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Finding out your vehicle's battery is dead is inconvenient at best. The fastest way to get your car running again is to use the best Battery Jump Starter.

If you get into your car and realize the battery is dead, it may really throw your day off. Few things are more frustrating than trying to start your vehicle and finding that it won't turn over. Bump starting your vehicle is possible if you have a car with a manual transmission, but most people don't.

The best battery jump starters include HULKMAN, NOCO, Audew, Clore, Stanley, and Viking, among others. They jump-start your car efficiently and bring extras that can be just as useful.

While battery jump starters can be real-life savers, there are many options available, and some of their specs may appear to you as a mishmash of randomized numbers and letters. Fortunately, we have provided all the information you need to know about the best portable jump starters so you can add the right one to your car's emergency supply.

The information provided by us is reliable as it is based on extensive research on authoritative sites spanning over 7 hours and tests conducted on the battery jump starters on the list by our research team members.

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What to Consider When Buying a Battery Jump Starter for Your Car

Portable jump starters are quite easy to compare. These devices, often known as battery jump starters, are basically heavy-duty backup batteries with jumper cables attached, allowing you to examine parameters such as capacity, amps, and interface ports.

Larger packs can refire a greater number of cars and gadgets before needing to be recharged, hence bigger numbers translate to more capacity. Despite the fact that some manufacturers assess battery capability in terms of how many cars or gadgets it can power, milliampere hours is the conventional unit of measurement (mAh). We suggest looking for jump starters with a minimum capacity of 10,000 mAh.

Peak amperage, in addition to capacity, is a crucial measure to keep an eye on. This is a measurement of how much power the battery can provide at any particular time. Faster charge times and the capacity to start larger engines are usually associated with higher amperage—as long as your vehicle is capable of handling it.

This will, however, play a considerably larger part in starting your car, as anything over 1,000 amps will instantly fry your mobile device. Battery jump starters can power cellphones, tablets, and other handheld devices in addition to their primary function, so give heed to the interface ports.

The majority of jump-starts include multiple USB connectors, but the real kicker is looking for a 12-volt outlet. A 12-V rail not only allows for speedier charging but also expands the number of items that can be powered.

Which Is The Best Battery Jump Starter Available Today?

The choice of jump starters in our list is influenced by a number of factors. We have considered and compared capacity, ports, and peak amperage, amongst other things, to come up with the following list of the 8 best battery jump starters available on the market today.



The HULKMAN Alpha85 is a powerful yet lightweight jump starter that can jump-start most regular passenger cars. Its peak amp capacity of 2000 is appropriate for gas engines up to 8.5 liters and diesel engines up to 6 liters.

In layman's terms, this implies that the Alpha85 can start practically any car, SUV, or pickup truck (including heavy-duty trucks), but not semi-trucks or sailboats.

The Alpha85 strikes all the right notes, and we think it's the best portable jump starter out there. It's small, light, and easy to operate. A LED flashlight is built-in with multiple operating modes (SOS, strobe, and flashlight) is also included.

This device, which has a capacity of 20,000mAh, can potentially jump-start a compact automobile sixty times on a single battery charge. It also functions as a power source with 12V DC, USB-A, and USB-C charging connectors.

The battery is made to last up to eighteen months on a single charge. The quick-charging function gives it a full charge in roughly ninety minutes, or enough for a single leap in about 5 minutes if you ever catch it dead.

The equipment works in freezing temperatures such as -5°F, but if you reside or travel in particularly cold locations, the Alpha85S model is worth consideration: it features a pre-heating mechanism that allows it to operate in temperatures as low as -40°F.

NOCO Boost Plus GB40

NOCO Boost Plus GB40
NOCO Boost Plus GB40

The NOCO GB40 is a model that we have in our own collection as well as one that has been put to the test. It has shown to be a dependable, consistent unit that will not fail you when the going gets tough.

It comes with long, durable battery cables, is simple to use, has reverse-polarity safety, and may be used as a power supply for your smart device.

This type is capable of starting up to six-liter gasoline engines and three-liter diesel engines, making it an excellent choice for most motorists. Our team has seen it start a 440 cubic-inch V-8 a number of times, and it's still going strong.

There aren't many disadvantages to mention. However, it comes with a storage bag that isn't quite the proper size for the device and is of poor quality. In comparison to many other variants, it also lacks a lot of additional connectors and functions.

Audew Portable Jump Starter

Audew Portable Jump Starter
Audew Portable Jump Starter

This option has a peak power of two-thousand amperes, a battery capacity of 20,000 mAh, and support for USB-C. We were blown away by the outcomes after testing. It can start gasoline-based car engines of any capacity as well as diesel engines up to specific liters, rendering it one of the most adaptable options available.

This portable jump starter has a sleek design and even includes a cigarette lighter connector, letting you power 12-volt devices directly from the unit. It also includes a sturdy carrying case and various accessories, such as a wall adapter for charging and a set of USB cables.

Many of these gadgets have a built-in LED flashlight, and Audew's version has three modes: SOS, strobe, and normal. The top of the unit has a huge acrylic lens that shields an LCD display that indicates the jump starter's available battery life and whether it's connected to another device.

