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You’ll probably have to change your car batteries once or twice over the life of your vehicle. This is why knowing the best car battery brands is essential.

When your car won't start, it's not the best time to go battery shopping. However, most people, according to our analysis, do just that. A dead battery can be a big pain, particularly if you didn't locate your jumper cables or don't have time to call for help. Proper maintenance of your battery will extend its life, and paying attention to its condition and age will alert you when it's time to start looking for a replacement... before you're left stranded.

It is critical to select a car battery that will provide you with trouble-free usage. The best battery brands today include Optima, DieHard, ACDelco, EverStart Batteries, Odyssey, XS Power Batteries, and Bosch, among others.

Even the best automotive batteries don't live forever, and after 5 to 6 years, they're likely to fail. When it's time to replace your battery, a little research can help you choose the best option for your requirements and budget. Finding the right car battery is a difficult task for most individuals, especially in this large market with so many brands. This is why we've decided to provide you with a quick guide to the best car battery brands and allow you to pick the right option for your car.

You can trust our information on the best car battery brands because it is based on extensive research on authoritative auto maintenance websites spanning over 15 hours and the personal experience of some of the research team members.

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Which Is The Best Car Battery Brand?

If you've ever been to a major retailer's auto battery section, you know how difficult it can be to choose a brand.

Which one will be the most durable? Which one will be the most affordable? And which one will fulfill your requirements?

Fortunately, we've compiled a list of the best car battery brands that offer the ideal combination of price, performance, and dependability.

Optima Batteries

Optima Batteries
Optima Batteries

Most drivers should be covered by the Optima Batteries, which have a cold-cranking amperage (CCA) of 800, which is rather high, and a reserve capacity of hundred minutes, which will keep you protected in the case of emergency.

It's suitable for pickup trucks, SUVs, and automobiles. This battery is one of the most resilient on the market, as it is up to fifteen times more motion resistant than other versions.

It's also entirely spill-proof, allowing you to mount it almost anywhere. Even though you can put it wherever you want, you'll need to run a fit check to see whether it will fit in your engine bay.

This battery does not require maintenance and can last approximately two times as long as other batteries on the market. Because it's a lead-acid AGM battery, it's on the more expensive side of the scale, but its overall performance makes it an excellent buy.


DieHard batteries are regarded as premium automotive batteries since they are designed to endure indefinitely. DieHard is your best option if you want a battery that will last the lifetime of your vehicle. They provide a variety of automobile batteries to choose from, including top-line and heavy-duty batteries.

Because of its ability to keep a charge, the DieHard 38217 Advanced Gold AGM Battery is suitable for heavy loading and a complicated mechanism. It has a unique construction that allows it to withstand tough circumstances while also protecting it from leaks.



ACDelco is another well-known automobile battery company. General Motors founded this company in 1916. Their headquarters is situated in Michigan in the U. S. Industrial, military, freight, and passenger vehicles can all benefit from ACDelco batteries. These batteries are available from all around the world.

ACDelco batteries are well-known for their outstanding performance and compliance with all applicable regulations. Corrosive resistance is included in the battery connections. They also have enormous reservoirs that allow them to maintain a charge for years.

The ACDelco Advantage battery is one of their most popular. This battery is free from spilling and has a high cycle capacity. It has a unique design and is created with valve-regulated recombinant technology. When compared to ordinary batteries, this function offers this battery three times its durability.

EverStart Batteries

EverStart Batteries
EverStart Batteries

If you need a new battery but are on a tight budget, the EverStart batteries are a good option. This lead-acid battery has a CCA of 640, which is one of the lowest on the list; yet, it has more than enough power to start cars and trucks even in the cold.

Only models with major electrical functionalities, such as a battery-powered sliding door, may struggle to run on this battery. It comes with a 3-year free replacement guarantee, so you can be confident in its durability. It's also worth mentioning that this isn't an AGM battery, which means it won't last as long as some of the other options on this list.

And, because it's a group size 35N model, it should suit a wide range of automobiles, though you should double-check with the maker before purchasing: its dimensions are 9.6 x 6.9 x 9.11 inches and it weighs 38.2 pounds.



Odyssey is another excellent brand for anyone seeking a high-quality, long-lasting car battery. EnerSys Energy Products Inc. manufactures Odyssey batteries. Their main offices are in Reading, Pennsylvania, but their batteries are sold all around the world. Odyssey offers maritime, Power sports, SUVs, heavy-duty, leisure, and commercial vehicle batteries.

Odyssey has nearly a century of experience in the battery industry. They've set up stations in 17 countries, making it simple to meet customers. The long life span, high temperatures tolerance, long life cycle, and vibration endurance of these batteries make them stand out.

Odyssey batteries don't need to be watered because they're sealed and AGM. The Pro series, Performance series, and Extreme series are among the company's battery lines. The Extreme Series is known for its deep cycling ability and quick recovery. As a result, they're great for imports and high-end vehicles.

In comparison to other traditional batteries, the Odyssey Pro Series recharges faster. As a result, the feature works properly with start-stop technology. Because the Performance Series has a large reserve capacity, it's ideal for automobiles with a lot of extras.

