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Toyo is a mid-level tire brand, whose tires are mainly designed for outdoor enthusiasts. But are Toyo tires good? This article has the answers.

Toyo tires are among the best in the mid-range category. Its tires deliver outstanding performances in various conditions. Also, they are of high quality and don’t wear out prematurely. Furthermore, they come with strong warranties. With Toyo tires, you are assured of getting your money’s worth.

In this article, we will take a closer look at Toyo tires. We will walk you through their design features and technologies, what sets them apart from the others in their category, as well as their warranties and guarantees. We will also highlight some of their strengths and drawbacks. And by the time you finish reading this review, you will have all the answers you are looking for, to decide whether Toyo tires are the right fit for your vehicle.

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About Toyo Tires

If you are an outdoor enthusiast or someone who loves venturing off the beaten path frequently, you will need a reliable set of tires for your vehicle. You will need a tire that can handle jagged rocks, muddy conditions, slippery surfaces, loose sand, and hard-packed surfaces.

The problem is, most of the tires built for off-roading expeditions are quite expensive. On the other hand, most of the budget ones on the market are of poor quality, meaning you can’t always rely on them to get you there and back safely.

To address these challenges, Toyo decided to step in and come up with tires that strike a balance between affordability and quality. Its all-terrain and off-road tires are among the best on the market.

As much as this brand also manufactures all-season and summer tires, it’s best known for its great selection of affordable, high-quality all-weather and all-terrain tires. From camping trips to kayaking expeditions, hiking to Overlanding, Toyo tires are specifically built for those who enjoy the great outdoors.

Toyo Tires Design Features and Technologies

Toyo is renowned for its continuous investment in innovation, performance, and quality, spanning more than 70 years. Its tires are equipped with several advanced tire technologies, designed to deliver the best in traction, dependability and durability. Some of the notable technologies in its tires include:

Nano Balance Technology

The Toyo Nano Balance technology is a rubber material development technology, which was first launched in 2011. It entails the development and formulation of ideal rubber compounds with high precision.

This is accomplished via observation, prediction, as well as material design and production control. It helps to achieve a tire that comes with negligible rolling resistance, resulting in enhanced fuel efficiency.

Toyo Silent Technology

As mentioned above, Toyo tires are mainly built for outdoor expeditions. And as you may probably know, outdoor expeditions entail driving for long distances over different surfaces. And if your tires produce too much noise, you will end up with an unpleasant driving experience.

Fortunately, you will not experience such challenges with Toyo tires, thanks to its exclusive Toyo Silent technology. As the name suggests, this technology features an optimized tread pattern, which helps to reduce road noise significantly. And as a result, you will enjoy a smooth and comfortable ride.

Elongated High Strength Rubber Design

Once you leave the highway, you are going to come across plenty of uneven surfaces and plenty of abrasive elements. And they can accelerate tire wear and tear, meaning you may be forced to replace your tires earlier than you should.

To address this challenge, Toyo’s tire engineers came up with an elongated high-strength rubber design. This technology resulted in longer wear life, meaning you will not have to replace your tires prematurely. According to Toyo, this technology also helps to reduce C02 emissions while improving fuel efficiency.

Why Buy Toyo Tires

As noted earlier, Toyo is a mid-range tire brand, meaning it’s competing with the likes of Kelly Tires, Kumho Tires, and BFGoodrich, just to name a few. So, why choose Toyo tires instead of those sold by these other mid-range brands? Well, here are some reasons to choose Toyo tires

Outstanding Traction

Toyo tires are renowned for delivering outstanding traction and grip in different conditions. Whether you are driving on paved roads or unpaved roads, Toyo tires will deliver adequate grip, regardless of the surface.

Its tires have been specifically designed and extensively tested for a wide range of terrains and conditions, including dry roads, damp conditions, slippery surfaces and snow-covered roads.

The Generation S silica-infused tread compound, combined with zigzag sipes and several polygonal blocks enable its tires to deliver outstanding grip, traction, handling and control.

