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  • Arroyo produces high-quality and safe tires
  • Arroyo tires are highly dependable
  • Its tires deliver enhanced comfort levels
  • Arroyo tires come with strong warranties

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Arroyo is a relatively new tire company renowned for offering tires on a budget. But are its tires any good? This Arroyo tires review has all the answers.

Arroyo produces high-quality yet affordable tires. Its tires perform exceptionally well across different terrains and conditions. They deliver dependable traction, superior braking and handling, low noise levels, and superb steering response. Also, its tires don’t wear out prematurely.

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For many years, a dozen or so major tire brands have dominated the tire industry and the tire market in general. But over the last decade, some smaller tire brands have started coming up, trying to get a piece of the pie. These brands are known to offer a lot of value to the consumers despite that they are perceived to be cheap. And, Arroyo is one of these newly formed tire brands.

However, some drivers have complained that the tires coming from these newer tire brands are not up to standards. The complainants have mentioned that they don’t perform according to expectations and they wear out extremely fast. The accusations include the observation that you might need to replace them far much sooner than you expected.

And this begs the question, is it also the same case with Arroyo tires? Are its tires any good? Will you get value for your money when you purchase a set of Arroyo tires? Are Arroyo tires dependable?

Our Arroyo tires review will answer these questions. In this review, we will take a closer look at this up-and-coming tire brand. And having answered your questions, you will have an easier time deciding whether to purchase tires from this brand or not. With that said, let’s get straight into it.

About Arroyo Tires

Arroyo is a private-label tire brand that’s currently headquartered in Castaic, California. Its tires are produced in two factories. One factory is based in Thailand while the other one is based in Turkey. Both factories have made a deliberate attempt to serve the needs of the brand’s widening clientele.

Arroyo specializes in producing performance tires, passenger tires, off-road tires and highway terrain tires. So, whether you drive a light truck, SUV, crossover, minivan or sedan, Arroyo has a tire for your vehicle.

According to the information posted on its website, Arroyo is focused on offering tires that will deliver superior performance, braking grip, precision handling, comfortable ride as well as durability. The company seeks to be strategic in operations in order to exceed the expectations of its customers.

Most Popular Arroyo Tires

Eco Pro A/S

As its name suggests, the Eco Pro A/S is an all-season tire designed to deliver dependable year-round performances while saving you money on fuel. According to this manufacturer, this tire will provide you with outstanding road handling, traction in dry and wet conditions, a comfortable ride as well as maximum fuel efficiency.

Features and Benefits

The Eco Pro A/S features a continuous, three-center rib pattern, intended for straight-line tracking and enhanced steering response. Also, the three-rib center pattern is designed to improve stability and handling during high-speed driving.

Just like other all-season tires, this tire also sports four wide longitudinal grooves. According to Arroyo, these grooves are designed to channel water away from under the tire’s surface. And, this will help the tire to deliver better traction and grip in wet conditions.

Arroyo has further outfitted the Eco Pro A/S with small shoulder tread blocks. These smaller tread blocks are intended to minimize road noise while helping to extend its lifetime. Furthermore, these tread blocks can also help to boost the tire’s cornering performance during high-speed driving.

The Eco Pro A/S has also been designed in a way that reduces rolling resistance. And with the reduced rolling resistance, the amount of force needed to keep the tires rolling will be lower. And this translates to lesser fuel consumption. Therefore, with these tires, you can benefit from the savings that come with reduced consumption of fuel.


If you are in the market for a tire that can deliver dependable year-round performances, a comfortable ride, stable handling as well as decent fuel efficiency, then the Eco Pro A/S looks like the right tire choice for you. The majority of those who have used this tire agree that it’s one of the most reliable they’ve ever purchased.

Eco Pro HT

The Eco Pro H/T is a highway terrain tire, designed for drivers of SUVs, crossovers, light trucks and other similar vehicles. According to Arroyo, this tire is engineered to deliver superior highway performance and precision handling, without sacrificing ride quality.