XS Power Batteries

XS Power Batteries
XS Power Batteries

The XS Power batteries are recommended for anyone using a high-watt speaker system because they deliver 1,000 CA, which is greater than any other model on our list.

It also has the joint greatest reserve capacity on the listing, at 135 minutes, making it the perfect choice for anyone who has to operate a large electrical load while their engine is idling or switched off. With a maximum amp output of 3,300, there aren't many instances where this model will be put to the test.

This is one of the most costly batteries on the market, but considering its excellent performance figures, it's a good deal. The group size battery measures 48 pounds and has dimensions of 10.24 x 6.75 x 7.2 inches.

It would be good to have a built-in carry grip, given how heavy it is, but this is a small quibble, as it, like most AGM batteries, has a super-low internal resilience and is spill-proof.



You've undoubtedly seen this brand in most auto parts stores. Because of its low cost and great performance, it is one of the most extensively used automobile batteries in the country. It has some of the most affordable car batteries. Bosch has been in business since 1886, indicating that they have extensive manufacturing experience.

Robert Bosch is the founder of Bosch. Gerlingen, Germany is home to the company's headquarters. For e-cars, Lorries, passenger cars, military and industrial vehicles, Bosch batteries are provided. The batteries are available all over the world.

S6 High-Performance AGM, S3 Value Performance, S5 Premium Power, and S4 Quality Performance are the four Bosch battery lines. For older vehicles with fewer electrical devices, the Bosch S3 battery is the best option.

The S4 model is a general-purpose battery designed for mid-size vehicles with a typical amount of electrical equipment. Bosch S5 batteries are suited for high-end vehicles, such as imported cars, top local vehicles, and cars with numerous electrical users.

Even in high-demand conditions, these batteries provide dependable power. The S6 High-Performance AGM batteries meet the highest power source and starting criteria even in the harsh cold and hot regions.



A strong discharge rate, a broad array of high and low temperature ranges, and deep discharge restoration are all features of the Exide Vehicle Battery. It's the most preferred battery for budget-conscious automobile owners, and it's one of the most affordable but still reliable batteries on the market. It has a good shock and vibration resistance and long-lasting efficiency for a lead-acid design.

A few customers who bought this battery complained about its low battery life. These allegations might be caused by malfunctioning batteries, incorrectly placed batteries, or excessive power draws in the vehicles. Sadly, the Megavolt does not come with a warranty.


For virtually all uses, NAPA auto parts are one of the top battery retailers. This company makes lithium-ion batteries, lead-acid gel cells, AGM, and lead-acid wet cells, all of which provide years of reliable service.

The Legend Premium AGM, NAPA Power, The Legend Premium, and The Legend are the four battery lines offered by NAPA. NAPA premium provides excellent value, strong performance, and reliable reverse and starting capabilities. It is low-maintenance and has a high-quality build.

The Legend is noted for its outstanding starting efficiency and durability. It has a variety of internal strengthened components that help to safeguard its performance. For those wishing to get the most out of their starting performance, NAPA Legend Premium is the best option. The battery is designed to perform in a wide range of temperatures.

The Legend Premium features a large reserve capacity, ensuring that emergency power is available. The Legend Premium AGM battery is the most expensive in the NAPA battery series. It has a 20-fold vibration reduction, allowing it to provide the best beginning power. The spill-proof nature of this AGM battery makes it exceedingly safe to use.

Antigravity Batteries

Antigravity Batteries have a unique set of characteristics; they are the most powerful, lightweight, and small battery on the market. The battery weighs only 7.81 pounds and has a rating of 970 cranking amps and 48 amp-hours. It has twice the capacity of similar-sized competitor lithium batteries and doubles the life cycle of lead-acid batteries.

The Antigravity battery is ideal for people who own specialty vehicles like extensively outfitted touring bikes, racing and street performance automobiles, and even experimental airplanes. Adapters for car terminals are available separately.

The ATX30-HD model incorporates a lit voltage indication test button that facilitates checking the battery’s charge state. It also features a full battery management system (BMS) which safeguards the battery from overcharge and discharge. This is the finest battery with the longest life cycle conceivable, thanks to the BMS and thermal precautions.

Its dimensions are 5 inches wide by 6.5 inches long and 6.8 inches tall. Although this very small unit may necessitate custom mounting gear, the battery can be installed in any position for optimal space savings in motorsports and custom car applications.

Which Car Battery Brand Is The Best?

When it comes to car maintenance, the battery is frequently the most overlooked component. It allows the engine to run by stabilizing the energy supply or voltage. The battery guarantees that the vehicle has enough power to keep running. The battery can fully shut down the car if it is not properly maintained. The appropriate brand matters a lot when it comes to battery efficiency.

The best car battery brand will be determined by the needs of the user. To suit the needs of different customers, different brands have distinct features. As a result, while looking for a reputable car battery brand, start by seeing if their batteries fulfill the criteria of your vehicle.

The features that are required for your car are recommended by the manufacturers. It's a good idea to double-check the recommendations in your user's handbook and compare them to what different brands have to offer. ACDelco, NAPA, Bosch, and Optima are some of the best battery brands.

Best Car Battery Brands

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