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Achilles tires are affordable and increasingly popular. But are they a good and safe tire or another cheap bargain brand?

Achilles tires are the best quality in the lower-priced tire market. These well-made tires are trusted by carmakers for factory tires, dealerships for replacements, and they’re held to a higher standard than similarly-priced tires.

In this article, we’ll go over the typical quality of Achilles tires and compare them to other leading brands. We’ll cover the background and reputation of the company, how the tires are produced, and why they’re so much less expensive than tires of comparable quality.

We carefully researched Achilles tires and considered customer satisfaction and average ratings.

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Achilles Tire Company Origins

Achilles was created in 2005 and has been on the market continuously since. It’s currently owned by an Indonesian tire company called MASA, or Multistrada Arah Sarana. Achilles tires are widely available in the United States and can be purchased on multiple outlets, including Amazon.

The Achilles parent company originated in 1991 and also has several other tire companies. Achilles itself started out in the industry making inexpensive factory replacement tires, such as the kind dealerships use when a used car needs new tires. However, they recently branched out into the wider industry.

Where are Achilles Tires Made?

Achilles tires are made in Indonesia at the Multistrada Arah Sarana plant. The majority of the components also originate in Indonesia, though the patterns for replacement tires come from their original manufacturers in other countries.

Achilles Tire Prices

Achilles tires are relatively low-priced compared to most other well-known tire brands. In some cases, an equivalent Achilles tire can cost 25% less than the competition, which is an exceptional discount. Achilles tires usually retail for between $75 and $150 each, though some are less expensive as well.

Why are Achilles Tires Inexpensive?

There are a few reasons why Achilles tires cost so much less than the competitors. For one is the location of the factory—Indonesia. Labor costs are much lower in Indonesia than in the west, so production costs are minimized in comparison.

Additionally, the Indonesian rubber industry is massive. The country is one of the world’s biggest producers of rubber trees and natural rubber, which means that the vast majority of the material needed to make tires is sourced locally.

Achilles tires aren’t inexpensive because of their quality. They’re inexpensive because all the rubber comes from the same area where the tires are made, and the cost to run the factories is much lower than the competition.

Production facilities at Achilles are high-tech and up to the industry standard. Quality control is also quite good, so the tires coming out of Achilles are on par with almost any other mid-tier tire brand.

What Kind of Tires does Achilles Make?

Achilles makes all kinds of tires. The vast majority of tires Achilles offers are radials, which have a steel reinforcing band running the length of the tread. Radial tires are generally preferred for cars today.

Most Achilles tires are standard road tires, though the company also offers several performance tires. These include asymmetrical tires for stability, directional tread tires, and long-lasting highway tires.

Who does Achilles Make Tires For?

Achilles makes a wide range of performance and replacement tires which you can buy directly. Additionally, they have recently become a factory tire provider for multiple car brands in the US and overseas.

Today, Achilles provides stock tires for Hyundai and Mitsubishi in the United States. Worldwide, they provide tires for Daihatsu, Proton, and Hino car companies. The company still manufactures factory replacement tires for numerous car brands, models, and years.

Achilles Tire Quality

Most people who see the low price of Achilles tires automatically assume they’re substandard. This couldn’t be further from the truth, as Achilles is known for producing surprisingly affordable high-quality tires.

The reviews of Achilles tires speak for themselves. Many owners are surprised by how long-lasting and durable these tires are, and they perform equally to many higher-priced options.

Achilles tires don’t have the flash of well-known performance brands like Bridgestone and Pirelli. However, they’re well-made, and the company uses the right kind of materials and rubber compounds in all of their tires. Additionally, these tires are always a good fit, and they provide excellent traction.

Are Achilles Tires Better than Other Bargain Brands?

Yes, Achilles tires are better than most similarly-priced tires and significantly better than the cheapest tires. The quality and consistency of Achilles tires are superb for the price, and they run circles around most low-priced tires from other regions.

Achilles tires have always been the gold standard of inexpensive tires. The competition sometimes produces decent tires, but they often produce tires with low-grade rubber or manufacturing flaws. Achilles has none of these issues.

How Long Do Achilles Tires Last?

Achilles tires are known for their long-wearing tread and durable rubber. The tires themselves are comparable to any other similar tire on the road. Most Achilles tires come with a 35,000-mile treadwear warranty, which is a bit low but well within the acceptable range.

The tires themselves are known to last much longer, especially the all-season models. Summer tires may wear out a bit faster, but standard tire life expectancy is the case across the board.

Best Achilles Tire Types

The best kind of tire made by Achilles is their line of summer and street tires. Users of Achilles summer tires almost unanimously praise their stability and dry-road traction. They’re most popular on passenger cars, and they perform exceptionally well in warm and dry weather.

Downsides of Achilles Tires

Achilles tires have earned a reputation for quality. Their summer and street tires are excellent, and their factory replacement and OEM tires are the first choice for several top automakers. However, the winter performance of Achilles tires leaves something to be desired.

Winter tires require a lot more research and development than summer and performance tires. As a result, some owners of Achilles tires complain about their winter and wet-weather handling, claiming that it isn’t up to par with other brands like Michelin and Goodyear.

Best Uses for Achilles Tires

Achilles tires are an increasingly common sight at tire shops and dealership parts warehouses. They’re a great option for a lot of things, but there are better options as well. Here are a few things that Achilles tires are good for.

Replacing Everyday Tires

Let’s say you drive a normal sedan and use it mostly for commuting. If this profile fits you, then Achilles tires are a perfect option when it’s time for a new set of shoes. They’re cheap and durable, and they’ll keep you driving safely for tens of thousands of miles.

Burner Tires on a Performance Car

Many people use Achilles tires specifically for wearing out. People who like doing burnouts, drifting, and throttling out their performance cars need an inexpensive and safe tire—and a $75 or $100 Achilles fits the bill.

They offer a range of performance tires that are great for daily driving, and you also don’t have to worry too much if a bit of rubber melts onto the road.

Work Vehicle Tires

If you have your own work vehicle, you’re in charge of keeping it roadworthy. And you probably don’t care what label is on the tires as long as they work. Achilles tires are a low-cost option for outfitting work vehicles, and they’re much higher quality than many other imported “cheap” tires.

Replacement Tires for Fleet Vehicles

If you’re in charge of a vehicle fleet, maintenance should be a top priority. Tires are one of the costliest wear parts on a car or truck, and they can be a big financial headache. Additionally, many owners skimp on tire replacements due to the high cost.

Achilles tires are a great option that will keep your fleet and your drivers safe. Your insurance company will be happy you’re running new tires, and they’ll save you tons of money when replacing dozens of tires all at once.

Does Michelin Own Achilles Tires?

Michelin doesn’t really “own” Achilles tires, but they do hold a majority stake in the Indonesian parent company Multistrada Arah Sarana. In 2019, Michelin bought about 88% of the company and has majority control over its assets and production.

Since 2019, Michelin hasn’t made a whole lot of changes. As far as consumers are concerned, Achilles Tires is still the same company that produces the same products as before.

Are Achilles Tires Good?

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