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Barum Tires was founded in 1948, making them one of Europe's more trusted tire brands. This Barum Tires review will tell you all about the brand.

Based in the Czech Republic, Barum Tires has been producing tires since 1967. In 1993, the company merged with Continental, a German tire powerhouse. Continental Tires, if you didn't know, is a German tire manufacturer with a 147-year history and a great reputation thanks to their tires being used by OEMs.

The company produces a wide variety of tires for industrial, commercial, and passenger vehicles. Barum is an innovative tire company with advanced manufacturing methods and an established track record spanning seven decades. Barum aims to provide high-quality, affordable tires to its consumers.

The abundance of skill, understanding, and experience that Continental provides to the Barum brand has significantly increased its prominence. Barum benefited from Continental's depth of knowledge, expertise, and access to cutting-edge tire innovation technology.

Our team of experts has tested several Barum Tires to understand whether they hold true to the hype. This review has been carefully crafted by enthusiasts who know everything related to tires. So, this Barum Tire Review will help you better understand what the brand has to offer.

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Barum Tires Review – Brand Guide

The controlling interest uses the brand for limited distribution in the European Union and Russia. Its passenger-car tires are designed with design characteristics that enhance the vehicle's performance output by improving the grip and control.

Are Barum tires worth it? Barum tires are a reliable option for passenger cars, as well as light commercial and industrial vehicles. Barum's price point is affordable rather than bargain basement, so you might consider it for the upper echelon of budget tires. Barum tires are mostly sold in the European Union and Russia; they are a well-known and popular brand in Europe but are less well-known in the United Kingdom and the United States.

Are you looking for information on Barum tires? Our goal is to make purchasing tires as simple and straightforward as possible. We recognize that looking for a new tire can be intimidating, especially with the large range of tire patterns currently available in the UK tire market.

The Barum Bravuris 5 is a summer touring tire with an asymmetrical tread pattern for passenger automobiles and SUVs.

Barum now manufactures about 21 million tires per year and is a subsidiary of Continental AG, making it one of Europe's largest tire manufacturers.

Barum tires are a superb blend of adaptability and toughness at an affordable price. They get great gas mileage and have well-balanced driving qualities. If you are looking for a reliable tire brand, Barum is the best option for you.

Under the support of the mighty Continental Group, Barum manufactures tires at Europe's most modern plants. Barum is one of Central Europe's most successful tire manufacturers, and it is now available in the Middle East. Barum represents a well-defined brand promise: high-quality tires. This is a great deal.

Barum Tires are a high-quality brand that provides all-around performance without breaking the bank. Barum Tires is classified as a mid-range tire brand (between premium and budget divisions).

The Barum Group began as a rubber sole maker in 1924. The company did not begin producing tires until 1934. The Barum Bravuris and Barum Brillantis tires are two of Barum's most popular brands today. The Bravuris series contains high-performance tires like the Barum Bravuris 2, while the Brillantis range comprises everyday tires for small to compact family cars, like the popular Barum Brillantis tires.

Barum Tires has a comprehensive choice of tires that are suitable for both regular driving and high-performance applications. Barum's product portfolio also comprises tires for cars, vans, light trucks, and a variety of specialized winter tires.

Barum Tires experienced a boost in both R&D and manufacturing processes as a result of their acquisition of ISO 9001 certification for at least one of their manufacturing locations. Barum Tires only has one primary manufacturing site in Otrokovice, Czech Republic.

From Rubber to Tires, Barum Has You Covered

The founding trio of Bata, Rubana, and Mitas laid the groundwork for Barum's success. In 1948, these three rubber dreamers launched a tire firm in Zlin, Czech Republic. Jan Antonn Baa, in particular, offered his expertise and skills in the process. His name is synonymous with the Czech Republic and successful shoe manufacturing. His brother, Tomá Baa, established the company in 1894, and Jan Antonn took over in 1932. Bata eventually devoted himself to new difficulties in the rubber business after nationalization in 1945. He saw the importance of using rubber in the automobile industry and dedicated himself to a completely new concept of his work: instead of producing street, protection, and work shoes, the factory would now exclusively produce rubber tires. The brand name 'Barum' was created by combining the initial letters of the three founders' names to produce an appropriate name for the new company.

Barum is a high-quality tire maker. From the beginning, the entrepreneurs had one goal in mind: to make their tires robust, strong, and, most importantly, affordable. Their dream became a reality, as Barum tires demonstrated their superior performance in international races. Between 1931 and 1960, vehicles equipped with Barum tires won various motorsport competitions. In 1966, a modern production plant in Otrokovice, Czech Republic, was established to increase the production of these high-quality tires.

In 1971, Barum arranged one of the country's most well-known athletic events, the first Barum Czech Rally in Zlin. They are still successfully doing speed tests and automobile races there today, with thousands of supporters cheering them on.