The display is a little dark in broad daylight, and the cables for jump-starting are on the short side—but that's on purpose, according to Audew, to assure jump-starting capabilities, as stronger cables are required for longer distances.

Clore Automotive Jump-N-Carry JNC660

Clore Automotive Jump-N-Carry JNC660
Clore Automotive Jump-N-Carry JNC660

Our runner-up option for the best car jump starting is the Clore Automotive Jump-N-Carry JNC660. It's a highly dependable, adaptable, and long-lasting device that's become a favorite among truckers and rescue vehicles due to its unrivaled dependability.

The bad news first: this is a hefty boy, weighing 18 pounds and standing 16.3 x 14.1 x 5.1 inches. Moreover, the capacity and peak power are similar to that of HULKMAN, which is much lighter and smaller.

The key distinction is that the Jump-N-Carry makes use of a large lead-acid battery that is intended exclusively for jump-starting. Despite its weight, this battery has great cranking power and long service life. Furthermore, the internal battery is changeable if it ever fails.

With a heavy-duty case covering the internal parts from wear and tear, this gadget is significantly more tough and durable than our top selection. Industrial-grade hooks on the end remove rust on battery terminals while 46" cables make it simple to attach to batteries in any car.

The Jump-N-Carry JNC660 has a built-in 12V outlet for powering accessories, but no USB ports for charging mobile devices. The battery is charged by a built-in cable that may be yanked out when needed. It can also be left hooked in if desired, ensuring that it is always fully loaded when needed.

Tacklife T8

It's difficult to overlook the Tacklife 800A T8. The low cost is the first thing that catches your eye, but don't let that fool you into thinking it's a dud. Our research found that this is a genuine contender.

It has the potential to jump start up to seven-liter gasoline engines and five-liter diesel engines, in addition to being dependable. For HD truck owners, it's still a touch modest, but for the typical motorist, it's more than plenty. It also has a lot of bells and frills for charging smart devices, laptops, and anything else that has a USB connection.

The hefty safety protection box at the bottom of the clamp connections is the unit's main flaw. Its functionality isn't a problem. In comparison to other models, it's just clumsy. Furthermore, the flashlight is rendered relatively useless when connecting the cords to your batteries due to the location of the light.

Stanley Jump Starter

Stanley Jump Starter
Stanley Jump Starter

While not as mobile as the other jump starters on this list, this battery jump starter provides 1,000 peaks and 500 immediate amps, as well as a handy built-in 120 PSI air compressor.

This is a heavy-duty jump starter designed for truck owners that have bigger engines under the bonnet. It does, however, share a USB port and a 12-volt DC socket with other portable jump starters, allowing you to power other devices with it. A 270-degree swiveling LED light is also included, enabling you to modify it without having to relocate the jump box.

With a brass-tipped SureFit nozzle for connectivity, it can also be used as an emergency air compressor. This jumper includes a reverse-polarity alarm that will notify the user if there is an erroneous connection. It's simple to use—just connect the hooks to the battery, flip on the button, and start your car.

Schumacher DSR ProSeries

Schumacher DSR ProSeries
Schumacher DSR ProSeries

Do you need to jump-start a huge yacht or a heavy truck? The Schumacher DSR ProSeries is the answer. This big boy can deliver up to 4400 peak amps, which is more than twice as much as our other top options.

This is more than enough power for even the most powerful cars, such as big semi-trucks, dump trucks, and even firetrucks if you happen to have one in your neighborhood.

This is the greatest portable jump starter for pickups, as it has enough power to jump-start almost any non-military automobile. It also comes with 60-inch jumper cables that can penetrate deep into the engine compartments of commercial vehicles and can jump both 12v and 24v vehicle batteries.

The added weight and an above-average price are, as expected, the major drawbacks. However, this jump starter is a good option for people who require the high voltage electrical punch of a 4400 amp jump starter.

Viking Jump Starter

Viking Jump Starter
Viking Jump Starter

Viking manufactures battery jump starts ranging in power from 1,700 amps to 3,400 amps, but the more potent they are, the larger and, more crucially, the heavier they get. So, unless you need to start a massive diesel engine, this should suffice for the majority of car owners.

It has a cold cranking amp rating of 550, which is similar to many vehicle batteries, allowing it to turn even a large engine over at full speed for an extended period of time.

The Viking jump starter, which comes in a tough casing with a molded top carrying handle, weighs a hefty 26 pounds thanks to its large, 22,000 mAh lead-acid battery. With a total width of 14 inches, a height of 16 inches, and a depth of only four inches, it's a little device for its power.

The 55-inch, 2AWG leads, five-mode, USB port and power port, DC power port, and six LED array complement the heavyweight.

The recessed connector for powering the jump box from a wall socket and the master disconnection switch that guarantees there is no electricity to the jump leads when you don't want it are two features we particularly like.

Overall, the Viking Portable Jump Starter is a great choice if you're likely to be jumping a car in chilly weather or just want to make sure you can power any engine.

Best Car Battery Jump Starters

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