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SUV owners love the Atturo AZ800 Performance Radial Tire as an all season tire for both mud and snow, but how does it stack up against other big-name models?

The AZ800 ranks as a more affordable and highly durable alternative to some big-name all season tire brands. Features such as a distinctive tread design, broad shoulder blocks, and oblique lateral grooves and added sipes make this tire stand out as a top choice on the market.

As a new driver, your OEM tires will be built to give you 2-3 years of strong performance before you begin to see a decline in handling and traction. The AZ800 is the perfect upgrade for drivers who live in areas that experience 4 seasons, hence the name all season tires. This breakdown includes top features, competitor analysis, size and vehicle lists, and much more information to help you decide if the AZ800 is the right choice for your vehicle.      

We compile based on the analysis provided by our industry experts. Our team works regularly with vehicles, executing field tests on tires and putting together performance statistics to provide you with the most up to date and accurate information available. This will be the last resource you need to learn about the Atturo AZ800 Performance Radial Tire.

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Atturo AZ800 Performance Radial Tire Features

The Atturo AZ800 is an M+S rated, high performance tire and grades as a top all-seasonal tire for SUVs. Drivers can expect a smooth feel on highway drives with the safety of dry traction and cornering grip.

The AZ800 is designed with a performance tuned compound that provides resistance against wear. This compound is extremely strong and durable and it can cool down a tire during high speeds, heavy breaking, and tight cornering.

Atturo also built the AZ800 with a jointless tread play technology to give drivers better durability at higher speeds. It also comes built with rim guard prevention technology to resist against curb and debris damage.  

Atturo builds the AZ800 with HA-Free oils to meet EU Reach standards and tires are certified for all global markets. The tread compound is silica based to extend the traction and tread life capabilities.  

Distinctive tread design

The distinctive tread design is built with a directional tread pattern for focused handling. The aggressive tread has a gradient pattern for better wet surface traction.

The design contains four main channels that give the tire a stylish look while increasing wet and dry grip. The channels form a v-shape on the tire to pair better with other features while providing long lasting tread life.  

Shoulder block technology

The AZ800’s broad shoulder blocks provide exterior tire stability for cornering and more stressful turns. These broad blocks are designed to maintain similar handling and grip on both dry and wet surfaces too.

The interior contains sliced blocks to hold up against road vibrations and minimize noise at contact areas. These blocks also have a flow area that leads to the tire sidewall to push away water from the contact area. This feature is to avoid any water build up that may cause sliding or loss of traction.

Oblique lateral grooves and sipes

The oblique lateral grooves are placed in each tread block to expel water for better dry traction. These grooves link with the thin interior blocks for quicker reactions to water and slush. This feature increases the tire’s ability to resist hydroplaning and maintain firm area traction.  

These grooves pair with the four main channels to increase the grip and strengthen the tire resistance in both wet and dry elements.

Pros and Cons

There is no perfect tire. While the Atturo AZ800 has plenty of pros to attract new buyers, it also has a few cons worth mentioning to properly inform potential buyers.

The AZ800 is an all around excellent choice for your SUV if you drive in a 4 season climate. They are not built to be a winter tire but they hold up better than all season tire competitors. This tire provides your vehicle with a better look and improved comfort and dry handling instantly.

The noise is not a major issue and you will only notice it during wet weather when the tire uses the 3D sipes and water flow blocks to expel water. A low level of noise is a small price to pay for elite wet traction handling.

This tire provides prospective buyers with a fairly priced option paired with high level performance. It is one of the best budget conscious options on the market and the long tread life will minimize your repair needs.


Some specifications may vary based on the exact tire size selected.

Pricing and Where To Buy

Both Amazon and Priority Tire provide different sizes available to fit any vehicle. You can shop for the best price between each retailer too. Atturo provides a guaranteed warranty to protect new owners.

Amazon - BUY NOW

Priority Tire - BUY NOW

The average market pricing for the AZ800 ranges between $125-$175. It grades as one of the best value all season tires available for light truck and SUV vehicles. Interested buyers can find the tire in available sizes here:


The warranty provided by Atturo on the AZ800 is a tread life/mileage warranty to cover tires for the first 40,000 miles. This covers a driver for any tread life or manufacturer faults and a free replacement.


What sizes is this tire available in?

Here is a detailed table including all sizes you can buy the AZ800 in:

Atturo AZ800 Performance Radial Tire Sizes

What vehicle does this tire fit?

This is not a complete list of every vehicle but here is a breakdown of the popular vehicles that can rely on the Atturo AZ800 tire:

Atturo AZ800 Performance Radial Tire Cars

How many miles does this tire last?

Atturo offers drivers a 40,000 mile warranty and current customers report the tire lasting over 70,000 miles. It is a durable tire, but like everything it relies on proper usage.

This tire will wear much quicker in a heavy winter environment because it is not designed for this climate. If asked to do what it was made for, drivers will get over 70,000 miles from the AZ800.

Can these tires handle the snow?

These are not meant to be winter snow tires. The high performance design is not able to handle higher amounts of snow. It is too thick for the AZ800 to maintain desired traction and handling.

This is a tire meant for slippery and dry roads but not ideal for the snow. It can handle heavy rains, minor ice, and light snow conditions before sacrificing performance.

Are these run-flat tires?

No this is not a run-flat tire. They are more penetrable and don’t provide drivers with any run-flat capabilities. Driver’s using the AZ800 should either have a spare or a plan for tow if they encounter a flat tire on the road.

Are these tires tubeless?

Yes! The AZ800 is a tubeless tire for light trucks and SUVs. The tire contains steel belts and 2 ply sidewalls with it’s tubeless interior.

How does this tire perform on the highway?

This is an excellent highway tire and provides a smooth ride for drivers in wet and dry conditions. This tire rivals some touring tires when it comes to highway performance.

What is the speed rating of this tire?

There is no single rating for this tire. The tire size will dictate the speed rating as the smaller sized tires in the 15”-17” will have a rating of H and some V. In the mid range, 19”-22” you will see a W rating. The larger tires in the 24” category will have a V rating.

Be sure to look at the size you need and confirm the speed rating before finalizing your purchase.

Atturo AZ800 Performance Radial Tire Review

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