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Cooper tires are among the most affordable in the industry. But do its tires offer value for money? Are its tires reliable? This article has the answers.

Cooper produces high-quality but budget-friendly tires. Its tires can comfortably handle a wide range of terrains and conditions, without experiencing any loss of traction or handling issues. Also, its tires are comfortable, durable, fuel-efficient and equipped with numerous advanced technologies.

In this article, we will take a closer look at Cooper tires. We will also walk you through their design features and technologies, what sets them apart, their warranties and guarantees as well as their strengths and drawbacks. By the time you finish going through this article, you will be armed with all the information you need, to decide whether Cooper tires are the right choice for you.

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About Cooper Tires

Cooper is one of the leading tire brands in the U.S. It’s renowned for producing high-quality and durable tires, yet affordable for most drivers. It produces tires for almost every type of driver – from extreme off-road tires to fuel-efficient, low-resistance tires, just to name a few.

Founded in Ohio in 1914, Cooper has experience spanning more than 100 years designing and producing tires. It produces tires for sedans, trucks, SUVs, crossovers, and trucks.

Some of its tires are used as original equipment (OE) by some of the leading vehicle manufacturers like Volkswagen, Ford, as well as Mercedes-Benz, just to name a few. And this goes to show that its tires are highly reliable.

Design Features and Technologies

Cooper is renowned for outfitting its tires with new technologies and design features, to enable them to deliver outstanding performances in a wide range of terrains and road conditions. Some of the design features and technologies that you may find in Cooper tires include:

Greater Fuel Efficiency (GFE)

Cooper produces an entire line of tires featuring its GFE rating. As the name suggests, these tires have been specifically designed and built to deliver maximum fuel efficiency. All the tires in this line have minimum rolling resistance, meaning your vehicle won’t have to expend too much energy to keep them rolling.

Besides, they feature an optimized tread compound formula, designed to provide enhanced forward motion, further reducing the quantity of fuel burned to keep them rolling. As a result, you will enjoy outstanding fuel efficiency with the tires in this line.

Adaptive Traction Technology

Cooper also outfits its tires with its exclusive Adaptive Traction technology. This technology helps to enhance the tire’s grip and traction on tricky surfaces, resulting in top-notch handling.

Some of the tires from this brand also feature its proprietary Secure Grip design. This design features a five-rib tread pattern, which helps to deliver adequate traction and grip in both wet and dry conditions.

Advanced Tread Compound

Cooper designs and builds long-lasting tires, which will deliver great value for money. To this end, most of its tires feature a silica-based gel, which has been infused in the tread compound. And this results in a tire that is both chip-resistant and cut-resistant. With Cooper tires, you will not experience issues of premature wear and tear, which is usually the case with some of the other tires on the market.

Why Buy Cooper Tires

Whether you are in the market for truck tires, car tires, SUV tires or crossover tires, you have no shortage of options. So, why opt for Cooper tires instead of buying tires from the other brands? Well, here are a couple of reasons why you should choose Cooper tires.

Focus on Safety

Cooper produces tires with a strong emphasis on safety. All its tires are built to deliver adequate traction, grip and stability, regardless of the weather condition or the road surface.

Its tires feature shoulder notches and sturdy internal construction, which work together to improve dry and wet traction, handling and steering response, as well outstanding aquaplaning resistance. So, whether you are driving on dry roads or in wet conditions, you can count on a Cooper tire to deliver a safe ride.

Highly Durable Tires

As much as Cooper tires may be priced lower than those sold by brands such as Michelin, Firestone, Continental, Bridgestone or BFGoodrich, its tires are exceptionally durable. Furthermore, most of its tires are backed by great treadwear mileage warranties. With Cooper tires, you are guaranteed of getting value for your money.

Comfortable Tires

Cooper also produces tires that deliver a smooth, quiet and comfortable ride. Its tires come with an optimized tread profile, designed to reduce road noise, vibrations and other discomforts.

Whether you are cruising on the highway going for a fishing trip or you are simply running errands in the city with your passenger car, you are assured of a smooth driving experience, as long as your vehicle is rolling on Cooper tires.

Cooper Tires Warranties and Guarantees

Cooper stands behind its replacement tires with strong warranties and guarantees. Every Cooper passenger tire and light truck tire comes with a workmanship and materials warranty, tread wear protection and a 45-day customer satisfaction guarantee.

For the materials and workmanship warranty, Cooper will offer a free tire replacement if the tire is removed from service during its first 2/32-inch of original usable tread. Any replacement after that will be done on a prorated basis.

Some Cooper tires such as the CS5 Ultra Touring, Discoverer SRX, CS5 Grand Touring and all models in the Zeon line are covered by a uniformity warranty. So, if any of these tires is removed from service due to a warrantable condition, Cooper will replace it with a comparable new one, free of charge.

Cooper Tires Pros

  • Affordably-priced tires
  • Durable and long-lasting tires
  • Comfortable and quiet tires
  • Strong warranties and guarantees

Cooper Tires Cons

  • A small selection of OE tires


Cooper is a great tire brand for drivers looking for high-quality tires, without breaking the bank. Its tires are reliable performers, last long and they deliver exceptional value for your money.

Are Cooper Tires Good?

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