Barum's Merger with Continental

The 1993 merger with German tire producer Continental was another watershed moment in the company's history. Barum started to grow at a breakneck speed ever since it became affiliated with the Continental Group. The company has greatly benefited from the expertise and experience of the German tire company and its research capabilities and high-tech tire production methods. As a result, Barum's high-quality tires for cars, SUVs, and vans continue to earn customers.

In 1994, Barum received the Lloyd's Register Certificate for the quality of their vehicle tire manufacturing process based on ISO 9001. The certificate was extended two years later to include the manufacturing of agricultural and truck tires. Barum received ISO 14001 and EMAS accreditation for environmental compliance in 1997, making it the first company in the Czech Republic to do so.

That's not all, though: From that moment on, the Otrokovice plant boosted its tire manufacturing to six million tires per year.

Tire Options

We've compiled a list of our best-rated Barum tires based on user feedback. This Barum tire review will help you learn everything you need to know about the brand, whether you're looking for tires for your car, van, or 4x4 drives, or the best Barum winter, all-season, or run-flat tires.

Barum now offers ten tire options, including the following:

  • Vanis 2
  • SnoVanis 2
  • Polaris 3
  • Quartaris 5
  • Bravuris 2
  • Bravuris 4×4
  • Brillantis 2
  • Polaris 5
  • Bravuris 3HM
  • Bravuris 5HM

A Successful Product Line

Barum produces about 21 million automobile tires per year, making it one of the world's most efficient production and sales enterprises. This gives the company a lot of hope for the future, and it also assures that Barum releases new items on a regular basis. After developing the high-speed Bravuris tire in 2002, the business increased annual manufacturing to more than 15 million tires. In 2018, Barum debuted their '5' tire series, which included not only the Bravuris 5HM summer tire, but also the Polaris 5 winter tire and the Quartaris 5 all-season tire to the market.

The tire manufacturing process also includes truck and pick-up tires. Barum has been one of the first businesses to make all-steel car tires for trucks and has done so successfully since 1982. In 2015, a new manufacturing hall dedicated just to truck tires opened, with the capacity to produce one million truck tires per year.

What is Barum's key to success? The foundation of their success is built upon their determination to create even better things. This is why the company is continually improving its tires and creating new technologies to ensure that you can drive safely on any type of road.

The Success Tale of Barum: There's No End In Sight!

Barum is now one of Europe's most well-known tire manufacturers. Continental Barum s.r.o., formerly known as Barum, was renamed in 2012 and is currently the largest employer in the Zlin region.

Buying tires is all about trusting the right brand. Barum provides you with affordable tires and offers experienced advice according to your vehicle and traffic demands. All of this is in accordance with their slogan, "Good tires. Good bargain."

What could possibly be the key to Barum's success if people have trusted the brand for more than 70 years? The answer is: attractive tire costs with high-quality materials and meticulous workmanship. Barum tires will impress you with their well-balanced driving qualities and good mileage when installed on your vehicle.

Long years of tire manufacturing experience show not just in driving comfort but also in safety features that we value just as much as you do. Our summer, winter, and all-season tires all have different rubber formulations. Even on twisty or wet roads, they ensure that our tires have the best grip.

Barum tires deliver excellent performance at affordable costs, including all of the qualities that contribute to an enjoyable driving experience.

The company produces over 21 million tires yearly as one of Europe's most successful tire producers and a part of the Continental Group. While the brand is constantly improving its internal procedures, its tire prices remain competitive.

Impressive, Modern Tires

All tires appear to be spherical and are made up of black rubber at first glance. When you look closely, though, you'll see that tires are a high-tech product made up of many distinct components. This is why, since joining the Continental Group in 1993, Barum has placed a greater emphasis on research and tire production technology than ever before. Since Barum benefits from the German tire manufacturer's knowledge and research capabilities, it can focus on the end goal: reasonable prices, superior tire quality, and safe driving experience.

The Be-All and End-All is Quality

Premium quality Barum tires for cars, SUVs, and vans are rolling off the production lines at our sophisticated factories, thanks to years of experience. The Lloyd's Register Group has also acknowledged our excellent standards. In 1994, Barum received the Lloyd's Register Certificate for the quality of their tire manufacturing process in accordance with ISO 9001.

Aside from the high-quality expectations imposed on the manufacturing process, economic considerations are equally crucial to Barum. For the quality of our environmental management system, the company was awarded the Health and Environmental Protection Prize in 1998.

Why Should You Purchase Barum Tires?

Acquired Information

Continental is a significant European manufacturer with a global presence, as well as Original Equipment Manufacturer status for a number of major vehicle manufacturers.

Barum's relationship allows it to focus on producing high-quality tires while Continental's extensive research into production procedures and technology is incorporated into its designs. This has already paid off, with the brand launching new goods on a regular basis and boosting annual output to almost 15 million units.

When you choose a Barum tire, you can rest assured that the quality is on par with that of German manufacturers.

