you rotate your phone to your preferred angle. The majority of the phone mounts we've chosen are suitable for all smartphones and are reasonably priced.

TOPGO Cup Holder Phone Mount

Although keeping your phone mounted in a cup holder isn't the easiest choice, it works surprisingly effectively. This holder will elevate your phone high enough for easy viewing while keeping it out of your line of vision, thanks to its long neck and durable construction because you're supposed to be paying attention to the road.

The TOPGO, like many smartphone holders, can be turned to position your phone in portrait or landscape orientation, which is ideal for Sat Nav apps.

The phone is kept in place in three places, and it is unlikely to move unless you want it to. When driving on uneven roads, the holder can wobble a little, but considering how this item works, that's tough to avoid.

The advantages of using a cup holder as a phone holder are apparent: You don't have to bother with suction cups or sacrifice an air vent, and almost every car comes with cup holders as default. Of course, you'll lose a spot for your skinny coffee, but that's the least you can do for not having to be too cold or hot or for not worrying about your phone falling out of your pocket.

Belkin Car Vent Mount

There's a reason taxi drivers prefer vent mounts over windshield mounts: they put the cell phone in a place where it's easy to see without obscuring your view, plus they're far less likely to come free when you're turning and drop the phone into the footwell.

Because it has a little bit of everything, Belkin's versatile vent mount is our current favorite car phone holder. It has a straightforward design that fits neatly into your car's air-con vents. The basic look conceals a tough build with aluminum arms rather than the more common plastic approach.

Belkin is known for its accessories, and the Belkin Cell Vent Mount is our current favorite for the finest car phone holder. It simply attaches to one of your heater vents and secures your phone in its rubberized grips.

Belkin only claims to support 5.5-inch gadgets out of the bat. With Galaxy S10 Plus and Pixel 3 XL, our team discovered that they could extend the car phone holder much further. Belkin's ingenious design also conceals a useful cable clip, allowing you to keep your phone charged while on the road.

The vent mount turns 180 degrees, allowing you to use your cell phone in landscape or portrait mode, and there's a cable slot on the back to keep your charger cable tidy. This mount doesn't come with a chord, so if you don't have one lying around, you'll have to get one separately.

The Belkin vent mount isn't inexpensive, but it's well worth the investment. It outperforms most competitors in terms of build quality and usability, but the most important consideration is your car. You may have problems holding the mount in place if your air conditioning vents aren't large or deep enough. The mount may potentially slide away from the vent itself, based on how heavy your cell phone is.

IOttie Easy One Touch Slot Mount

We've tried a lot of phone mounts, and the iOttie Mount is one of our top choices for one simple fact: it makes use of that CD player you probably don't use.

It also means you won't miss out on a cup holder or air vent, which is convenient. Furthermore, the design of the holder allows it to nearly disappear when not in use, which is not something you get with most other holders on the market today.

For the most part, putting this Phone Holder together is as straightforward as it gets. Slide the mount into the slot where a CD would typically go, then pull a clip to extend the mount to fill the space. Those with extra-large CD slots will have to perform a little extra work, but not enough to make the installation difficult.

Your phone won't move once it's set up, and odds are your CD slot will be high enough that your display will never be more than a glance away. You can keep the mount intact if you're not using your CD player — and who is? — And you probably wouldn't notice it's there. Simple.

Andobil Easy Clamp

The Andobil Easy Clamp offers suction cup or vent vehicle mount options and was a strong contender for our top overall pick. The package includes a sticky mounting pad for difficult surfaces and this reusable and washable suction cup can be fixed straight onto the dash.

The telescoping and hinged arm moves up and down and reaches slightly over 7 inches. If the suction cup fails, the vent-style automobile mount has a hefty wingnut with a perforated brass insert that securely clamps the jaws onto the vanes. The suction cup and arm configuration provided exceptional road stability.

Both the vent car mounts and suction cup include a ball end that allows the phone holder's 360-degree swivel. The cell phone is secured in the holder by compressing the ratcheting side hooks, and tension is released by pressing a button.

Side-button clearance is aided by flexible bottom feet. The cradle was easy to adjust for the best viewing position, and the padded jaws always kept a solid grasp. The faux carbon fiber surface left us hoping for a more graspable material, but the Anobil Easy Clamp's two mounting choices and solid functioning make it a safe and adaptable pick.

Scosche MagicMount Dash

Scosche's MagicMount Dash works similarly to the iOttie iTap in that it mounts to your dashboard using a magnet. The MagicMount Dash, on the other hand, is much smaller, and you're less likely to see it when your phone isn't connected. The backplate has a little rubber grip, which is kinder on your pricey electronics than plastic or metal.

The MagicMount Dash doesn't have a lot of moving components, but that doesn't mean it's not flexible. The ball-shaped head may be adjusted to a variety of angles, and your cell phone is always securely attached to the dashboard.

The plastic structure of the MagicMount Dash is its only fault. It doesn't feel great, and the rubber grip soon collects dirt. The steel plate on the back may also put an end to your wireless charging dreams.

WizGear Universal Magnetic 2-pack

The Wizgear outperformed previous installations thanks to its flexible base sticky car mount and magnetic phone holder. Two bases with sticky installation pads, two magnetic cell phone mounts, four steel mounting plates, and various cleaning supplies were included in the slightly infuriating bundle.

The base was mounted similarly to any other, except that the ball joint arm is directed. The soft-touch plastic covering on the magnetic cell phone holders is combined with a perforated ring collar on the rear for adjustability. The steel plates were immediately fastened to the backs and covers of our heavyweight cell phones, as well as the interior of the casing on our middleweight phones.

The magnet and steel plate combination performed well together and stayed in place even on pothole-infested roads. The base has a built-in clip that keeps cables out of the way. The Wizgear 2-pack of sticky mount magnetic phone holders is an excellent choice, but pay particular attention to the directional mounting for the best outcomes.

YOSH Car Phone Mount Holder

The YOSHI magnetic mount is for you if the tiniest holder you can buy is all you need. Because of the miracle of magnets, this tiny device, as small as a cent, is shockingly powerful.

The only drawback to this holder is that it requires you to connect a disc to the back of your phone – anything to which the magnets can cling. It can make the rear of your phone look a little unkempt, but the mount is more than capable of doing its job, so it's only a small annoyance.

Despite its small size, the iPhone 12 Pro was held securely in position by the magnets, which is rather astounding. Sometimes all you need is something cheap and cheery, and this YOSH holder is the embodiment of that.

CoolPow Universal Magnetic Mount

This car cell phone holder stood out among our test goods as the only one made of steel. Both mounts were packaged together with sticky pads, metal mounting plates, and safety film in one box.

The installation was simple thanks to the clear guidance. The small base size and compact form necessitate greater care during setup than other adhesive installations. We encountered an adhesion failure that could have been caused by advancing age. The problem was remedied by adding an extra adhesive foam pad.

The steel ball joint provided for 360-degree unidirectional adjustability, and the machined aluminum alloy mounting and magnet housing were black anodized. The Coolpow mounts had a quality feel thanks to their alloy design, and the steel ball joint provided exactly the correct level of resistance during adjusting and stayed put while driving.

The steel plate was grasped by powerful magnets beneath a soft silicone cushion, and the biggest and largest phones were held in place without slipping across difficult terrain. The Coolpow is a good choice because of its low profile and all-metal construction, but ensure your dash has a firm, flat mounting surface for best performance.


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