A Wide Range of Tires for Trucks and SUVs

Toyo tires are available in a vast selection of types, sizes, designs and specifications, to suit a wide range of vehicles on the market. So, whether you drive an SUV, light, truck or crossover, it’s highly likely you will find a compatible Toyo tire for your vehicle.

Furthermore, its tires are available for different terrains and conditions. As much as it mainly targets off-roading enthusiasts, it also sells all-season tires, summer tires, performance tires and winter tires, among others.

Toyo also manufactures racing tires, which are usually by professional drivers across the globe. And while Toyo is a mid-range tire brand, it also has a product line for the high-end luxury market, which is the Proxes tire series. This tire is purposely built for high-performance vehicles. Simply put, Toyo has a tire for almost every vehicle on the market.

Budget-friendly Tires

While Toyo tires perform better and last longer than some of the other tires in the mid-range category, they are competitively priced. And this explains why more people are increasingly choosing tires from this brand. They are of superior quality yet affordably priced.

Fuel-Efficient Tires

Toyo tires are designed to have minimal rolling resistance. As a result, the vehicle doesn’t have to expend more energy than it should, to keep these tires rolling. Consequently, your vehicle will deliver outstanding fuel efficiency, thus helping you save money on fuel. Also, their high fuel efficiency translates to lower C02 emissions, thus helping to protect the environment.

Durable Tires

According to drivers who have used Toyo tires, they deliver the promised treadwear mileage. Besides, Toyo also backs its tires with strong warranties and guarantees. So, if a tire fails to deliver the promised mileage, Toyo will replace it with another one in line with its warranties.

Focus on Sustainability

Toyo understands the considerable impact that tire manufacturing has on the environment. To this end, it has come up with several initiatives, designed to protect the environment.

For instance, the company made the deliberate decision to stop using thermal energy sources. Instead, it shifted to natural gas, thus helping to reduce C02 emissions by approximately 15%.

Toyo has also been working with a team of environmentalists to reduce water wastage in its manufacturing plants. After extensive research and renovation work, its team managed to reduce the company’s Fukushima rubber plant water intake by approximately 66,000 cubic meters. And this means more access to freshwater for the people living in those areas.

Toyo Tires Warranties and Guarantees

Like other reputable tire manufacturers, Toyo backs its tires with strong tire warranties. These warranties are designed to protect you against loss, in case your tire fails due to workmanship defects or it fails to deliver the warranted mileage.

To this end, Toyo tires come with two key warranties. These are the materials and workmanship warranty and the treadwear warranty. So, what’s covered under each of these warranties? Let’s take a closer look.

Workmanship and Materials Warranty

This warranty covers any eligible Toyo tire if it’s removed from service due to workmanship or materials defects. Under this warranty, Toyo will replace your tire either with a comparable new one or do it on a pro-rated basis.

If your Toyo tire is removed from service due to workmanship or materials defects with less than 25% of tread worn, Toyo will replace it with a comparable new one, free of charge.

And if the tire becomes unserviceable when there’s more than 25% tread worn, Toyo will replace it on a prorated basis. Under this arrangement, you will contribute a percentage of the tire’s replacement costs, depending on the tire’s level of tread wear.

Treadwear Limited Warranty

Almost all Toyo tires come with a treadwear limited warranty. Under this warranty, Toyo promises to replace an eligible tire, if it wears down to its treadwear indicators before attaining the warranted mileage. For this replacement, Toyo will offer a prorated mileage credit for purchasing a new set of comparable Toyo tires.

Toyo Tires Pros

  • High-quality and well-built tires
  • Affordably-priced tires
  • Its tires are capable performers in a wide range of conditions
  • Strong warranties and guarantees
  • Fuel efficient tires

Toyo Tires Cons

  • Few selections of tires for smaller cars


Toyo has established itself as one of the best tire brands in the mid-range category. Its tiers deliver consistently well across varying conditions and terrains. Furthermore, they are of high quality, solidly built and equipped with several advanced features and technologies. So, are Toyo tires good? Without a doubt, Toyo tires are a good choice for someone looking for affordable yet quality tires.

Are Toyo Tires Good?

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