Gabrielle DeSantis

Gabrielle DeSantis

I have been writing automotive content for just over a year, but my passion for cars runs deep. When I’m not writing, I’m keeping up with all of the latest automotive news and stories, watching the craziest builds I can find on YouTube, or trying a few out myself in my own garage.

My garage is shoved full of weird, exotic, and rare cars like an original Tesla Roadster, Aston Martin V8 Vantage, Dodge Viper, BMW i8, and more Lotuses than most people have collectively seen in their lives. The catch? We’ve purchased every single one in abysmal condition and rebuilt them from the ruins— well, except the Roadster, that’s our next project. When it comes down to it, my life sounds like a bad YouTube series waiting to happen.

I rebuilt my first V8 engine in my high school auto tech shop, rebuilt my first 8.3L V10 in my college garage, and, through a slightly off-track trek through college, found myself spending as much time in the garage, at car shows, and at car meets as time would allow. Not much has changed since then, except now I get to share that passion with you.

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