Features and Benefits

The Eco Pro H/T features an all-season tread compound, shaped into a symmetric tread pattern. These two features are designed to enable the tire to deliver year-round traction. The all-season tread compound will remain pliable throughout the year, while the tread pattern will help to grip the surface, whether it’s in wet, dry or wintry conditions.

This tire also comes with four longitudinal grooves. According to the information posted on the manufacturer’s website, these four longitudinal grooves are meant to provide enhanced water evacuation from the Eco Pro H/T for improved grip, handling and cornering performance in wet conditions.

The Eco Pro H/T also comes with three directional continuous center ribs, formed by the four longitudinal grooves. The three continuous center ribs are intended to ensure straight-line tracking and ride stability. It also comes with grooves around the shoulders for enhanced cornering grip.

This Arroyo highway terrain tire also features an optimized, five-random pitch sequence. This pattern is designed to reduce road noise and vibrations, resulting in a quiet, comfortable and smoother ride.

If you look at this tire closely, you will also notice it has a series of zigzag sipes across its tread surfaces. Apart from helping with water evacuation, these sipes also help to enhance the tire’s grip in wet and light snowy conditions.


If you spend the majority of your time behind the wheel driving on the highway with your light truck or SUV, then you should consider this tire. It appears to have all the performance features and capabilities that you would need from a highway terrain tire. It is not only safe to use, but it gives an optimal driving experience.

Grand Sport A/S

The Grand Sport A/S is yet another best-selling tire from this brand, and has been in the market for quite a long time. According to Arroyo, the Grand Sport A/S is a performance all-season tire, built for passenger vehicles like small crossovers, subcompacts, midsize sedans and compacts.

Features and Benefits

The Grand Sport A/S comes with an all-season tread pattern, featuring four longitudinal grooves. During rainy and wet conditions, these grooves will help with water evacuation. As a result, the risk of aquaplaning will be reduced significantly. And this translates to better grip and handling in wet conditions.

This all-season performance tire also comes with a sequence tread pattern. This tread pattern works together with the close-slanted tread grooves to help reduce road noise and vibrations, resulting in a quiet ride.

The Grand Sport A/S also features anti-eccentric wear belts around the outer shoulders. These belts are designed to increase its tread contact patch with the road surface, thus helping to prevent premature wear and tear. According to Arroyo, these wear belts also help to boost the tire’s braking performance, thus resulting in shorter braking distances even in wet conditions.


If you drive an SUV, coupe, sedan, minivan or crossover and you are looking for a performance-oriented all-season tire, then the Grand Sport A/S looks like an excellent choice. The majority of drivers who have used this tire mention that it doesn’t disappoint. And best of all, its pricing is affordable, meaning it won’t put too much strain on your pocket.

Tamarock A/T

The Tamarock A/T is an all-season, all-terrain tire, built for drivers of light trucks and SUVs. It’s built to provide reliable traction and stability on challenging terrains like gravel, dirt, mud, and rocks.

Features and Benefits

Arroyo has utilized an all-season tread compound for this tire. This tread compound is meant to remain flexible in various temperatures. As a result, the tire will be able to deliver the required traction and grip when you are driving in dry, wet and snowy conditions.

The Tamarock A/T features wide grooves and staggered tread blocks. This tread pattern is intended to help this tire conquer challenging off-road terrains. From muddy roads to roads with loose sand, this tire is built to conquer it all.

The wide grooves are also designed to boost this tire’s self-cleaning capabilities. Therefore, elements like mud, rocks, roots, and snow won’t become stuck within its tread blocks. And this translates to better off-road performances. These tires are also very helpful when one wants to make a daring adventure.

If you inspect the Tamarock A/T closely, you will notice it appears to have a flatter surface compared to the majority of the other tires from this brand. This flatter surface is intended to increase the tire’s usability during on-road driving.