Quality at a Low Cost

Drivers put their faith in a tire company that provides well-balanced driving characteristics at a reasonable price. The brand succeeds on both counts by producing a wide choice of low-cost tires for a variety of vehicle types.

Furthermore, the company sells specialized winter tires for both sedans and SUVs at much lower prices than competitors. The company has spent 70 years in the industry, and its knowledge has resulted in a series of high-quality designs. It makes tires with design characteristics that help drivers have a better driving experience. Our Barum Tires review has backed up the excellent performance, which is ideal for budget-conscious drivers.

Barum Tires Review - Features


Barum Tires includes computer-optimized tread patterns that allow drivers to brake quickly and maintain grip on dry pavements.

Its tires include large circumferential grooves that drain water to boost traction regardless of the driving terrain. The brand builds its tires with biting edges and innovative tread compounds that ensure a continuous grip on snow surfaces to combat cold conditions.


To extend the tire's usable life, the brand enhances the contact patch of selected models. Furthermore, the sophisticated tread compounds used in the production of Barum's tires extend the tire's usable life, giving drivers outstanding value for money.

Tread wear indicators are built into the brand's tires, allowing drivers to quickly check their tire's condition. However, because tires are designed to last thousands of miles, the business does not expect users to use this smart feature.

Are Barum Tires Any Good?

Yes. Looking at their discount offering and reading the evaluations on those tires is a good sign of how well the complete tire portfolio is. If a tire business saves money on their most affordable tire, they're more likely to save money on the rest of their lineup too.

Looking at the Brillantis 2, it appears to be a popular tire supplied by many tire shops. This tire, according to Barum, is good for high mileage, good safety during key maneuvers, strong wet weather performance, and minimal rolling noise, all bold assertions for a tire that claims to do it all for a fraction of the price of its competitors.

What is Continental's impact on the Barum brand?

Conti and Barum's relationship allows Barum to concentrate on the production of high-quality tires, despite the fact that they serve a different market.

Continental tire designs utilize complex and innovative production techniques and technology, which Barum also uses. Barum has already demonstrated its significance by launching new products on a regular basis and increasing yearly tire manufacturing to more than 15 million units.

Barum offers high-quality at a low price

Motorists accept the Barum price point because of Continental's clout in Germany, which gives them confidence in buying tires at a lower cost. However, this isn't usually the case with many Asian firms that aren't related to a larger brand.

Barum services a variety of vehicle types, providing a wide range of options. They specialize in winter tires, offering a range of products that are far less expensive than rival items. Barum is proof that getting a cheap tire doesn't have to mean sacrificing longevity, safety, and performance.

Barum Tires - Unique Design Elements

Performance - On warm, dry roads, computer-optimized tread designs promote quick braking and improve traction.

Grip - regardless of the season, wide circumferential grooves drain water, and winter tires have biting edges and improved tread compounds to maintain a steady grip on snowy or icy roads.

Longevity - Barum tires offer a larger contact patch to extend tire life, which, when combined with modern tread compounds, means that the driver can have good tire life while paying a low price, a win-win situation.

Tread wear indicators are built into Barum tires so that drivers can easily check the health of their tires as part of a good tire maintenance program. However, Barum claims that you won't need to do this because its tires will survive for hundreds of miles.

Barum Tires

The Barum Bravuris 3 is an Ultra-High-Performance (UHP) summer tire that replaces the earlier Bravuris 2 model and provides robust traction and precision handling.

The Barum Bravuris 3 is an excellent choice for sports vehicles and sporty coupes. The high-tech tread compound works in tandem with an asymmetric tread pattern to provide increased traction in both dry and wet situations, as well as a more precise steering response than the Bravuris 2.

Large outer and intermediate tread blocks help to enhance this rapid steering reaction while also improving overall stability at high speeds. In wet circumstances, four circumferential grooves plus additional lateral grooves carry water away from the tire to improve traction and grip, which is aided by sipes that also shorten braking distances.

To help reduce road noise in the cabin, Barum has changed the tread block sizes and closed the shoulders, so this tire offers a reasonable noise level reading for drivers who are bothered by noise.

The Barum Bravuris 3 comes in sizes ranging from 14" to 20" and is available in T, H, V, or Y speed ratings. This tire comes with a 40,000-mile tread warranty and fits a wide range of cars.

Why would Continental, which is known for its prestige and luxury tires, choose to partner with Barum, a lower-spec and lower-cost tire manufacturer?

The answer is straightforward: to expand market reach and profitability while maintaining the Continental name and brand. Continental isn't the only 'big name' tire maker to make this approach in order to acquire a competitive advantage in the tire industry. Many motorists who are looking for a low-cost tire prefer brands like Barum since they are backed by a firm like Continental rather than going with a less reliable and less experienced tire manufacturer.

It's fair that you're skeptical of a new brand because these tires are so new to the market in the United States, but we are glad to say that they are well worth the investment.

Barum Tires Review - Brand Guide

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