The Tamarock A/T is one of Arroyo’s pricier tires. But, considering its performance levels and durability, you can be confident you will get value for what you pay for. So, if you are looking for a dependable all-season, all-terrain tire for your SUV or truck, then you should add the Tamarock A/T to your shopping list, and it will be worth the effort.

Where to Buy Arroyo Tires

There are ample sources for Arroyo tires and you just need to check the option that will fit you. You can order your set of Arroyo tires directly from the company. Arroyo has outlets in Vernon, California and Eagle Pass, Texas. Furthermore, most of the major tire dealers stock Arroyo tires.

Some of the places where you can purchase a set of Arroyo tires include Priority Tire, Simple Tire, Sears, Mavis, Amazon, eBay, Tire Mart, and American Tire Depot, just to name a few. So, finding a place to buy them shouldn’t be a challenge, regardless of where you are located.

Arroyo Tires Warranties and Guarantees

If you are looking to purchase a set of Arroyo tires, you may be probably wondering whether they come with warranties and guarantees. Fortunately, Arroyo got you covered on that front and their warranties and guarantees favor their consumers.

Arroyo backs its tires with strong warranties and guarantees like workmanship and materials warranty, road hazard warranty and mileage warranty. Let’s see what Arroyo offers under these warranties and guarantees.

Materials and Workmanship Warranty

This warranty is designed to protect against loss if your set of Arroyo tires becomes unserviceable owing to damage caused by workmanship or materials defects.

Under this Arroyo tire warranty, you will get a free tire replacement, if your eligible set of tires is removed from service during the first six months from the purchase date or during the tire’s first 50% of usable tread. Arroyo will cover mounting and balancing charges up to $16 per tire. However, the applicable taxes and other charges will be your responsibility and this is something that you should consider early enough.

On the other hand, if your set of eligible Arroyo tires becomes unserviceable due to materials or workmanship defects outside the free replacement period, Arroyo will offer you replacement credit contingent on the percentage of the usable remaining tread on the tire. You will be responsible for applicable service charges and taxes. This warranty runs for 60 months from the date you purchased your set of Arroyo tires.

Mileage Warranty

Certain Arroyo tires are protected against premature tread wear. So, if your eligible Arroyo tire fails to deliver the promised mileage after reaching the end of its usable life, you will be issued with a comparable new tire.

However, you will not get a free new tire. Instead, Arroyo will replace the tire for you on a pro-rata basis. This means that Arroyo will only cover a certain percentage of the tire’s replacement costs.

The amount the company will cover will depend on the mileage percentage your set of Arroyo tires has failed to deliver by the time it reaches its end of usable life. You will be responsible for the tire’s service fees and applicable taxes charged during the replacement.

Road Hazards Warranty

Arroyo tires sold in the U.S also come with road hazard protection. This coverage is designed to protect you from non-repairable damage on the tire, caused by impact breaks, cuts, snags, punctures and bruises.

If your Arroyo tire incurs non-repairable damage caused by hazards like potholes, nails, glass and other debris within 12 months from the purchase date or during its first 50% of original usable tread, this company will reimburse 50% of the tire’s original costs.

Why Buy Arroyo Tires

Dependable Tires

Arroyo has a reputation for producing some of the most dependable tires in their various categories. Its tires deliver top-notch grip, stellar braking and handling, and timely steering response and high-speed stability. As long as you are using the right Arroyo tire, you are assured of superior performance.

Comfortable Tires

The majority of on-road and all-terrain tires from this brand come with an optimized tread profile. Thanks to this optimized tread profile, the noise levels and vibrations are kept to a minimum. And as a result, you will enjoy a quiet and comfortable ride, on and off the highway.

Quality Tires

Besides being well-designed, their tires are also made using high-quality standards. Also, they are taken through rigorous testing. And, the result is a high-quality tire, which won’t wear out prematurely. Furthermore, Arroyo also stands behind its tires with various warranties and guarantees. This is to show that the company is confident in the quality of its products.

Arroyo Tires Review: Are They Any Good?

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